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Transcript of December 2014 CLC CrossWord

  • DECEMBER 2014

    Christ Lutheran Church Highlands Ranch, CO Gathering Gifting Sending

    Advent/Christmas DecoratingWe will be decorating the church on Monday, Dec. 2nd at 9:00 am. We will put up Christ-mas trees and decorate them, hang garland and wreaths in the fellowship hall, narthex and Sanctuary. Please sign the response sheet if you are interested.

    Worship Teams for Christmas EveWe are starting to schedule Worship Teams for

    Christmas Eve services 1:00, 3:00, 5:00, 7:00 and 9:00 pm. If you would like to help usher orserve communion, please watch for the sign-up sheets in the Narthex and pick the service

    you want or sign the response sheet.

    Set-up Team for Christmas EveWe are in need of a team to help us set up chairs in the Fellowship Hall for Christmas Eve on Tuesday, December 23rd at 9:00 am. We will also be setting out the poinsettias that day. If you can help us, please sign the response sheet or call Debbie F. at 303-791-0803.

    Christmas Worship Team TrainingThere will be a short training on Sunday, December 21st at 11:00amfor the Christmas Eve worship teams. Please come to go over some of the dierent things we will be doing for Christmas.

    PoinsettiasIf you would like to purchase a poinsettia for the altar on Christmas Eve in honor or memory of a very special person, please sign the response sheet and put a check in the oer-ing plate for $16.00. We are putting together a list for the Christmas bulletin, so the sooner we get your information, the better. We also need people to help place the Poinsettias around the altar on Tuesday, December 23rdat 9:00am, and/or to water the owers once a week for about 3 weeks. If you are interested in helping with either of these, please sign the response sheet. The poinsettias need to be watered twice a week from December 23rd to January 13th. If you are interested in helping with this, please sign the response sheet.

    Christmas at CLCCarols, Communion and Candlelight

    Come and experience the joy and wonder of Christmas at one of our ve Candlelight Christmas Eve Services! December 24th, 2014

    1:00pm Children and Family Service, Featuring the Carillon Ringers

    3:00pm Children and Family Service, Featuring the Childrens Choirs

    5:00pm Contemporary Service, Featuring the Crossroads Band

    7:00pm Contemporary Service , Featuring the Crossroads Band

    9:00pm Lessons & Carols, Featuring Celebration Choir

    Nursery Care will be available at all services.

  • STAFF:Rev. Tom Shelly, Sr. Pastor

    pstrfstr@clchr.orgRev. DJ Dent, Associate Pastor

    pastordent@clchr.orgDianne Yoss

    Interim Director Outreach &

    Debbie FreemanInterim Office Staff for Outreach & Equipping

    dfreeman@clchr.orgGary Knutson

    Director of Youth &

    Deb MorgansDirector of

    Mary BehnkeAdministrative Manager

    mbehnke@clchr.orgSallie Burns

    Financial Secretarysburns@clchr.orgLinda HolcombeDirector of Music

    lindaholcombe64@gmail.comNicholas Koltay


    Carrie MalleryPrincipal Pianist

    Larry ScalfariPianist

    Barbara PiersonDirector Nursery Ministry

    Barbara.Pierson@comcast.netMeliha & Predrag Vajzovic


    CHURCH COUNCIL:Adrian Hafner

    backyardkids@hotmail.comBret Sumner

    bretsumner@hotmail.comJohn Ringkob

    jer@dascoinc.comJohn Riley

    johnriley05@comcast.netLesley Cantrell

    we4cantrells@mac.comErika Alpern

    eajteach@yahoo.comKaren Rucker

    kkosty@excite.comSteve Schaeberle

    Schaeberle1@comcast.netBob Weber

    B14169k@comcast.netAll articles, photos and notices for the next issueof CrossWord are due by the 15th of the month.

    Send to Editor reserves theright to edit for content and space.

    Pastor Toms Message

    The Story of Stories.Stories.What is it about stories that fascinate human beings? From our ancient ancestors gathered around an evening camp re, to the safety and security of a childs bedroom where a parent reads a

    night time tale, stories have been important companions to us since the begin-ning of human time and up to the current moment.

    We tell stories to explain things, like why the world is like it is according to myth or science. We also tell stories just because we cannot stop, because they fascinate and engage us, inspire and help us, teach and entertain us. Some stories scare us and in a way can prepare us for what we do not expect.

    Christmas is about stories. The Christmas story may even be the story of stories especially in light of the scriptures. The Christmas story otherwise referred to as the birth stories of Jesus are only to be found in two of the four Gospels, Matthew and Luke. Yet these birth stories of Jesus draw us in to the divine drama of Gods profound love of the world God created and the human race.

    Someone recently told me that they spent a year reading the entire bible through beginning to end. One of the insights they got from doing that was, as they read the stories of human dealings with each other and God, they were struck by the incredible vastness of Gods love for people; of Gods grace, forgiveness, tenacity, strength yet gentleness, especially as found in the infancy narratives of Matthew and Luke. This goodness of God cast a small yet bright inextinguishable light over the darkness of that time, pushing it back, and of our time, also pushing the darkness back.

    Here is where the story is meant to intensify. This God story is meant to include us. In the telling and retelling, in the hearing and hearing again, we are meant to nd the points of intersection of our own lives, of our own world. How do Joseph and Mary, the Shepherds and Wise Ones intersect with your story? Do you sometimes feel there is no room for you? Do you have the need for swaddling or the peaceful-ness and care that can from a Shepherd? What gifts does the Wise Old One have for you? Are the gifts practical or ornate? Which details resonate with you?

    Of course there is reason to go deeper. What are the life assurances, hopepromises, growth surprises that come from the nativity to you?

    I hope you will be able to contemplate these things and more, while at the same time nd the soul feeding spirit of the Christmas Story whether for the rst time or 50th time you hear it here at CLC. I hope you nd what God is looking for in you at worship as well as under your Christmas Tree at home!

    A Blessed Merry Christmas and Happiest of New Year!

    See YOU in Worship + Many Blessings + Pastor Tom +

  • Pastor DJs Message

    A BlessingI had mentioned in my last article that I would be tackling angels starting this month. However, since it is intended to be a perspective of the Christian faith and not just my own belief, I discovered

    that there is much more study that needs to be done. About 1/5 of the way through writing the article I was already nearing about 750 words, which is not good for a newsletter (but not bad for a short informational booklet). I will take some time to do more research, but also to trim out the fat and deliver the meat of what I feel should be shared. I will hopefully tend to this task over the next month, and be able to lay out what will likely be several months of angel material. In fact, I may just spend the entire year writing about angels, which would be an interesting exercise. But I thank you for allowing me the privelege to delay my intended topic for a bit.

    Instead, what I will oer is a blessing to you all for the month of December. There is no doubt a never ending schedule of appointments, should-attend events, parties, celebrations, moments of grief, challenges, travels, etc. coming up this month. A lot of times, we preach a message to get us to slow down. You will likely hear that out of some of us this month, but instead I want to write to you about moving fast.

    This is not an encouragement to move faster. I trust that life will provide that enough for you. Rather this is a word of comfort to those of you who can't nd the time to slow down. One of my interesting discoveries in angel research was an obscure verse in Daniel 9:21 which speaks of Gabriel in ight, or rather swift ight. Throwing out for a moment that any ight would be swift to a world without airplanes, that idea stuck with me because what it indicated was that no matter how fast I run, there are things that can run faster. This is not a challenge to my shortcomings, but a reminder that the frustrations and burdens of a packed schedule are like a simple, casual stroll to beings with a universal perspective.

    What that means, is that no matter our speed or weariness this month, God moves quicker always going ahead of us and walking with patience even when we are sprinting and out of breath. May you be blessed by the knowledge this season that no matter how fast the days seem to fall o the calendar, that God delights at your presence in every one, and is waiting sipping a cup of coee while you sprint from place to place. In swift ight, may God bring the comfort of His presence in all that you do.

    God's grace and peace,Pastor DJ Dent

    Christmas Shopping with ScripWith the Christmas holidays approaching, please keep in mind that Scrip gift cards make wonderful Christmas gifts! We even have holiday gift card holders available for 25 cents! Order forms are available in the narthex, and you may pay by check or credit card. Orders take only 1 week or less toprocess. The cuto date for Christmas delivery will be December 15. Please contact Sallie Burns in the church oce or at

    Thanks for your support!

    Shuttle Bus for Christmas Eve We will be using our own bus to shuttle people