Augmented Reality and Gaming in Education

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This is the presentation from #reinventingeducation ( where I showcase programs to enhance education and "gamification" of education. Links from Reinventing the Classroom Presentation May 1, 2014 London Tube System AR DAQRI (4D System) Anatomy 4D Element Cubes Avatar Reality ( Crytek Engine ( AR Flashcards AR Solar System (cost) AR Sightseeing Avatar Reality Program Videos Learn AR GE Wind and Turbine AR Iron Man Mask AR BMW AR System AR History Program

Transcript of Augmented Reality and Gaming in Education

  • 1. Jeff Piontek

2. What exactly is Augmented Reality? 3. Blending (augmenting) virtual data information, rich media, and even live action with what we see in the real world, for the purpose of enhancing the information we can perceive with our senses mple-augmented-reality/ 4. Milgrams Reality-Virtuality Continuum 5. Mixed Reality Continuum Mixed reality includes augmented reality, augmented virtuality, and other mixed configurations. Mixed Reality (MR) Augmented Reality (AR) Augmented Virtuality (AV) Reality-Virtuality (RV) Continuum Real Environment (RE) Virtual Environment (VE) Mixed Reality (MR) 6. AR Examples 7. Medical Scientific Visualization Expert/Technician 7 Scenarios 8. Medical Scientific Visualization Expert/Technician 8 Scenarios 9. Scenarios Medical Scientific Visualization Expert/Technician 9 10. Navigation 11. Augmented Reality: Mobile 12. Commercial 13. Night Vision 14. Military 15. General Problems 16. Mobile Learning and Augmented RealityTrends for K12 17. AR in Education 18. Using AR in Mobile Learning Lets Look At China 19. Learn Mandarin in Yuan Ming Yuan 20. Talk and Role Play with Teachers in Beijing 21. Why is this Important? 22. Pew Internet: Wealthy have laptops Poor have Cell Phones obile-Access-2010.aspx 23. What are some K12 ideas? 24. mobile_learning_demand1-e1280413173331.jpg 25. Apps: Museum 2.0 26. Augmented Reality: Mobile (Berlin Historical Buildings) 27. What about: -The USA 28. Kids Build Worlds for Others to Explore Currently with Bishop Museum 29. Kids Build Worlds for Others to Explore Kids Build Worlds for Others to Explore 30. LearnARCase Study 31. Start using Augmented reality right now! Android: Go to Android Marketplace, search and download "Barcode Scanner" Blackberry: Go to App World, search and download "Scanlife Barcode Reader" iPhone: Go to Apps Store, search "QR Code Reader" 32. Other Applications of AR GE Plug into the smart grid Ironman BMW LEGO 33. Tourism and Augmented Reality Want to study abroad and/or just travel? Wikitude voted number 1 augmented reality travel app by CNN Only works for iPhone and Android Many "worlds" to use ex: Starbucks Itactius (European cultural project) o History and architect through your phone o itacitus video 34. Potential Future Shopping Applications 35. Social Networking AR? source: 5magazine 36. References SportVision site: Human PacMan article: How Stuff Works Augmented Reality: Online definitions of words: Arvika industrial AR: You are Cyborg: Donna Haraway way_pr.html Why life as a cyborg is better yborb.ap/index.html Augmented Reality & Computer Augmented Environments 37. Images - Films reality-hud.jpg age/mug989.jpg 0605123230.jpg Films YouTube Augmented Reality