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Japanese Language and Japanese Language and Cultural Studies Program Cultural Studies Program Grant High School Grant High School 8 th Grade Presentation January 25 th , 2012 Mt. Tabor Middle School

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  • Japanese Language and Cultural Studies Program

    Grant High School8th Grade PresentationJanuary 25th, 2012 Mt. Tabor Middle School

  • Japanese Language and Cultural Studies Program Grant High School

    GOAL Increase the number of students attaining Advanced level of proficiency in Japanese language by grade 12, who continue on to achieve Superior proficiency in college.


  • Japanese Language and Cultural Studies Program

    KISO course SOGO course

    Mt. Tabor Middle School

  • Class options at Grant High School

  • KISO COURSENovice to Intermediate Level:4th year Japanese: NH / IL3rd year Japanese : NM / NH2nd year Japanese : NM1st year Japanese: No prerequisite


  • SOGO COURSE(Intermediate to Advanced Level)Capstone Project: R&EResearch and Exploration :IMContent-based Japanese course: IM

    (Japanese Film or Japanese Literature)Global Perspectives: IL


  • Transition from Mt. Tabor to GrantInstruction Time decreases;Responsibility increases1.

    2.Develop Your Identity:Achieved Identity

  • 9th Global PerspectivesAnnual EventsSchoolSportsFoodHealth Japanese House and Fashion (Sense of Beauty)Technology and Global WarmingMini Action Project (May-June)

    AP Support

  • Schedule options (SOGO)

    Option 1 Option 2

    9th Global PerspectivesGlobal Perspectives

    10thResearch and Exploration

    Summer InstituteJapanese Literature & Media11thCapstone ProjectResearch and Exploration

    Summer Institute12thJapanese Literature & MediaCapstone Project

  • Summer Institute in Sapporo5-week Summer Institute in Sapporo and Tokyo following sophomore or junior year

    (mid June ~ mid July)

    Preparation in Research and Exploration course.Presentation in Capstone Project course.


  • Prerequisite criteria for (SOGO COURSE) * 8th grade teachers recommendation required

    Minimum of Intermediate Low scores (4) for all 4 skills on STAMP test*Average of Benchmark 4 or better in 8th grade Japanese Language Institute*


  • Intensive Japanese Language Program Summer 2012Purpose: Raise student performance in Japanese language skills to prepare them for increased demands at high schoolDates: 2 weeks in August 2012 Monday Thursday, 9 AM 12 PM (Tentative)Lead Instructor: TBATargeted Students: current 7th and 8th graders needing additional supportLocation: Mt. Tabor Middle School

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