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Ambush marketing

Ambush marketing

Presented by, Athira.V Sreelekshmi Mohan


INTRODUCTION A promotion tactic designed to associate a company ,product, or service with a particular event ,or to attract the attention of people attending the event ,with out payment being made for an official sponsorship.

OBJECTIVESStudy the concept of ambush marketing.To analyses few examples on ambush marketing.To understand ethical issue in ambush marketing.

WHAT IS AMBUSH MARKETING?It is an aerial of advertisingWell planned effortUsed commonly at world wide spoting organizationTrading of the good will be without being an official sponsor.Also called parasitic marketing

EVOLUTION OF AMBUSH MARKETING.The first noticed moment- 1992 Olympic history MJ (a Nike icon) Covered the Reebok logo with The American flag

TWO WAYS OF AMBUSH MARKETNG1. Direct Ambush Marketing: In 1994 football world cup, MasterCard received exclusive rights for using world cup logo, but a rival Sprints Communication used the logo without permission. This is direct attack but can be defended by laws.2. Indirect Ambush Marketing: Several ways indirect ambush marketing can take place like sponsoring the broadcast of the event, sponsoring subcategories of the major event etc.

Famous "ambush marketing"1984 Summer Olympics; Kodak sponsors TV broadcasts of the games as well as the US track team even though Fujifilm is the official sponsor1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona; Nike sponsors press conferences with the US basketball team despite Reebok being the official sponsor. During ceremonies, the players covered their Reebok logos.1994 Winter Olympics; American Express sponsors the games despite Visa being the official sponsor

Famous "ambush marketing(c)

1996 Cricket World Cup; Pepsi ran a series of advertisements titled "Nothing official about it" targeting the official sponsor Coca Cola.1998 World Cup; Nike sponsored a number of teams competing in the Cup despite Adidas being the official sponsor.

AMBUSH ADVERTISING STRATEGIESSUPPORT MEDIA SCOPE OF AN OCCASIONThepurported"ambusher"supports certain media scope of an occasion and accesses the media gathering of people, normally much bigger than the on location group of lookers; this adventures a flawlesslytrue bluesponsorship opportunityEG:Fuji versus Kodak case in the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics is maybe the most praised legitimate trap.

ARRANGEMENT PUBLICIZING THAT AGREES WITH THE SUPPORTED OCCASION.The ambusher can execute publicizing that is timed to agree with the supporter's occasion.Themed publicizingTraditional publicizing

ETHICAL ISSUESsubverts the integrity of an event and its ability to entice future sponsors.Ambushers create confusion among consumers, for that reason, negating the official sponsorswhere does the law stand in such cases of ambush marketing? It does not involve infringement or illegal use of trademarks or symbols

virtual necessity in modern competitive business practice

CONCLUSIONImpossible to completely stop ambush marketing.Event is hit most with the ambush marketingThe ambushed cannot be compensated.Proper legislation should come for the protection of the official sponsor .

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