¢â‚¬“Good St. Joseph, Pray For...

¢â‚¬“Good St. Joseph, Pray For Us¢â‚¬â€Œ ¢â‚¬“Good St. Joseph, Pray For Us¢â‚¬â€Œ St. Joseph Red Lake Falls St
¢â‚¬“Good St. Joseph, Pray For Us¢â‚¬â€Œ ¢â‚¬“Good St. Joseph, Pray For Us¢â‚¬â€Œ St. Joseph Red Lake Falls St
¢â‚¬“Good St. Joseph, Pray For Us¢â‚¬â€Œ ¢â‚¬“Good St. Joseph, Pray For Us¢â‚¬â€Œ St. Joseph Red Lake Falls St
¢â‚¬“Good St. Joseph, Pray For Us¢â‚¬â€Œ ¢â‚¬“Good St. Joseph, Pray For Us¢â‚¬â€Œ St. Joseph Red Lake Falls St
download ¢â‚¬“Good St. Joseph, Pray For Us¢â‚¬â€Œ ¢â‚¬“Good St. Joseph, Pray For Us¢â‚¬â€Œ St. Joseph Red Lake Falls St

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  • “Good St. Joseph, Pray For Us”

    St. Joseph Red Lake Falls

    St. Joseph Brooks

    Weekend Mass Times St. Joseph RLF

    Saturday 5:30 pm Sunday 10 am

    St. Joseph Brooks Sunday 8 am

    Staff Fr. Bob Schreiner, Pastor

    frschreiner@go2joseph.org Dcn. John Bruggeman, Deacon

    deacon@go2joseph.org Sherry Knott, Music/

    Faith Formation Coordinator sherry@go2joseph.org

    Teresa Schafer, Bookkeeper teresa@go2joseph.org Deb Peterson, Secretary

    deb@go2joseph.org John & Joanne Covlin, Edge Coord.

    edge@go2joseph.org Parish Office

    Hours 9 am-3 pm Monday-Thursday

    Phone 218.253.2188 112 Edward Ave-PO Box 400 Red Lake Falls, MN 56750 www.go2joseph.org

    February 16, 2020 Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time


    It has been 10 years since the last directory was compiled and some of us have

    changed in 10 years! Lifetouch (the photo-directory company) will be in Brooks

    April 14th and in Red Lake Falls April 15th-18th. Regardless of which parish you

    are registered with, you can sign up for your photo to be taken at either Red Lake

    Falls or Brooks - whichever site, date and time works best for you.

    It costs you nothing - but in return the company prints a photo directory for us at

    no cost! But you will be given a free 8' x 10" color portrait just for sitting for the

    directory photo. Of course, you will have the opportunity to purchase from the com-

    pany any photo package of your choosing, should you wish to. Or you are free to

    decline any purchase at all. Seniors ( 60+) and active or retired military are given a

    20% discount on any photo package chosen.

    There are three different ways to reserve your day and time for the 10 minute

    photo shoot: (1) Online, (2) on-site and (3) by phone. Starting February 18th you

    can schedule your appointment online. There will be a link posted on our webpage

    for you to click, and it will bring you to the scheduling site. This site will be unavail-

    able on the weekends on which we are doing on-site scheduling. We will have peo-

    ple before and after Masses on the weekends in the gathering spaces of both parishes

    ready to manually sign you up. On-site scheduling will begin the weekend of Febru-

    ary 29-March 1st. Or you may choose to phone in your scheduling; seek answers to

    questions; or alter your originally scheduled day and time. We'll provide that phone

    number on the posters we will display as well as in our bulletin and on our webpage.

    Please, PLEASE, P L E A S E plan on having your picture taken for our direc-

    tory. It really does serve our parish community well to have an accurate and thor-

    ough directory. If you need assistance scheduling - I'll help you. If you need some-

    one to bring you to and from the session - I'll help you. But please know - I want the

    photo directory/record of our parish family as complete as it can be!!

    Every week from now until the photo shoot the bulletin will have some informa-

    tion for you to guide us to the photo shoot days.

    Blessings, all. Fr. Bob

  • Church Support for the Week of February 9, 2020— RLF

    February 22-23, 2020

    5:30 pm MASS in RLF (Saturday) Hospitality: Shirley Johnson / Jim Stich Servers: Paige & Kayla Schafer Readers: 1) Mary Jo Schmitz 2) Shirley Johnson Communion: Teresa Schafer / Margaret Toulouse / Tony LaCrosse Sacristan: Margaret Toulouse

    8:00 am MASS in Brooks Hospitality: Juan Clifton / Rodney Duden Greeters: Pam Paradis Servers: Nick & Katelyn Suchy Reader: Alice Jobe Communion: Joanne Bradley / Linette Trebesch / Judy Morinville / Jess Determan / Sylvia Majeres Counters: Pam Gieseke / Pam Paradis Sacristan: Roger & Lynn Gallant Coffee & Rolls: Sharon Riendeau / Joanne Bradley

    10:00am MASS in RLF Rosary Leader: (9:30) Terry Nelson Hospitality: Darrell Wiskow / Wayne Hanson / Ma- son Hanson Servers: Mikayla Wiskow / Madi Hanson Readers: 1) Tim Hagl 2) Mary Derosier Communion: Darrell & Janet Wiskow / Tim Hagl / Gen Knott / Theresa Schmitz Sacristan: Tim & Janet Hagl Homebound: Dan & Mary Lou Schmitz

    Next Groups to Serve: Brooks: St. Mary’s Group Red Lake Falls: Group #6

    Ministry Schedule

    Offertory $5,015.00

    Religious Ed. $104.00

    Building $255.00

    Initial Offering $10.00

    YTD Offertory $139,336.62

    Offertory $898.00

    OND $30.00

    Building $20.00

    YTD $34,470.25

    Brooks—Feb. 2, 2020

    This Week: February 17—February 23, 2020

    Monday, February 17 The Seventh Holy Founders of the Ser- vite Order Jas 1:1-11; Mk 8:11-13 Parish Office Closed—President’s Day No Mass-RLF No Adoration Tuesday, February 18 Jas 1:12-18; Mk 8:14-21 No Mass 9:00 am Adoration-RLF 7:00 pm Choir Wednesday, February 19 Jas 1:19-27; Mk 8:22-26 6:00 pm Reconciliation 6:30 pm Mass—RLF †Donna Presnell by Susan Olson 6:30 pm Youth Faith Formation (6-11th)

    Thursday, February 20 Jas 2:1-9; Mk 8:27-33 8:00 am Reconciliation-Brooks 8:30 am Mass-Brooks †MaryAnn Schafer by Robert Schafer 10:00 am Mass at Sunview †Connie Dickerson by Elaine Miller Friday, February 21 Feast of St. Peter Damian Jas 2:14-24, 26; Mk 8:34-9:1 Parish Office Closed 8:00 am Reconciliation-RLF 8:30 am Mass-RLF †Hazel Perras by Orville & Gen Knott 9:00 am Adoration-RLF Saturday, February 22 The Chair of St. Peter the Apostle 1 Pt 5:1-4; Mt 16:13-19 8:00 am Adoration—Brooks 8:00 am Reconciliation-RLF 5:00 pm Reconciliation-RLF 5:30 pm Mass in RLF †Arlene Wavra by Family Sunday, February 23 The Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time Lv 19:1-2, 17-18; Cor 3:16-23; Mt 5:38-48 7:30 am Reconciliation in Brooks 8:00 am Mass in Brooks †Val Schindler by Larry Johnson & Gemma Drees 9:00 am Children’s Faith Formation (K-5) 10:00 am Mass in RLF Pro Populo

  • Please pray for Sarah (Olson) Talle, Susan Olson, Jannelle Knott, Hunter Vatthauer, Larry Olson, Doug Peterson, Les Arlt, Marty Hogenson, Dick & Grant Gunderson, Katsuko Fukasawa, Leona Hofius, Del Determan, Cindy Determan, Bonnie

    King, Tom Schmitz, Francis Perreault, Sally Custer, Jack LaCrosse, Lily Thronson, Inez & Harvey Riendeau, Bon- nie Greenwald, Robert Schafer, Wayne Marcotte, Nikki Casavan, Rachel Gerardy, Nancy Thomasson, Mikki Schluter, Karen Philion, Leonard (Red) Huot, Sherrey Stich, Carol Marcotte, Don Schirrick, Natasha Skala, Jesse Welsch, Dr. Owen Nelson, Richard Majeres, Cal Joy, Mary Schindler, Joe Violette, our Military, retired priests and all receiving the prayer blankets made by our Sewing Angels. Blankets are available in both parishes for you to pass along to those you know who need prayers. Names to this list are added at the request of the individual or by family on behalf of the individual. The name remains on the list unless and until we are contacted and told to take it off.


    News and Notes

    In Memoriam:

    Bishops Annual Appeal 2020 Have you made a commitment to the Diocesan Annual Appeal (DAA)? Consider our call to GODPRAYER and SERVICE. If you have not made a commitment, please make your gift or pledge this weekend by using the mailing received at home or an in-pew envelope in your parish. You may make a one-time gift online or set up a sustaining gift by credit card or automatic withdrawal from your checking account over the course of 10 months. You can also scan your smart phone over the QR code listed below. Sustaining gifts may be sus- pended at any time. Go to www.crookston.org/daa for more information about the 2020 DAA. Thank you for supporting your parish and diocesan ministries. And please send in your prayer requests whether or not you are able to make a gift.

    St. Joseph Construction Fund +Nancy King Zaretzky by Margaret Toulouse Construction Fund +Jim Sauve by Janet & Larry Eckstein, Larry Johnson & Gemma Drees, Robert Schafer, JoAnn Thibert Prayer Blankets +Jim Sauve by Ella Mae Derosier

    Knights of Columbus Jesus Camp Raffle Breakfast/Silent Auction

    All Parishioners—The Knights of Colum- bus Holy Family Council #10732, are looking for items to include on the Silent Auction held at the Jesus Camp Break- fast to be held March 29th. Please con-

    tact Tim Hagl 218-521-0845 with questions or with your items to donate. Your generosity is im- portant for the youth of our parish communities.

    OLD PALM BRANCHES Old Palm Branches are now being col- lected. Please place them in the boxes pro- vided in the entryway of each Parish

    Church. We will collect them through the month of February. Thank you.

    Congratulations to Liam James Dale LaCoursiere, son of Lucas and Melody who was recently baptized at St. Joseph, Brooks.


    ING SCHEDULE If you are looking to develop a deeper relationship with Jesus that will transform your everyday life, please consider joining the Brooks ARISE prayer group Bible Study as we share a glass of wine and continue our journey through the Gospel of John using a program distribute