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  • MARCH 2014

    Christ Lutheran Church Highlands Ranch, CO Gathering Gifting Sending


    Military Ministry Flower BullbsSpring is almost here, and time to start thinking about planting owers. Just in time, the Military Ministry will be taking orders for ower bulbs in the Narthex every weekend from March 1/2 through April 5/6. All pack-ages are $7 each, and half will go back to the Military Ministry. Among the many choices in plants that will be available are hanging begonia & hanging strawberry gardens, Freesia mix, Spectacular Gladiolus, Stargazer Lilies, Mini Amaryllis, and many others. Stop by to get a jump-start on your spring planting and help the Military Ministry at the same time! Thank you for supporting the Military Ministry at CLC!

    The goats, pig, sheep and chickens will be back at CLC March 9th so make sure you bring the kids to see the wonderful petting zoo full of animals. With a world Hunger emphasis we will be accepting donations for The Global Barnyard project. A Cow $500, Fish $250, Sheep $125, Goat $50, Pig $30, Duck $20 and Chicks $10. Donations will be taken from March 9th h to April 13th. The Global Barnyard project is a successful way to empower local villages villagers (primarily women) in the African countries of Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Ethiopia. The purpose is to provide families with a livelihood and vehicle to climb out of poverty and feed their families. The goats often considered the poor womens cow, are particularly adaptable to this purpose because they are: Able to survive by eating drought-resistant shrubs and grasses. Have babies often and throughout the year. They produce highly nutritious and easily digested milk, do not need much space and are easily handled. Local people from the villages apply for an opportunity to attend animal husbandry classes on ELCA sponsored cooperative farms located in their respective countries. There they learn how to care for the animals. A team of ELCA relief workers determine how many animals each village can

    support in terms of grazing land and water. The women are then given a starter herd. As the goats multiply, the villager increases her herd and percentage of the babies are given back to the cooperative to provide the animals needed to continue the program. In addition the animal husbandry classes also act as trainers and mentors for new people in their villages who wish to become goat herders. What a great ministry to be a part of so easily by purchasing the animals! Just stick a check in the oering plate and mark it Barnyard project or goats. We also have envelopes in the Narthex.

    Thank You!The CLC Military Ministry

    would like to thank everyone who made

    generous contributions for the goody bags.

    We delivered the rstset of bags for Project Sanctuary and will be

    providing bags 3 more times before the end of the year. Thank youfor your support of the CLC Military Ministry.

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    Lenten Journey + Lenten Spirituality

    To be honest, I have a love-hate relationship with Lent. Ok maybe hate is too harsh but for sure it is a like dislike relationship.

    Lent in my past has been oppressive with What are you going to give up for Lent? kind of questions. Then there were those soup-suppers that drew fewer and fewer people each year where we pretended to be like the poor and starving masses around the world. You know, like There are starving children in China! statements to which any half intelligent child would think and maybe have been brave enough to ask, How does it help them for me to be hungry? Ok, yea, we might become more aware of hunger out there but unless the corollary lesson along with action comes out of it, what changes?

    Lent is more work, an added service to prepare for and attend. For sure we give up free time, what little free time there is in any of our lives. Then, if we get scraps of scriptures and ideas that are dicult to put together we come out maybe more confused and unwilling to admit it, then we do enlightened and making sense of it all, including how it connects to our everyday life.

    So I dislike this and more about Lent!

    HOWEVER, and that is a big however, there is the other side of the same coin, the love like, upbeat of Lent. Starting with a meal prepared for us, a dierent theme each week we break the fasting and instead fellowship together, then worship together, to strengthen both body and mind in our fellowship sacred gathering place which hopefully leads us to greater things that do make a dierence in the world. For example our oerings for Lent this year will be divided between Pueblo de Dios Cash For Crops program in Compton California and Colorado Flood Victims Relief work.

    Who is not moved by the sacred light of a candle kept from previous Christmas Eve candlelight services placed in sand lled cross, as a prayer, a remembrance or thanksgiving to God? A simple act done quietly with soft sacred music in the background as we listen to the mystery of our souls within the mystery of God calling people to gather - worship and into a deeper spirituality of every-day life. Our Wednesday Lenten Liturgy is titled Be Still and Know!

    Then both before and after our Lenten worship of Journey and Spirituality there is the mentoring that goes on with an adult and young adult from conrmation. Everyone needs someone to walk with them on their path even if it is for just so long!

    I like this and more about Lent!

    So Lent isnt that bad after all, or hard. In fact I feel a need for it a desire for that special time and emphasis on deeper spirituality! How about you?

    We hope to have a new and special decoration of our sanctuary for the Season of Lent and Easter. Come and see, come and experience, come and grow, blossom and bear spiritual fruits this Lent and Easter!

    Many Blessings + See you in Worship + Pastor Tom +

  • Pastor DJs MessageMinecraft as MinistryDo not be conformed to this world, but be trans-formed by the renewing of your minds, so that you may discern what is the will of God what is good and acceptable and perfect. Romans 12:2 (NRSV)

    I have a colleague around the Columbus, OH area who told me the story of a member who often was a shut-in during the winter months. The weather was usually too perilous for her to venture outside, so she remained indoors for the entire season, getting help from those around her for grocery or medical needs. In one particularly long winter season, he stopped at her house to visit. Upon the shift in conversation to the weather, she remarked, I cant believe winter isnt nished yet. Similarly, feeling the need to be rid of the cold, he agreed, making mention of how dicult it was for him to get from place to place. Then she gave him a puzzled look, as if what he was saying was completely inconsis-tent with her opinions. Later, he would ask about her favorite part of spring (anticipating of course the ability to get back outside). She replied, I love going out and sitting on my porch. That way, when the young people drive by with their windows rolled down, I can hear the music they are listening to.

    A personal distaste of todays music set aside from the moment, that woman is on to something. There are always language and age barriers between generations, but most often we consider the other person to be the one at fault. After all, we were the ones doing things this way rst. There is, however, something to Pauls words to whoever he was writing to in Rome that speaks of the nature of personal renewal in and among the culture. There is a warning that we adopt everything of a culture, and also an encouragement to engage with it. In doing this, with a bit of experience, we will be able to tell if something new bears fruit, or is incompatible with Gods will.

    We work against this, though, assuming our personal preferences to be in line with Gods. Anything we nd distasteful we assume God would as well. I oer the possibility that God is more engaged with all kinds of art and entertainment and conversation than we could possibly nd worthwhile, because God views the children of this world in a better light than we do (some may say we have adopted cultures view of selshness). My encourage-ment to you this day is to go nd a young person and gure out what they are doing, and yearn to discover why that is important to them. You may just nd God in the midst of that, but even if not you have built up a relationship, which always pleases God.

    Peace,Pastor D