August 2014 CLC CrossWord

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  • AUGUST 2014

    Christ Lutheran Church Highlands Ranch, CO Gathering Gifting Sending

    Harrington Elementary Back-to-School

    CollectionWe are starting to collect backpacks, school supplies and tennis shoes for Harrington Elementary School. Harrington is a very low income school in Denver that our congregation has adopted. Please bring in backpacks, tennis shoes (all sizes for elementary kids) and any type of school supplies and drop them in the bin located in the Narthex/Lobby marked Harrington Backpacks. These back packs lled with school supplies may be the only supplies the children get all year. The Physical Education teacher says that many kids come to the gym wearing ip ops or shoes that are too small for them. Last year we took 250 backpacks and 70 pairs of tennis shoes to the school and made many children very happy. We will be delivering everything to Harrington on August 18th.

    Scrip ForBack-to-School Supplies

    Summer is in full swing! However, school will be starting before you know it. Please consider CLC Scrip Gift Cards for your back-to-school needs. And, you could use Scrip Gift Cards to purchase school supplies and tennis shoes for Harrington Elementary - you would be helping CLC while also helping the very important Harrington Elementary ministry. Take a look at the Scrip order forms and complete vendor lists located in the Narthex.

    Thanks for supporting the CLC Scrip Gift Card program!

    Please mark your calendars for the annual Oktoberfest celebration! The festivities include dancing, theme baskets, drinking German beer and wine in our Beer Garden and eating brats, pork tenderloin, potato salad, bean and all the xings. Please invite all of your friends to this great evening! There will be more information to follow!


    Oktoberfest will be Saturday, October 5th at 6:00pm. The Theme Baskets were such a hit, that we are starting early so that there will not be such a mad rush at the end to decorate. Some of the baskets last year and/or possibilities include: childrens books, chocolate, High Tea at the Brown Palace, a football party, wine, going to college, books, movies, sports, car supplies, tea pot and various teas, stued animals, kids makeup, spa day, winter warmth, dinner and a movie, and many, many more. You can donate all of the xings or just a portion of a basket. We have had baskets donated by groups, such as the Choir, Womens Book Club, MOPS, Rejoice Circle, Agape Circle, Crossroads Band, CLC Council , conrmation groups, as well as families and individuals just to mention a few. If you are interested in donating a basket, please sign the response sheets at Church and bring in everything needed for the baskets, as soon as possible. You can bring your materials into the church oce.

    DECORATING THEME BASKETSIf you are creative and have time to decorate Theme Baskets for Oktoberfest this year, we are in great need of your help. If you have any questions or need more information, please contact our Theme Basket Coordinator, Jill Stuab at, or sign the response sheet.

    Saturday October 5th 6:00pm

  • Pastor Toms MessageSTAFF:Rev. Tom Shelly, Sr. Pastor

    pstrfstr@clchr.orgRev. DJ Dent, Associate Pastor

    pastordent@clchr.orgDebby Kinsella

    Director Outreach/

    Gary KnutsonDirector of Youth & Family

    gknutson@clchr.orgDeb Morgans

    Director of

    Mary BehnkeAdministrative Manager

    mbehnke@clchr.orgSallie Burns

    Financial Secretarysburns@clchr.orgLinda HolcombeDirector of Music

    lindaholcombe64@gmail.comNicholas Koltay


    Carrie MalleryPrincipal Pianist

    Larry ScalfariPianist

    Barbara PiersonDirector Nursery Ministry

    Barbara.Pierson@comcast.netMeliha & Predrag Vajzovic


    CHURCH COUNCIL:Ken Kronebergerkenk@jcmh.orgLee Bergstrom

    lee_berg@yahoo.comNancy Bauer

    nancybauer@q.comRick Boyer

    safetyguy74@yahoo.comJulie Waggoner

    waggoners5@gmail.comNorm Beulke

    nbeulke@gmail.comAdrian Hafner

    backyardkids@hotmail.comBret Sumner

    bretsumner@hotmail.comJohn Ringkob

    jer@dascoinc.comJohn Riley

    All articles, photos and notices for the next issueof CrossWord are due by the 15th of the month.

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    Still Moving Forward!3 Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. 4 I give thanks to God always for you because of the grace of God that has been given you in Christ Jesus, 5 for in every way you have been enriched in him, in speech and knowledge of every kind1 Corinthians 1:3-5

    Last month you may remember I wrote a very short article titled Change, Again! And spoke of our sta changes in Debbie Kinsellas departure. Although I knew it at the time, the time was not right for me to share the change that was going on with me. That had to come later at a more proper time. Now I think most everyone knows but may still have a question about it as to what it means. As the dust settles from these changes around us, what it means is that CLC will continue to move forward in faithfulness with ministry. There will be sta changes and membership changes in the future as there have been in the past. (For now I can function normally.) But what remains constant is Gods presence in grace. That grace abounds in you and the congregation; I have seen it in the many years past, the past few weeks and presently! It has been as Saint Paul puts it, Enriched in Him, you have been enriched in speech and knowledge of every kind

    Still moving forward, so far, so good! The process continues to ll our sta position and maintain our ministries. Still moving forward so far, so good! Our summer nances while still struggling have seen stability and some improvements which need to keep up for the nal month of summer.

    The scripture I started out with seems so tting to our situation and my feelings about you! I didnt think much about any of St. Pauls greetings at the beginning of his letters but this one seems to resonate with me more than ever, I give thanks to God always for you because of the grace of God that has been given you in Christ Jesus!

    Ahh, by Grace we are Still Moving Forward!

    See YOU in Worship + Many Blessings + Pastor Tom +

    GIVING UPDATEJust as you rely upon receiving income on a regular basis, CLC relies on your regular contributions. We greatly appreciate the eorts of congregation members to make consistent donations throughout the year - especially during popular summer travel periods. To assist you, Simply Giving provides a convenient electronic giving option for setting up regular contributions. Online Giving is also available through our website, Please contact Sallie Burns, Financial Secretary, for details.

    Don't forget the churchwhen you go on vacation -

    we're still here!

  • Pastor DJs MessageHumility and PatienceThese are no longer virtues in our society. Rather, we give attention and reverence to the person who oers certitude without question and results without delay. There

    are very few radio or television programs which talk about the gray areas of life. I have not seen a politician in years that was looked up to not for the answers that they gave but for the questions that they asked. And it has been a similarly long time that I have seen a leader make a public apology as part of their leadership (rather I see too many apologies when something has gotten completely out of control).

    So what does the Christian faith have to say in the midst of certainty, immediacy, and pride? Probably that these are things we need to remove from ourselves before we become too concerned about what blocks someone elses vision.

    You may have heard the phrase before that the church is supposed to be counter-cultural. If you havent, what that means is that the church shouldnt just go around adopt-ing societys values without careful reection. It does not mean that we should stand against everything society stands for (otherwise I think the church would have to be pro-stealing), but it means that when it comes to change, the church moves a bit slower. It gives time for prayer and discernment; for asking questions; for begging for forgiveness; and when it does move forward or change, it does so with the understanding that it could still be wrong, but that we pray God will bless our attempt at faithfulness.

    If you turn on your TV at all, you will not be encouraged in such attitudes. You will be nurtured in fear, conviction, short repeatable catch phrases, a small perspective, certainty, pride, and instant gratication. For Jesus sake, I commend all of us to be counter-cultural. No, we are not going to agree on candidates, politics, government, or even any of the issues that face us every day; but Gods appeal is that we submit with humility and patience in love to our neighbor. It is much harder to do this, to be sure, because it is not just counter-cultural, it is counter to our very nature.

    As brother Paul reminds us We know that our old self was crucied with him so that the body of sin might be destroyed, and we might no longer be enslaved to sin. (Romans 6:6). I pray that the Spirit pull all of us from death to life when it comes to how we treat one another. If you are anything like me, you have a lot of dying left to do.

    Peace,Pastor DJ

    CLC just concluded its 2014 Vacation Bible School (VBS) session during the week of 21-25 July. Enrollment reached its maximum of 220 children. These children,

    ages three (3) through ten (10), experienced a fun, God-lled week focused on Jesus' e