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Good presentation to differentiate Android and iOS

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Mohammed AlhuseinOutlineCompetitionDevelopmentPublishing

CompetitionOS Market Share (World)

OS Market Share (USA)

# of Available Apps

Total App Sales Revenue iOS = 6 x AndroidEase of purchase: Checkout vs. iTunes93% iOS users have iTunes accounts with credit card info. Google encourages free stuff.

Developers Interest

DevelopmentProgramming LanguageAndroid OS: Java

iOS: Objective C

NSArray * foo = [[NSArray alloc] initWithObjects:@"foo",@"bar",@"baz",nil];

Development PlatformAndroid OS: open platform, allowing the use of 3rd party toolsKey to OS successcan reach core components. More like PC swr

iOS: Restrictive guidelinesFixed set of tools, nothing outside, nothing deepNo Flash!

Multitasking AbilitiesAndroid OS: Very versatile dynamic Highly fragmented challengingIn USA: 80 Android models vs. 9 iOS modelsPoor battery performanceBest notification system (e.g. emails)

iOS: Stable and exclusive platformFixed set of tools, with clear potential and boundaries easier

SecurityAndroid OS: Access control, isolation, web securityEncryptionPermission-based access control: Static list in manifestUser presented with list at installation timeWild West app marketplace. Nearly any app is allowed to marketAndroid-specific malware

SecurityiOS: Access control, isolation, web securityEncryptionPermission-based access control: Dialog box at run time.GeolocationAuto Erase



OS UpgradesAndroid OS: Millions of phones under contract cannot be updated0.4% run the latest version

iOS:Apple disallows old devices to update permanently vulnerable to easy attacks~90% run one of the two latest versions

PublishingApp Approval Android OS: Very quick!

iOS:Days.. and days.. and days..Many restrictions

Payments and AvailabilityAndroid OS: Developer pays $25 one timeDeveloper earns 70% of revenueSeveral Stores: Google Play, AmazonPaid apps available in 132 countriesNo screenshots of apps, only short descriptions

Payments and AvailabilityiOS:Developer pays $99 annuallyDevelopers earns 70% of revenueApp Store onlyPaid apps available in 155 countries5 screenshots and description

Which is Better?OS Mkt Share# of AppsRevenueDeveloper InterestEasiness of PLPlatformMultitaskingSecurityOS UpgradesApp ApprovalPayments & Avail.