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Android And iOS Encryption Systems

Android And iOS Encryption SystemsBY GROUP 4: Riya Chauhan(141060753016)Birju Tank((141060753017)Naman Vaishnav((141060753018)Dhara Patel((141060753019)Okasha Mahi((141060753020)DATE:17/04/2015

IEEE Seminar on Advanced Programming on Mobile Devices I ( 3725304 )


ContentsWhat is Encryption?-IntroductionEncryption and Different Mobile DevicesAndroid Encryption SystemsiOS Encryption SystemsAndroid vs. iOS EncryptionLatest Implementation for Encryption in Different DevicesAdvantages and DisadvantagesConclusionReferencesWhat is Encryption?-Introduction

Security and privacy are hot topic this days, with government snooping, big company data leaks, and hacking on rise.One important step you can take to protect your information is to encrypt it. This is especially true for devices that tend to get lost or stolen such as your cell phone. For many people that's worth it to keep personal information truly private and secured. Also, mobile professionals working in certain industries--finance and healthcare, For example--encryption isn't optional. All devices that store or access consumers' personally identifiable information have to be secured or else you're not in compliance with the law

Encryption and Different Mobile Devices

First, you might be wondering why you should even bother with encrypting your mobile device, especially if you dont store much or any personal information on it. And if you already have a lock Screen with pass code (or other unlock measure),isnt that good enough?

The answer is encryption does more than just bar a person from accessing information on your cell phone, as the lock screen does.

Encrypting your data takes it a step further. It makes the information unreadable--in deep, useless--even if somehow a hacker got through the lock screen.

Example: You can think of the lock screen as a lock on a door Without the key, uninvited guests can't come in and steal all your belongings (Using the door analogy, even if a thief comes in through the window, encryption is like creating a mirage so all the things in your home look like they're in a super uncrackable safe.)4Cont..Apple iOSThe iOS denies access under all circumstances to many of the devices sensitive subsystems. Thus increasing the security of iOS based devices since it removes the user from security decision-making process. AndroidThe Android permission system relies on the user to make all policy decisions and decide whether an apps requested combination of permission is safe or not.Blackberry (BB10): introduces us to Blackberry Balance. Balance allows organizations to create isolation between personal and work environments on a device When Balance is enabled, workspace is automatically encrypted, leaving personal environment unencrypted.Windows Phone 8: WP8 uses the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface for secure boot, ensuring devices do not load rooted or unauthorized system images.WP8 apps run in isolated chambers, which are similar to sandbox. The data between the applications is shared in the cloud and not on the device.Android Encryption Systems

Fig: Overview of the Android dm-crypt based encryption system. The whole file system is encrypted and the required file-system master key is protected by a key derived from the users passcode.

Before Start encrypting set your PIN Types of Android Encryption SystemFile-System Encryption Dm-cryptAndroid Key ChainBackup6

Encrypt Your Android Smartphone or Tablet

Step:1 Tap Here

Step:2Click on Encrypt Phone

Step:3 Youll see a progress indicator appear with WarningCont..

Your Device is encrypting nowiOS Encryption Systems

Encrypt Your iPhone or iPad DataStep One: Set up a passcode to lock your device under Settings > General > Passcode Lock.The PIN or passcode not only creates a lockscreen, it also encrypts the iPhone data or iPad data.Not all of it, however. The only things that are encrypted in this dead-easy method are your iMessages, mail messages and attachments, and data from some apps that have data encryption.OS X and iOS provide a number of encryption technologies. Of these, three APIs are available on both iOS and OS X:1. Keychain Services APIprovides secure storage for passwords, keys, and so on2. Cryptographic Message Syntaxprovides (nonstreaming) symmetric and asymmetric encryption and decryption3. Certificate, Key, and Trust Servicesprovides cryptographic support services and trust validation


1. Set your pass codeSet ONEncrypt

3. Encrypted ServerAndroid vs. iOS Encryption

Apple iOSThe iOS uses a hardware accelerated AES-256 encryption to encrypt all data stored in the flash memory of the device.The iOS protects specific additional data items, such as email using an additional layer of encryption.Within 10 seconds of the device locking, the decryption keys for files in device are discarded.AndroidThe primary encryption system on Android is a file-system based encryption system based on dm-cryptAndroid recently began offering built in encryption in 3.0, earlier versions of android contain no encryption capability, instead to rely on islolation and permissions to safeguard data. A simple jailbreak of an android phone, or theft of devices SD card can lead to significant loss of data.In this comparison always apple wins because it has tight security and much more.

Latest Implementation for Encryption in Different Devices

Apple ready to unveil its next generation of iPads, also Google has unwrapped Android 5.0 and accompanying phones and tablets.

Like the iOS 8 that Apple delivered in September, Googles latest iteration of Androidalso dubbed L or Lollipopbrings a new level of information security via automatic encryption.

What default encryption will do: Mandatory encryption will provide additional assurances for healthcare organizations concerned about the data on Apple iPhones and iPads and the various smartphones and slates that run Googles Android, Marco said.Advantages and DisadvantagesAdvantageYour device and your personal data are safe.No one can hack your personal information.

Disadvantages If your Encryption process is interrupted then your data will be lost.In case , If you forget Passcode or PIN or Password then you have to format it.Conclusion

To facilitate this task, I have systematically analyzed and assessed different encryption systems for Android and iOS platform, which provide the opportunity to protect security critical and confidential data. In contrast to other mobile platforms such as iOS, BlackBerry, or Windows Phone,Android features many more different but iOS is the best.ReferencesP. Teufl, T. Zefferer, C. Stromberger, and C. Hechenblaikner, iOS Encryption Systems: Deploying iOS Devices in Security-Critical Environments, in Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Security and Cryptography SECRYPT 2013, Reykjavik, 2013

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