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Newsletter for Trinity Presbyterian Church in Jonesville, LA

Transcript of 2014 -August Trinity News-1

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    I will study the way that is blameless. When shall I attain it?

    I will walk with integrity of heart within my house. 1

    It is that time of year that teachers and students return with earnest to their work in education. For the

    teachers and instructors they are busy studying education requirements and organizing their

    educational plans for the coming year; readying themselves to present the best possible recipe for

    learning in their classroom. Students, on the other hand, are preparing to search for new discoveries

    and challenges that will help them grow in the coming academic season; are gathering supplies and

    readying themselves for times of study that might sometimes challenge them beyond their


    King David was not immune from learning lessons himself. As we read in the Psalm, he found it

    necessary to continue to look outside of himself to learn what it was that God required of him in order

    to remain faithful not only to God, but to the people that he was called to lead as a nation. From his

    words, we can see that even in the moment of leadership he recognized that he himself was not free

    from making mistakes. A misstep here or a failure there and he might have traded away his integrity

    in being what he was called to be as a King. The point is that David recognized that he could have

    easily overlooked his own personal responsibility to be just. He could have said something along the

    lines of, I am King and what I say goes. No, David did not settle for the easy way. He spent time and

    effort in examining his motivation, and he asked God to help.

    The same is true for each of us. Whether we are the teacher or we are the student, it is important to

    recognize that our personal responsibility and integrity is worth more than a short cut.

    Remember this, just because you may not be in a classroom does not mean you are not the teacher.

    Just as David was the leader of a nation and others looked to him for direction, we are all a teacher of

    something to someone. If you are parent or grandparent, you are teaching your children. If you are an

    employer or supervisor, you are teaching your employees.

    But what is it we are teaching with the way we live our lives? Are we living the way that is blameless

    and are we interested in attaining it? Are we walking with integrity in our heart or are we just along for

    the ride? My prayer is that we are living into the promises of our Risen Lord and following his

    example. Be the teacher you have been called by Christ to be in this broken world.

    See you at church! Pastor John

    1 The Holy Bible: New Revised Standard Version. (1989). (Ps 101:2). Nashville: Thomas Nelson Publishers.

    Trinity Presbyterian Church, PC(USA) Jonesville, LA

    August 2014

    Trinity News Tradition in the Four Rivers Region since 1856

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    June Worship Services While Pastor John was away, Trinity had several from our church step forward to both lead us in worship and share the Word with us.

    June 8 Pentecost Sunday Sermon Rev. Louis Sklar; Worship Leader Elder Alma Womack June 15 Fathers Day Elder Allan Bean June 22 Disability Inclusion Sunday Sermon Ruling Elder Beth Parish; Worship Leader Ruling Elder Craig Edwards Childrens Message Kacie King June 29 One Nation, Under God Sermon Elder Emeritus Dot Lazarus; Worship Leader Elder Mike Wilson We thank all who stepped in to help with worship during Pastor Johns time away.

    Choir News The choir will meet for a summer practice session on August 13 at 5:30 PM to review music for the fall.

    Mens Fellowship Breakfast Wake up men and join us Tuesday, August 12 at 7 AM. The hot food and fellowship will be ready to help you start your day right.

    Presbyterian Women

    Presbyterian Women will not meet in August.

    Game & Movie Night, August 22, 5:30 PM

    Please join us for a fun night as we play Jonah on the screen and set up the tables for games. We will have dinner ready. Just bring you, your family and your appetite for adventure!

    Regional Meeting of the Presbytery, August 10 On Sunday, August 10 from 3-5 pm at First Presbyterian Church at 1201 Stubbs Avenue in Monroe. The Presbytery at this gathering will share reflections about the recently concluded GA.

    Attending the meeting to share information and answer questions will be our GA commissioners, the Stated Clerk and the General Presbyter.

    The business of the General Assembly does reflect changes that affects the church on all levels; locally; regionally and nationally.

    This is an opportunity to better understand just what that means and how we may be affected by changes. Those interested in attending can carpool to this meeting. Please let Pastor John know if you would like more information or would like to attend.


    Session Meeting this month will be on Sunday, August 17th at 8:45 AM.

    Health and Medical Concerns: Eula Aswell; William Atkins; Nell Blevins; Houston

    Book; Harold Bordelon; Henry Bordelon; Jim

    Brallier; Connie Collins; Madeline Denny; Betty

    Farmer; Jimmy Farmer; Alton Griffin; Susan

    Hammett; Judy Hewitt; Mark Hamilton; Joe Hill;

    Eric, Katie, and Baby Knox Little; Melvin &

    Georgia Marx; Mary Mason; Joyce McDonald;

    Jacelyn McFarland; Robbie McMillin; Nancy

    Pierce; Robin Poole; Grayson Ross; Amy

    Rowland; Nathan Rowland; Myrtle Rushing; Debra

    Scott; Maxine Smart; Mary Davis Smith; Eula

    Smith; Marie Smith; Emma Tarver; Buddy Tyler;

    Kristen Upchurch; Jimmy Wade; Kyle Watson &

    Family; Cheryl Keeth White; Rodney Williams;

    Lucy Wilson; Alice Winegeart; Nan Wood; & Betty



    Humberto Gonzales and his family.


    Joe Mitchell

    In Sympathy:

    Prayers for the families of Shelby Beasley, Donna Hill, Charlie McCarthy.

    We pray for these families and all whose loved ones passed from this life during the past month.

    PRAY FOR: We pray for our country and our leaders.

    We pray for the victims of the Malaysia Airlines plane

    that went down in the Ukraine. We pray for peace there

    and that the remains of all the victims will be returned to

    their families.

    We pray for peace in Gaza, the West Bank, Israel and

    Palestine. We pray for an end to the violence and for

    families to be reunited.

    We pray for continued peace in Indonesia, Syria, Iraq,

    Iran, Afghanistan, North Korea, and Libya.

    We pray for our men & women in harms way.

    We pray for Trinity Presbyterian Church and all churches.

    IN THE SERVICE Matthew Bean, Rusty Bean, Scott Bean, Matt Begnaud, Kacie King Dunn, Joe Hamilton, Justin Lacroix, Eric Little, Nicholas Parish, Ray Santillano, Crystal Smith.

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    Notes of Love and Thanks I would like to thank the church for everyones continued thoughts and prayers as Jim continues to recover from surgery at home. Thank you everyone who helped with VBS when I could not be there to help. Thank you all so very much! Love, Martha Brallier

    From Joe Mitchell: Please pass along my appreciation to the good folks at Trinity for their prayers and support for Humberto Gonzalez. It took 3 years, but his wife and 3 children are with him in the Methodist Manse in Shenandoah, Iowa, where he began his pastorate on July 1. They are so happy to be together and relieved that this ordeal is over.

    I will travel to Peru again on July 24 and plan to be there for 5 weeks. Projects include painting the interior of the pastors home, taking 35 deaf students on a field trip, taking 45 staff and children from the orphanage in Cusco on a day trip, funding the maestro for the orchestra at the orphanage for 6 months, and helping update equipment at the school for the deaf. Thanks for your continued prayers. - Blessings, Joe

    A special thank you to Gregory Scott for rolling the Least Coins for Presbyterian Women and to Judy Sanson for having the plaques engraved for our Memorial Wall Plaque in the parlor.

    Congratulations to Paul Parish

    Paul Was accepted into the Youth Challenge Program of the Louisiana National Guard. Paul will be leaving on August 17th to begin the 5 month program at Camp Minden. While participating in the YCP, he will complete his education.

    We will have a sending off BBQ party for Paul on Sunday, August 3 after worship in the fellowship hall. For more information regarding what is needed for the dinner, please contact Donna Tiser.

    July Birthdays

    1 Al Pilson 13 Ginny Daggett 25 Emily Bean 26 Donna Tiser 27 Dot Lazarus

    August Birthdays

    3 Susie Swayze 3 Alma Womack 6 Anna Kate Bean 10 Kacie Edwards 14 Allan Bean 14 Bubba Edwards 14 Robby Swayze 15 Joe Taylor 16 Gail Bean 22 Charlie Bean 23 Margaret Hill 25 Becky Swayze-31 A. J. Swayze Taylor


    At this date, Katlyn Cotton is still at George Washingtons home at Mount Vernon in Fairfax County, Virginia. Her six-week internship was over July 3rd, but the Maryland Field School in Historic Preservation asked her to stay an additional five weeks to continue the excavation at the Mount Vernon home. She will return to