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Transcript of 12 Bret Harte Pio · PDF file SCL: What was your initial reaction? KF: “At first I...

  • Issue #5

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    December 20, 201 3

    Bret Harte Pioneer IN THIS ISSUE… News Karl Fleischman interview Page 2 Features Dr. Harte Page 7 Don’t know what to do during the holidays ? Look on: Page 8 Have Questions for Dr. Harte? Please Leave Your Question in The Box in The Office

    The Sasha Fleischman incident has caused a lot of discussion because Sasha’s father, Karl Fleischman is a kindergarten teacher at Sequoia Elementary School here in Oakland. Recently, I got the chance to have an interview with Karl Fleischman. Because Sasha is agender, Sasha prefers to be referred to as they or them. Sylvia Colt-Lacayo: What is Sasha like? Hobbies? Personality? Karl Fleischman: “Sasha has always been an excellent student especially with math when they started high school Sasha started in geometry now they are in a college level math class at Berkeley City College. Sasha also does computer programming as a hobby. They are also interested in linguistics. One of Sasha's hobbies is to make up languages.”

    Bret Harte Reacts to Sasha Fleischman Tragedy By Sylvia Colt-Lacayo & Leanne Peou

    Karl Fleischman Interview By Sylvia Colt-Lacayo


    Eighteen-year-old Sasha Fleishman has recently been let out of out of intensive care after being set on fire on the 57 bus on Monday November 6, 2013 around 5:30 p.m. Fleischman was on the bus going home from school when a fellow passenger lit Sasha’s skirt on fire. Sasha suffers from third degree burns. Richard Thomas, a student at Oakland High School, is suspected of committing the crime. Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O’Malley said in a statement, “Richard Thomas’ violent and senseless criminal conduct resulted in severe and traumatic injuries to a young and entirely innocent victim.” According to NBC Bay Area, O’Malley intends to prosecute Thomas as an adult with a “hate crime, aggravated mayhem, and felony assault.” The incident has caused a big reaction here at Bret Harte. Many student and teacher were upset after hearing about the event. “I was outraged. You know people need to be treated with respect and just cause


    Sasha is different doesn't mean he should be harassed, like be set on fire or anything, that goes for the people who are different and for everybody else everyone deserves respect people should be giving respect and expecting to get it back at the same time so my prayers are all out for Sasha and everyone else who has been abused.” Mr. Ostrom said. “I was appalled! For whatever reason it was done, no human has a right to get away with harming another living being!” said Ms.Tapia. We asked students what they think about the incident. 7th grader Joseph Thomas said, “That’s messed up. It is not okay that he did that, just because Sasha was wearing a skirt.” 7th grader Isai Velazquez said, “I think that people should have the right to wear whatever they want.” Ms. Wright, the founder of the Gay Straight Alliance said, “I was sad and shocked that people in our community still have to go through this have to experience this kind of injustice.”

    Fleischman family posing for a picture. Photo Credits: blog.sfgate.com

  • News Issue #5

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    December 20, 201 3

    Continued from page 1 Sylvia Colt-Lacayo: How is Sasha doing? Karl Fleischman: “They are doing pretty well. Everything is going according to schedule. We are hopeful that Sasha will be home for Thanksgiving.” SCL: How did you find out about the incident? KF:“I was in my kindergarten classroom at Sequoia. I was working in my classroom after school. I got a call from Sasha. Sasha was saying “You need to call the hospital.” They kept repeating that they needed to go to the hospital, and that someone had set them on fire. I just closed up my room and ran.” SCL: What was your initial reaction? KF: “At first I didn’t quite understand as I talked to Sasha I realized that had really been injured. By that point someone had called 911. I was able to keep Sasha on the phone and let them know that I was on my way.” SCL: How is this incident affecting your family? KF: “We’re all a little tired, going to work in the morning. It is a little exhausting it is definitely taking our focus. Our whole focus right now is being with Sasha.” SCL: Do you agree that Richard Thomas should be charged as an adult with a hate crime? KF: “That is a really good question. My instinct is that it doesn’t make sense. To my wife and me a 16 year old shouldn’t be charged as an adult. We would rather he be charged as a juvenile.” SCL: Has anything positive come out of the incident? KF: “Communities have been super supportive.” SCL: Is there anything you would like to say to the students of Bret Harte? KF: “One really important thing is to be accepting and loving of each other. People need to look out for each other.”

    Karl Fleischman Interview By Sylvia Colt-Lacayo

    Editor-in-Chief: Adriana Villegas Senior Editor: Claire Chao News Editor: Andres Avila Features Editor: Ashley Torres Special Section Editor: Valentina Legaspi Sport Editor: Jordan Phal

    Staff: Mohamed Alawdi Sylvia Colt-Lacayo Meyoko Everett Emily Haunte- Palomino Jess Hutcheson-Wilcox Luis Martinez Leanne Peou ZamZam Shariff Advisor: Mr. Rukin

    Pioneer Blue Staff

    Karl Fleischman holding a picture of Sasha. Photo Credits: Sylvia Colt-Lacayo

  • Features Issue #5

    Page 3

    December 20, 201 3


    Bret Harte Students and Teachers Enjoy Yosemite Trip By Mohamed Alawdi and Valentina Legaspi Over the past 20 years Bret Harte students have gone to Yosemite for a week of learning, working together, and playing in the beautiful Yosemite Valley. This trip is an opportunity to see new places and try new activities that students just don't get to see or do living in the city. “For years this trip has been in the Spring, but this year we had the chance to go in the Winter and be in the snow! Many students going on the trip will experience living, hiking and playing in the snow for the first time. So exciting and they will remember this forever!” said Mrs. Nastor.

    Photo%Credits:%Tiffany%Lay%% Students having fun on the Yosemite trip.%


    Yosemite is well known for the Yosemite Valley, the Mariposa Grove of Sequoia Trees, and the Glacier Point and Badger Pass. According to Politico.com, Abraham Lincoln signed the Yosemite Grant on June 30, 1864. According to nps.gov, the park is “747,956 acres (or 1,169 square miles)... about the size of Rhode Island.” There was a 6-7 hours of train and bus transportation then 2-3 hours of waiting to get the Yosemite. 8th grader Ramsey Quintanilla says, “I mainly enjoyed the hike, it was a nice trail. I liked playing games, and the snow was amazing! I loved it." “Mrs. Nastor and I would love to take another group of students to Yosemite next school year! We are already working on planning another trip for Winter 2014 or Spring 2015,” said Mr. Orona.

  • Features Issue #5

    Page 4

    December 20, 201 3

    Q: What is your best and worst quality? A: My best quality is working with a lot of people. The worst is when I meet long time friends on the streets and I forget their names. Q: What are your pet peeves? A: My pet peeves are people that make false accusations against you to benefit them. I hate people who lie. Q: If you werent working here, what do you think you’d be doing? A: I would be back in school because I wanna learn another language and when I retire I'm going to school to learn a second language. Q: What is your most embarrassing moment? A: I was supposed to speak in front of an audience and I wasn't ready. Q: What do you enjoy in your job? A: Working with my kids. I'm one of the persons that try to keep students in school by keeping up with their attendance. Q: Do you go by anything like a motto, if so what? A:I have my motto I've been carrying this motto for the longest. ‘[The] sky's the limit when they found footsteps on the moon.’ [It] means you can go higher you just don't go to the sky you can go farther in life that’s my motto. Q: What do you do on your free time? A: I play with my only granddaughter she’s only 8 years old and we have a new dog. Q: What is a goal in life that you are thriving to succeed? A: My goal in life is to go back and get my second degree...I want to help other people who don't speak English.

    Better Know a Student: Mariam Alaskari

    Better Know a Staff Member: Ms. Dew

    Q: What do you enjoy doing on your free time? A: I enjoy spending my free time on my phone, on kik and social media. Q: What are your best quality and your worst? A: Ummm I'm good with kids, my worst quality is spending time with family. Q: What are your main goals in life? A: My main goals in life is too finish high school and go straight to college. Q: Who are your mains (friends) ? A: My mains are: Destiny, Myrna, Tonika, Helen, and Sahara. Q: What is something most people don’t know about you? A: Something some people don't know about me is that I'm not messy. Q: Have you gone through any struggles in life? A: Like parent’s problems, and either if I want to stay in Brooklyn or Oakland. Q: How do you view yourself? A: I view myself as okay I guess, chill, and random. Q: What’s your embarrassing moment? A: