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  1. 1. Audience research
  2. 2. Reader ProfileMark is 29 and lives in Leeds. He is a passionate music fan, as a lad he got intoproper music in the mid-90s, inspired by the rock n roll swagger of Liam andNoel, Blur and the Britpop scene. Hes in full-time employment but revelling in lifewithout any dependents or family responsibilities. Mark has high disposable incometo spend on himself alone, being a heavy consumer of music, buying up to 6 albumsper month. He loves reading Q to discover new music, as well as filling in thegaps in his back catalogue. New music forms part of his social currency, so Mark iskeen to know the new Mumford & Sons before they go mainstream and uses thisknowledge as influence within his friendship circle.Mark is highly savvy to digital technology, a keen social networker and uses onlineservices to enhance his social life. Hell regularly welcome his mates round to his forsome Spotify DJ-ing and a few beers as a warm-up for a big night out.An open-minded experience seeker, Mark loves the live music experience, optingto go for a mixture of gigs, especially huge arena shows for the likes of Kings OfLeon and Kasabian. He attends Leeds festival religiously annually and this yearhes off to Benicassim in Spain for his mates stag weekend. Though a hugelypassionate music fan, this is not to the detriment of his other interests film, gaming, sport, TV and comedy.
  3. 3. Reader profileJohn is 37, a passionate and discerning music fan, long-time musician himself and dedicatedrecord collector. With his high disposable income, John loves nothing more than sneaking offto the local independent record store to see whats in. John proudly invests in an extensivemixture of vinyl (classics and rarities), CDs, and carries a well stocked iPod that coverseverything from prog to nu-folk, Motown to 60s garage, blues and psychedelia.Johns heroes are Bowie and Jimmy Page, he has played the guitar since his school days andgets together now and again for a jam with his muso pals. A heavy gig goer, he also likes themore boutique festival experience, having begun to outgrow Glastonbury, he is now just aslikely to head to a smaller scale shindig such as Latitude or Green Man Festival.John and his partner occasionally like to unwind at the weekend by packing the toddlers off totheir grandparents and inviting their friends around for dinner, whiskey and a rifle through hisrecord collection to unearth some hidden gems. Well read and media-savvy, they chat into thesmall hours about music, books and films.
  4. 4. Reader Profile
  5. 5. ConclusionThe readers of my three chosen magazines are people who love music no matter what genre,time period or style. They Enjoy music as an experience and consider it a huge part of life. Theyalso seem very keen on experiencing the newest acts and artists before anyone else. Concerts,festivals and gigs seem to play a huge part in their musical enjoyment, whether they be moremainstream and popular festivals such as Glastonbury and Leeds Festival, or perhaps moremellow and less-know festivals like Green Man Festival.I would like to create a magazine that caters to a target audience like this, people who love musicand dont associate themselves with any genre because they have an open mind and like whatthey like.I would also like to allow for newer or lesser know acts to be featured so that the audience getsthe best possible chance of experiencing as much good music as possible.