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  • 1. KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS FOR MICROSOFT WORD,EXCEL, POWERPOINT AND OUTLOOK- 2007 ADDRESS:ROOM NO: 437, NARMADA AAWAAS, BODAKDEV 380054, AHMEDABAD, INDIA CONTACT NO: +91- 8238006418, EMAIL ID: [email protected]| Skill| Innovation| Manage your Time so that you can Manage yourself to Others.

2. Introduction Time is said to be eternal. It is said that it has neither a beginning nor an end. Yet humans are able to measure it as years, months, days, hours,2 minutes and seconds. They have also given meanings to the words past, present and future. True, time has a meaning. It moves. What was yesterday is not today. What is today will not be tomorrow. Yesterday is gone. Today is and tomorrow is yet to come. Yet time is said to have no holiday. It exists always. I been heard heather that the best gift one can have is time in ones life. Each individual is blessed with equal units of time. It depends on an individual how he/ she utilize it.G overn the clock, not let the clock govern Success even comes by making each moment count. Be you smart enough to do work smartly. Great or you may say successful people value the time and thus, they are valued by - Anubhaw Kumar Shandilya time. Opportunities exist in vast you must have time to grab it. It gives me immense pleasure to bring this compilation form of Shortcut Keys for Microsoft Office- 2007. I hope this will act to be a very fruitful tool in saving your time and increasing your work efficiency. With warm regards, Enjoy Trying!!PAGE 2Knowledge| Skill| Innovation| Manage your Time so that you can Manage yourself to Others. 3. CONTENT 3 MICROSOFT WORD KEYBOARD SHORTCUTSDOCUMENT ACTIONS . 4TEXT STYLE . 4TABLES . 5FORMATTING . 5CURSOR MOVEMENT. 6MISCELLANEOUS. 6ADVANCED F1 TO F12 . 6- 7 MICROSOFT EXCEL KEYBOARD SHORTCUTSSPREADSHEET ACTIONS .8SELECTING & NAVIGATING.8- 9FORMATTING.9- 10DATA & FORMULAS .10 MICROSOFT POWERPOINT KEYBOARD SHORTCUTSPRESENTATION ACTIONS . 11FORMATTING . 11SELECTING & NAVIGATING . 12EDITING. 12- 13DRAWING & FORMATTING . 13SLIDE SHOW ACTIONS . 14- 15 MICROSOFT OUTLOOK KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS GENERAL ACTIONS . 16- 17 CALENDAR WEEK VIEW. 18 MAIN OUTLOOK ACTIONS. 18 ReferencePAGE 3Knowledge| Skill| Innovation| Manage your Time so that you can Manage yourself to Others. 4. Microsoft Word- 2007Document Action Action Shortcut Keys Open a document CTRL+O New documentCTRL+N Close a documentCTRL+W Save As F12 SaveCTRL+S / SHIFT+F12 Print Preview CTRL+F2 4 Print CTRL+P Show/ Hide paragraph symbolsCTRL+* Spelling and grammarF7 HelpF1 FindCTRL+F Replace CTRL+H Go To CTRL+G / F5 Quit/Exit WordALT+F4Text StylesActionShortcut Keys CTRL+SHIFT+F+Up/down Font Type arrow - Enter CTRL+SHIFT+P+Up/down Font Size arrow - Enter BoldCTRL+B Italics CTRL+I Underline CTRL+U Double underlineCTRL+SHIFT+D Word underlineCTRL+SHIFT+W All capsCTRL+SHIFT+A Small capsCTRL+SHIFT+K Change case SHIFT+F3 Single spacingCTRL+1 1.5 spacing CTRL+5 Double spacingCTRL+2 Subscript CTRL+= Superscript CTRL+SHIFT+= Hidden text CTRL+SHIFT+H Revert to default fontCTRL+SHIFT+Z Decrease point size CTRL+[ Increase point size CTRL+] Make web hyperlinkCTRL+KPAGE 4Knowledge| Skill| Innovation| Manage your Time so that you can Manage yourself to Others. 5. Table ActionShortcut Keys Go to next cell Tab Go to previous cell SHIFT+Tab Go to beginning of column ALT+PageUp Highlight to beginning of columnALT+SHIFT+PageUp Go to end of column ALT+PageDown Highlight to end of columnALT+SHIFT+PageDown5 Go to beginning of rowALT+Home Highlight to beginning of row ALT+SHIFT+Home Go to end of rowALT+End Highlight to end of row ALT+SHIFT+End Column breakCTRL+SHIFT+Enter FormattingAction Shortcut Keys Select allCTRL+A CopyCTRL+C Cut CTRL+X Paste CTRL+V UndoCTRL+Z RedoCTRL+Y Left alignmentCTRL+L Center alignmentCTRL+E Right alignment CTRL+R Justified CTRL+J Indent from leftCTRL+M Decrease indent from left CTRL+SHIFT+M Hanging indentCTRL+T Decrease hanging indent CTRL+SHIFT+T Page breakCTRL+Enter Promote list item ALT+SHIFT+Left arrow ALT+SHIFT+Right arrow or Demote list item TAB Format painterCTRL+SHIFT+C Delete previous wordCTRL+Backspace Apply bulleted list CTRL+SHIFT+L Style CTRL+SHIFT+S Normal styleCTRL+SHIFT+NPAGE 5Knowledge| Skill| Innovation| Manage your Time so that you can Manage yourself to Others. 6. Cursor Movement Action Shortcut Keys Select from cursor to beginning SHIFT+Home of line Select from cursor to end of line SHIFT+End Go to beginning of line Home Go to end of line End 6 Go to beginning of document CTRL+Home Go to end of document CTRL+End Miscellaneous Action Shortcut Keys Copyright symbol - ALT+CTRL+C Insert current date ALT+SHIFT+D Insert current time ALT+SHIFT+T Go to footnotes ALT+CTRL+F Show/Hide CTRL+SHIFT+8 Thesaurus SHIFT+F7Advanced- F1 to F12 Action Shortcut Keys HelpF1 Next fieldAlt+F1 Previous fieldAlt+Shift+F1 What is This Help Shift+F1 Move text or graphicF2 UnassignedAlt+F2 File Save Alt+Shift+F2 File Print PreviewCtrl+F2 Copy Text Shift F2 Edit AutoText F3 Store in SpikeCtrl+F3 Insert Spike and empty contents Ctrl+Shift+F3 Changes caseShift+F3 Edit Repeat frame F4PAGE 6Knowledge| Skill| Innovation| Manage your Time so that you can Manage yourself to Others. 7. File Exit Alt+F4 File CloseCtrl+F4 Repeat a Go To or Find Shift+F4 command Previous application window sizeAlt+F5 Previous document window size Ctrl+F5 Edit bookmark Ctrl+Shift+F5 Previous position Shift+F5 Next pane F6 7 Next window Ctrl+F6 Previous window Ctrl+Shift+F6 Previous pane Shift+F6 Tools SpellingF7 Move window Ctrl+F7 Update link Ctrl+Shift+F7 Tools Thesaurus Shift+F7 Extend selectionF8 Size window Ctrl+F8 Select column or display/hide Ctrl+Shift+F8 tab and paragraph marks Shrink selectionShift+F8 Update fieldF9 Go To/Macro button fields Alt+Shift+F9 Field charactersCtrl+F9 Unlink fieldCtrl+Shift+F9 Switch field codes or results Shift+F9 Menu barF10 Enlarge Application windowAlt+F10 Enlarge Document window Ctrl+F10 Cut/Copy/Paste/Font/Paragraph/ Shift+F10 Bullets and Numbering menu bar Next fieldF11 Lock fieldCtrl+F11 Unlock fieldCtrl+Shift+F11 Previous fieldShift+F11 File Save AsF12 File Open Ctrl+F12 File PrintCtrl+Shift+F12 File Save Shift+F12PAGE 7Knowledge| Skill| Innovation| Manage your Time so that you can Manage yourself to Others. 8. Microsoft Excel- 2007 Spreadsheet ActionAction Shortcut Keys Open a workbook CTRL+O New workbookCTRL+N Close a workbookCTRL+W Open the Save As dialog box F12 Save a workbook CTRL+S8 Print a workbookCTRL+P HelpF1 Open the Find tab of the Find CTRL+F and Replace dialog box Open the Replace tab of the Find CTRL+H and Replace dialog box Go to CTRL+G / F5 Quit/Exit Excel ALT+F4 Insert a new worksheetSHIFT + F11 Hide selected columns CTRL + 0 Display hidden columnsCTRL + SHIFT + 0 Hide selected rowsCTRL + 9 Display hidden rows CTRL + SHIFT + 9 Selecting & NavigatingAction Shortcut Keys All cells left of current cellSHIFT+Left arrow All cells right of current cell SHIFT+Right arrow Entire column CTRL+Spacebar Entire rowSHIFT+Spacebar Entire worksheetCTRL+A One cell up Up arrow One cell down Down arrow One cell rightTab One cell left SHIFT+Tab Top of worksheet (cell A1)CTRL+Home End of worksheet (last cell with CTRL+End data) End of rowHome End of column CTRL+Left arrowPAGE 8Knowledge| Skill| Innovation| Manage your Time so that you can Manage yourself to Others. 9. Move to next worksheet CTRL+PageDown Move to previous worksheet CTRL+PageUp Cycle between open workbooks CTRL+F6 Move between panes in a splitF6 worksheet Display the active cellCTRL + Backspace Move up a cell in a selected range SHIFT + Enter Move one cell left in a selectedSHIFT + Tab range Move from corner cell to cornerCTRL and . (period)9 cell in a selected range Select the current cell(s) to theSHIFT + Home beginning of the row Select the current cell(s) to theCTRL + SHIFT + Home beginning of the worksheet Select all cells that contain aCTRL + SHIFT + O comment Select the data regionCTRL and * surrounding the active cellFormatting Action Shortcut Keys Edit within an active cell F2 Format as currency with 2CTRL + SHIFT +$ decimal places Format as percent with noCTRL + SHIFT +% decimal places Apply number formatCTRL + SHIFT + ! Apply date formatCTRL + SHIFT + # Apply time formatCTRL + SHIFT + @ Apply general format CTRL + SHIFT + ~ Apply exponential numberCTRL + SHIFT + ^ format Apply outline border to selectionCTRL + SHIFT + & Remove outline border toCTRL + SHIFT and _ selection CutCTRL + X Copy CTRL + C PasteCTRL + V Undo CTRL + Z Redo CTRL + Y Bold CTRL + BPAGE 9Knowledge| Skill| Innovation| Manage your Time so that you can Manage yourself to Others. 10. Italics CTRL + I Underline CTRL + U Strikethrough CTRL + 5 Left alignmentCTRL + L Center alignmentCTRL + E Right alignment CTRL + R CTRL + SHIFT + F + Up/down Change font type arrow Enter CTRL + SHIFT + P + Up/down Change font size arrow Enter 10 Open Format Cells dialog boxCTRL + 1Data and Formulas Action Shortcut Keys Begin a formula = Enter a formula as an array CTRL + SHIFT + Enter Display Insert Function dialog SHIFT + F3 box Paste a defined name into a F3 formula Insert a AutoSum formulaALT + = Copy a formula from the cell above the current cell into the CTRL and current cell Calculate values for sheets in all F9 open workbooks Calculate values for current SHIFT + F9 worksheet Fill data down through selected CTRL + D cells Fill data through selected cells to CTRL + R the right Insert current date in the CTRL + ; worksheet Insert current time in the CTRL + : worksheet Run a Spelling CheckF7 Run the MacrosALT + F8PAGE 10Knowledge| Skill| Innovation| Manage your Time so that you can Manage yourself to Others. 11. Microsoft PowerPoint- 2007 Presentation ActionsAction Shortcut Keys Open a presentation CTRL+O, CTRL+F12 New presentationCTRL+N Save As F12 SaveCTRL+S Print CTRL+P HelpF111 . Quit/Exit PowerPointALT+F4 FormattingActionShortcut Keys Select allCTRL+A CopyCTRL+C Cut CTRL+X Paste CTRL+V UndoCTRL+Z RedoCTRL+Y BoldCTRL+B Italics CTRL+I Underline CTRL+U Left justifiedCTRL+L Center justifiedCTRL+E Right justified CTRL+R Create hyperlinkCTRL+K Format Painter (Copy) CTRL+SHIFT+C Format Painter (Paste)CTRL+SHIFT+V Increase font sizeCTRL+SHIFT+> Decrease font sizeCTRL+SHIFT+< CTRL+SHIFT+F+Up/down Change font type arrow - Enter CTRL+SHIFT+P+Up/down Change font size arrow - Enter Promote list item ALT+SHIFT+Left arrow Demote list itemALT+SHIFT+Right arrow Move selected item up ALT+SHIFT+Up arrow Move selected item down ALT+SHIFT+Down arrow Superscript ALT+CTRL+SHIFT+> Subscript ALT+CTRL+SHIFT+< Change Case SHIFT+F3PAGE 11Knowledge| Skill| Innovation| Manage your Time so that you can Manage yourself to Others. 12. Selecting & Navigating Action Shortcut Keys Character leftSHIFT+Left arrow Character right SHIFT+Right arrow End of word CTRL+SHIFT+Right Arrow Beginning of word CTRL+SHIFT+Left Arrow Line up SHIFT+Up Arrow Line down SHIFT+Down Arrow Select allCTRL+A or F212 Character leftLeft Arrow Character right Right Arrow Line up Up Arrow Line down Down Arrow Word left CTRL+Left Arrow Word rightCTRL+Right Arrow End of line END Beginning of line HOME Paragraph upCTRL+Up Arrow Paragraph downCTRL+Down Arrow End of text block CTRL+END Start of text block CTRL+HOME To previous objectTAB To next objectSHIFT+TAB Select all objectsCTRL+AEditing Action Shortcut Keys Delete character left Backspace Delete word leftCTRL+Backspace Delete character rightDelete Delete word right CTRL+Delete FindCTRL+F Replace CTRL+H Insert hyperlinkCTRL+K New slide CTRL+MPAGE 12Knowledge| Skill| Innovation| Manage your Time so that you can Manage yourself to Others. 13. New slide like last one, no menuCTRL+SHIFT+M Spell checker F7 MacrosALT+F8 Move from Title to Text CTRL+Enter Move from Body text to Title of CTRL+Enter next slideDrawing & Formatting 13 ActionShortcut Keys Grid and Guides dialog boxCTRL+G Group Objects CTRL+SHIFT+G Ungroup Objects CTRL+SHIFT+H Regroup Objects CTRL+SHIFT+J Resize while maintaining SHIFT+Resize proportions Resize from centerCTRL+Resize Resize from center while CTRL+SHIFT+Resize maintaining proportions Rotate in 15 degree incrementsSHIFT+Rotate tool Rotate from CornerCTRL+Rotate tool Rotate in 15 degree increments CTRL+SHIFT+Rotate tool from Corner Extend Line along same angleSHIFT+Resize Nudge object one grid unitArrow Key Nudge object one pixelCTRL+Arrow Key Temporarily release Grid/Guide ALT Snap Show/Hide Guides (toggle) ALT+F9 Show/Hide Grid (toggle) SHIFT+F9PAGE 13Knowledge| Skill| Innovation| Manage your Time so that you can Manage yourself to Others. 14. Slide Show Actions Action Shortcut Keys Begin slide showF5 ENTER, Spacebar, N, Right Next slideArrow, Down Arrow, Page Down (or click the mouse) BACKSPACE, P, Left Arrow, Previous slide14 Up Arrow, Page Up Go to Slide +Enter Redisplay hidden pointer and/or CTRL+A change the pointer to an arrow Redisplay hidden pointer and/or CTRL+P change the pointer to a pen Hide the pointer and button CTRL+H immediately Hide the pointer and button in 15 CTRL+U seconds Erase on-screen annotations E Go to next hidden slide H Use mouse-click to advance while M rehearsing Use original timings while O rehearsing Set new timings while rehearsingT Show/Hide black screenB or Period Show/Hide white screenW or Comma Show/Hide pointer & buttonA or = ESC, CTRL+Break, Minus, End slide show END Go to the first or next hyperlink TAB Go to the last or previous SHIFT+TAB hyperlinkPAGE 14Knowledge| Skill| Innovation| Manage your Time so that you can Manage yourself to Others. 15. Run the Slide Show and Press F1 Key for all shortcuts available while running a slide show:15PAGE 15Knowledge| Skill| Innovation| Manage your Time so that you can Manage yourself to Others. 16. Microsoft Outlook- 2007 General ActionsActionShortcut Keys Send (post) a Message Ctrl + Enter or Alt + S Reformat an email message from Ctrl + Shift + O RTF to plain text 16 Delete Message from message Ctrl + D window New Contact DialogCtrl + Shift + C New Office Document Ctrl + Shift + H Read Warning Header Ctrl + Insert + W To Save Non-Email Item in Alt + S Current Folder Cancel the current operationEscape Key Move up current level of treeview Up Arrow Move down current level of Down Arrow treeview Collapse current branch of Left Arrow treeview Expand current branch of Right Arrow treeview Open the InboxCtrl + I Open the Outbox Ctrl + O Launch go to folder dialogCtrl + Y Save unfinished item in Drafts Ctrl + S folder Move selected item to Deleted Delete Key Items folder Open print dialog box Ctrl + P To delete current itemCtrl + D Mark message as unread or readCtrl + Q or Ctrl + Enter Select allCtrl + A Copy highlighted items/text to Ctrl + C clipboard Cut highlighted items/text to Ctrl + X clipboard Paste items/text from clipboard Ctrl + V Open application menu (to Alt + Spacebar maximise, minimise etc)PAGE 16Knowledge| Skill| Innovation| Manage your Time so that you can Manage yourself to Others. 17. Create new item / Open or post a Ctrl + N new message UndoCtrl + Z Move cursor to top of email listHome Move cursor to end of email listEnd Move edit cursor to top in new Ctrl + Home email message window Move edit cursor to end in new Ctrl + End email message window17 Switch among Edit, Source, and Ctrl + Tab Preview tabs Check Names Ctrl + K Move cursor to Menu Bar Alt + or F10 Launch Advanced Find (find a Ctrl + Shift + F or F3 message) Move to next Window paneF6 Launch spell checkerF7 Insert signatureCtrl + Shift + S Move directly to InboxCtrl + Shift + I Move directly to Outbox Ctrl + Shift + O Copy selected item(s) to a folder Ctrl + Shift + Y Create new folder dialogCtrl + Shift + E Move selected item to folderCtrl + Shift + V Create a new email messageCtrl + Shift + M Create a new appointment item Ctrl + Shift + A Create a new contact item Ctrl + Shift + C Create a new task itemCtrl + Shift + K Create a new note itemCtrl + Shift + N Message options (from a new Alt + P message window) Open address book Ctrl + Shift + B Launch flag for follow up dialog Ctrl + Shift + G box Reply to sender Ctrl + R Reply to allCtrl + Shift + R Forward message Ctrl + FPAGE 17Knowledge| Skill| Innovation| Manage your Time so that you can Manage yourself to Others. 18. Calendar Week ViewAction Shortcut Keys Go to todays dateAlt + D Go to a dateCtrl + G Move to next date Down Arrow Down ArrowUp Arrow Move forward one week Page Down Move backwards one week Page Up Move to appointments on current Tab (hit enter twice to open18 dateitem) Main Outlook ActionsAction Shortcut Keys Say LineInsert + Up Arrow Say All Insert + Down Arrow Say Selected Text Insert + Shift + Down Arrow Move focus to attachments listInsert + A In spellchecker read misspelled Insert + F7 word and suggestion Read Header Field One Alt + 1 Read Header Field Two Alt + 2 Read Header Field Three Alt + 3 Read Header Field FourAlt + 4 Read Header Field FiveAlt + 5 Click Cc Button Alt + Shift + 4 Click To Button Alt + Shift + 3 Launch Global keystrokes listboxInsert + F8 Close Office AssistantCtrl + Insert + F4PAGE 18Knowledge| Skill| Innovation| Manage your Time so that you can Manage yourself to Others. 19. Reference: the very best!!Anubhaw Kumar ShandilyaPAGE 19Knowledge| Skill| Innovation| Manage your Time so that you can Manage yourself to Others.