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Transcript of AUSSIE TRAVELLER AUSSIE TRAVELLER Aussie Traveller · PDF file Aussie Traveller Pty Ltd is a...


    Sunburst Rollout Awnings Generators SOG Toilet Ventilators



    Bike Racks

    Annexe Walls

    Motorhome Doors

    AFK & Curved Roof Rafters

    Window Awnings


    Omnistor Awnings

    Custom Walls

    Steps Coolabah Awnings Thule Rain Blockers G2



    Aussie Traveller Product Catalogue

    Aussie Traveller




    Caravan Doors

    Custom Walls

    Caravan Doors

    Thule Awnings

  • About Us Aussie Traveller Pty Ltd is a 100% Australian owned and operated company, manufacturing and supplying products to the Caravan and RV Industry in Australia, sourcing the best quality materials available in Australia and overseas. Operating from its Factory and warehouse in Brisbane, Queensland, plus its warehouse and office in Melbourne, Victoria, it services all states of Australia through a network of Agents and Stockists.

    We specialise in the manufacture of quality Awnings and Annexes as well as supplying a large range of Accessories. We pride ourselves in being able to customise our manufactured products to meet your specific needs. Talk to our Retail or Trade Sales staff on 1300 663 868.

    Within these pages you will find quality products that will enhance your outdoor lifestyle. This list is very comprehensive and new items are being added all the time to keep Aussie Traveller at the forefront of fulfilling your camping, caravanning and touring requirements.

    Aussie Traveller are also the Australian Distributor for Thule/Omnistor RV products.

    Member of

    Locations QUEENSLAND

    11 Oasis Court Clontarf QLD 4019

    p. 07 3284 3284 f. 07 3284 5969 e.


    235A Barry Road Campbellfield VIC 3061

    p. 03 9357 6565 f. 03 9357 6515 e.

    Association of Australia

    A T

    R V

    37 98

    .J C


  • Contents Awnings Coolabah 2 Sunburst 3 Specialised Awnings 4 Thule

    Thule W-150 5

    Thule 2000 (Wall Mounted) 6

    Thule 4900 (Wall Mounted) 7

    Thule 5200 (Wall Mounted) 8

    Thule Optional Tent/LED Mounting Rail 9

    Thule 8000 (Wall Mounted) 10

    Thule 6200 (Roof Mounted) 11

    Thule 9200 (Roof Mounted) 12

    Thule EasyLink Tents 13

    Thule Awning Fitting Kits 14

    Annexe Walls Annexe Walls 16 Canvas Walls 17 Lightweight 18 Sunblocker/Tropical 19 Awning Accessories – Anti Flap Kits 20 Fly 20 Curved Roof Rafter 21 Canvas Care Guide 22 Thule Kits 22

    Caravan Components Doors 24 Motorhome Doors 26 Boots 27 EuroVision Windows 28 EuroVision Curtain Tracks 29 Wind-out Windows 30 Sliding Windows 31 Protector Shades 31 Pop Top Extrusion 32

    Camping and 4WD Mobile Room Roof Top 34 Outback Awning 35 Swags 35

    Thule RV Accessories and Components Thule Sun Blockers G2 37 Thule Rain Blockers G2 38 Thule Windscreen 39 Thule Sun and Rain Blockers – Overview 40 Thule Sealings 41 Thule Tension Rafter and Wind Protection 41 Thule Awning Accessories 42 Thule Omni Ladder 43 Thule Omni-Steps 44 Thule Omni-Vent 46 Thule Smart RV Organisers 48 Thule Hanging Systems 49 Thule Smart RV 50 Thule Bike Carriers 52

    Thule Excellent Range 54

    Thule Elite Range 54

    Thule Sport Range 55

    Thule Bike Cover 55

    Thule Caravan Range 56

    Accessories Gazebos 58 Camper-Trolley 59 Autosteady 60 ATEC Generators 61 ATEC COB Lighting 62 LED Lighting 63 SOG Ventilation 64 Portable Steps & Ramps 66

    Sealants Tapes 67 Sealants 68 Adhesives 70

  • iv I Aussie Traveller

    D isclaim



    This catalogue has been prepared specifically for customers of the publisher and as a general reference only. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. This catalogue does not imply that any such parts are available for supply.

    All model numbers, products and descriptions are correct at the time of printing. Over time some of the specifications may change so be sure to confirm the product meets your requirements before ordering. While all due care has been taken in preparing this catalogue, no responsibility will be taken for errors or omissions. Colours shown within these pages may vary from the finished product due to the printing process.

    This publication is produced by copyright and may not be reproduced or copied (using any method of reproduction or copying), sold, transmitted, circulated or otherwise forwarded to third parties, in whole or part, without prior written consent of the author.

    All trade marks, registered and product names appearing herein are the property of their respective owners.


  • AwningsAwnings

  • 2 I Aussie Traveller

    A n

    n exe W


    Awning Size

    Box Size

    Fabric Length

    9’ 2955 2740

    10’ 3265 3050

    11’ 3565 3350

    12’ 3875 3660

    13’ 4175 3960

    14’ 4485 4270

    15’ 4785 4570

    16’ 5095 4880

    17’ 5395 5180

    18’ 5715 5500

    19’ 6015 5800

    20’ 6315 6100

    21’ 6615 6400

    22’ 6925 6710

    23’ 7225 7010

    24’ 7535 7320

    The Coolabah awning is ideal as a heavy duty awning for Caravans, Wind-Up campers, Camper Trailers, 4WD’s, Pop Top caravans and buses.

    • Arguably the strongest and quietest awning/annexe on the market. The unique built-in cross wire bracing system provides incredible stability in windy conditions.

    • Quick and easy to erect.

    • Walls can be added in a matter of minutes with our patented zip-on wall system. Available in a range of colours.

    • Especially suited to Pop Top Caravans as the container fixes to the main shoulder of the caravan and not the pop top roof.

    • Roof fabric is available in a waterproof, Australian made canvas in a Grey, Tan or an European lightweight silver-grey colour.

    • Ideal for Wind Up Campers as it is self bracing and does not rely on ropes or poles to hold tight.

    Also available in custom sizing, any length between 9’ and 24’ can be made to suit your individual needs.

    Replacement Roof Canvas • No measuring necessary, quote

    the serial number from your container and we will supply you a perfect replacement.

    • Available in Grey, Tan and Lightweight Grey.

    Coolabah Manufactured and assembled in Australia

    This page:

    Coolabah awnings

    Opposite page:

    Top right: Sunburst awning – black on white

    with white frameset Bottom right: Sunburst awning – white on black with black frameset

    FABRIC FINISHES Grey Tan Lightweight Silver-grey

    CASSETTE FINISH Silver White Black

  • Annexe Walls I 3

    A n

    n exe W


    Sunburst Australia’s most popular awning

    Aussie Traveller is the only manufacturer of this style of awning outside the USA.

    The Sunburst is manufactured and assembled in Australia, the roll out awning is the most popular style of Awning used on recreational vehicles in Australia and ideal for caravans, pop tops, motorhomes and buses.

    Built strong for long life and maximum enjoyment.

    Add walls and storm proofing by adding our Anti-Flap Kit and Curved Roof Rafters.

    Replacement roof fabrics are also available to suit any size awning.

    Cradles to support longer sizes are also available.

    Sunburst Awnings are available in standard lengths between 6’ and 25’ or they can be individually tailored to any length your vehicle requires.

    Replacement Vinyl • Replacement Vinyl roofs for all

    brands of roll out awnings.

    • Using our superior 100% Sun and UV blockout vinyl material – rated 50+.

    • Can be custom made to suit existing wall surrounds and varying projections.

    Key features:

    • White, black or silver powder coated frameset

    • Extra large zinc plated Roller Springs

    • High pressure die cast components

    • Stainless steel fittings

    • Heavy duty ratchet mechanism

    • Our Unique Four Layer Vinyl offers you 100% total blockout protection with a UV rating of +50. The only awning to achieve this rating

    • Range of fabric colours to match your vehicle

    • Centre cradle support (optional)

    AVAILABLE COLOURS Outback Charcoal Sky Blue Ocean Wattle Burgundy Green Yellow

    FABRIC FINISHES Grey Tan Lightweight Silver-grey

  • 03

    04 4 I Aussie Traveller

    A w

    n in

    g s Specialised Awnings

    Pivot Awning Protector The Pivot Awning Protector pivots above awning skin and is held away from fabric while in transit — this unique feature will greatly increase the life of your awning!

    The Pivot Awning Protector is a fully extruded aluminium, powder coated protection shield which adds value to your RV investment!

    While travelling, the awning protector cocoons your valuable awning from weather, sun and physical danger.

    A simple lift action of Pivot Awning Protector allows the normal roll-out awning function to be comple