¢â‚¬“Good St. Joseph, Pray For...

¢â‚¬“Good St. Joseph, Pray For Us¢â‚¬â€Œ Saturday 5:30 pm Sunday 10 am St. Joseph Brooks Sunday 8 am were
¢â‚¬“Good St. Joseph, Pray For Us¢â‚¬â€Œ Saturday 5:30 pm Sunday 10 am St. Joseph Brooks Sunday 8 am were
¢â‚¬“Good St. Joseph, Pray For Us¢â‚¬â€Œ Saturday 5:30 pm Sunday 10 am St. Joseph Brooks Sunday 8 am were
¢â‚¬“Good St. Joseph, Pray For Us¢â‚¬â€Œ Saturday 5:30 pm Sunday 10 am St. Joseph Brooks Sunday 8 am were
download ¢â‚¬“Good St. Joseph, Pray For Us¢â‚¬â€Œ Saturday 5:30 pm Sunday 10 am St. Joseph Brooks Sunday 8 am were

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Transcript of ¢â‚¬“Good St. Joseph, Pray For...

  • “Good St. Joseph, Pray For Us”

    St. Joseph Red Lake Falls

    St. Joseph Brooks

    Weekend Mass Times St. Joseph RLF

    Saturday 5:30 pm Sunday 10 am

    St. Joseph Brooks Sunday 8 am

    Staff Fr. Bob Schreiner, Pastor

    frschreiner@go2joseph.org Dcn. John Bruggeman, Deacon

    deacon@go2joseph.org Sherry Knott, Music

    Faith Formation Coordinator sherry@go2joseph.org

    Teresa Schafer, Bookkeeper teresa@go2joseph.org

    Deb Peterson, Secretary deb@go2joseph.org

    Parish Office

    Hours 9 am-3 pm Monday-Thursday

    Phone 218.253.2188 112 Edward Ave-PO Box 400 Red Lake Falls, MN 56750


    April 15, 2018 - 3rd Sunday of Easter

    CREDO: A New Evangelization Witness

    by Fr. Bob Schreiner

    This coming Monday-Wednesday, Bishop Hoeppner has required attendance at

    a 3-day meeting for priests on the topic of "Forming Intentional Presbyterates,"

    which is to be led by a priest of the Archdiocese of Louisville by the name of

    Fr. Ronald Knott. It is my understanding that the Bishop has convened this

    special meeting with this specific topic as a response to varied reports coming

    to him over the past year from the regular deanery gatherings of priests which

    the Bishop also requires priests to attend. It would seem that it has been inter-

    preted that some of the priests of the diocese feel that there is currently a divi-

    sion and alienation that is being experienced among the priests. This work-

    shop, it seems, has thus has been mandated in response. I invite your prayers

    for the coming days, that whatever may be ailing the priests of the Diocese of

    Crookston may be brought to light in truth and charity and that a truly spiritual

    renewal may be inaugurated among us; and that the freedom of grace may lib-

    erate what binds us from forming a natural and authentic unity.

    I want to sincerely thank you for your continuing love and care for me - for

    which I am terribly humbled. My back began going out Easter Sunday

    morning and began recovering in earnest about Friday; and what ended up

    being diagnosed as a severe onset of gout in my right foot began around

    Wednesday of last week and peaked around Monday. Your prayers throughout

    were deeply appreciated. And I am again so very grateful that Fr. Mario came

    to my rescue for the weekend; and for Deacon John and the staff covering all

    other things. As it turned out - I wasn't able to move about without significant

    pain (at least from this wimp's point of view!) from about Friday evening until

    Tuesday morning. Medications begun Sunday quickly began to take their


    Please know that I offered the experience as an intercession for the many of

    you who live with chronic pain all the time and for whom medical intervention

    will not provide ultimate relief as it has for me. For you I prayed the prayer I

    learned this past pilgrimage from Sister Lucia of Fatima when offering up

    sufferings in intercession. As the Blessed Mother taught her to pray: "O Jesus,

    it is for love of you; for the conversion of sinners; and for reparation for sins

    against the Immaculate Heart."


  • This Week: April 9—15, 2018

    Monday, April 16 Acts 6:8-15; Jn 6:22-29 8:00 am Reconciliation —RLF 8:30 am Mass—RLF †Eugene Schafer by Sue Harmoning 3:00-9:00 pm Adoration—RLF Tuesday, April 17 Acts 7:51-8:1a; Jn 6:30-35 9:00 am—9:00 pm Adoration in RLF 1:00 pm Sewing Angels in St. Dorothy Room Wednesday, April 18 Acts 8:1b-8; Jn 6:35-40 6:00 pm Reconciliation—RLF 6:30 pm Mass—RLF †Walter Marion Lambert by Kevin & Deb Amiot 6:30 pm Faith Formation (6-11th)-RLF 7:00 pm REBOOT in Thief River Falls 9-11th Thursday, April 19 Acts 8:26-40; Jn 6:44-51 8:00 am Reconciliation—Brooks 8:30 am Mass—Brooks †Leonard Boucher by Delores Boucher 10:00 am Mass at Sunview †Alfred Seeger Sr. by Richard P. Seeger 7:00 pm Choir—RLF Friday, April 20 Acts 9:1-20; Jn 6:52-59 8:00 am Reconciliation—RLF 8:30 am Mass-RLF †John Getzin by Linus & Bev Schmitz 9:00 am– 9 pm Adoration—RLF Saturday, April 21 Feast of Saint Anselm Acts 9:31-42; Jn 6:60-69 8:00 am Adoration —Brooks No Children’s Choir—RLF previously scheduled 2:00 pm—NFP Classes by Mitch & Lee Walski 5:00 pm Reconciliation—RLF 5:30 pm Mass in RLF †Brian Schmitz by Ed & Cecilia Pettit

    Sunday, April 22—Fourth Sunday of Easter Acts 4:8-12; 1 Jn 3:1-2; Jn 10:11-18 7:30 am Reconciliation—Brooks 8:00 am Mass in Brooks Pro Populo 9:00—12:30 pm Pancake Breakfast—Brooks (Kids for a Cause) 10:00 am Mass in RLF †Raymond Miller by Family 5:00 pm Annual Past Grand Knight Banquet-RLF

    Church Support for the Week of April 8, 2018 — RLF


    April 21 –22 2018

    5:30 pm MASS in RLF Hospitality: Hunter Grenier / Bill Moser Jr. Servers: Clara, Evan & Gavin Girdler Readers: 1) Steve Philion 2) Bev Philion Communion: Julie Moser / Rosalyn Korbel- Knutson / Bill Moser Sacristan: John & Joanne Covlin

    8:00am MASS in Brooks Hospitality: Rodney Duden / Bryan Paradis Greeters: Ray & Marilyn Fisher Servers: Donovan Clifton & Will Gieseke Reader: Cindy Determan Communion: Sylvia Majeres / Barb Schmitz / Bernie Rosten / Judy Morinville Counters: Pam Gieseke / Pam Paradis Sacristan: Joanne Bradley Coffee & Rolls: Jess & Heidi Determan Family

    10:00am MASS in RLF

    Rosary Leader (9:30) Mary Ann Benoit Hospitality: Brayden Swendra / Bruce & Pam Columbus / Jonathan Renner Servers: Mikayla & Brandon Wiskow Readers: 1)Diana Stich 2) Terry Weiss Communion: Terry & Linda Nelson / Janet & Dar- rell Wiskow / Mary Ann Benoit Sacristan: Tim & Janet Hagl Homebound: Dan & Mary Lou Schmitz

    Next Groups to Serve: Brooks: St. Mary’s Group

    Red Lake Falls: Group #12

    Ministry Schedule

    Offertory $4,859.56

    Building $207.00

    OND $30.00

    Easter $393.00

    Religious Ed $60.00

    YTD $181,594.03

    Offertory $890.00

    Building $25.00

    YTD $39,995.92.

  • Please pray for- Sarah (Olson) Talle, Susan Olson, Matt Regan, Jannelle Knott, Sr. Lucille Schafer, Sr. Evelyn Strei, Hunter Vatthauer, Larry Olson, Doug Peterson, Les Arlt, Vern Gagnon, Marty Hogenson, Mary

    Ann Schafer, Tim Novak, Larry Schafer, Gerald Hoff, Dick & Grant Gunderson, Katsuko Fukasawa, Cecilia Pettit, Emma Kees, Lawrence Knott, Jordyn Knott, Leona Hofius, Joan Gould, Del Determan, Bonnie Olson, Carol Proulx, Tom Schmitz, Tim Guillemette, Debbie Benoit, Sharon (Loeffler) Bredemeier, Meloni Rasmussen, Liz Herding, our Military, retired priests and all receiving the prayer blankets made by our Sewing Angels. Blankets are available in both parishes for you to pass along to those you know who need prayers. Names to this list are added at the request of the individual or by family on behalf of the individual. The name remains on the list unless and until we are contacted and told to take it off.


    News and Notes

    In Memoriam:

    NOW HIRING! – Diocese of Crookston: Formator for

    Discipleship in Adults and Youth This position will execute the vision of forming disciples

    rooted in the Gospel and guided by the vision of Pope Fran- cis from The Joy of the Gospel. This person will serve pastors, parish staffs, parish leadership, and parishioners in the Diocese of Crookston to respond to the call to be intentional disciples, to evangelize and reach out to fallen away Catho- lics, and to evangelize the increasing numbers who have no religious identity. Applicants should have education and experience in such areas as service, catechesis, youth minis- try, parish ministry, etc. The qualifying candidate needs to be a practicing Catholic who has an understanding of the teach- ings of the Catholic Church and the desire to promote them. This position is full time with competitive salary and benefits. Send resume and three references to: Msgr. Michael Foltz, Diocese of Crookston, P.O. Box 610, Crookston, MN 56716 or by email to: mfoltz@crookston.org. Interviews begin April 25th, 2018.

    St. Joseph Sewing Angels will be sewing Tuesday, April 17th, 1:00 pm in the St. Dorothy Room. New members are always welcome.

    We Welcome into the community of the Church Cayden Lee Foster, child of Christopher and Stephanie, through the Waters of Baptism. May he always walk as a child of the Light.

    Upcoming Marriage St. Joseph’s Parishes pray for Miranda Lill and Luke Dillman as they will be united in Marriage at St. Joseph-Brooks, Saturday April 21.

    Construction Account +Jeannette Ste. Marie by Larry & Gemma Johnson, Danny & Wendy Swendra +Cal Harmoning by Al & Lois Remick +Kathleen Amiot by Paulette Hanson, Bob Schafer, Jim & Waivel Johanneck, Jim Stich Music Fund +Jeannette Ste. Marie by Larry & Gemma Johnson St. Joseph’s Youth Fund +Cal Harmoning by Doug & Deb Derosier

    St. Joseph Cemetery—Brooks +Karen Swendra, +Darrell