10 Tips to Grab Your Investors' Attention - And Keep It

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  1. 1. 10 Tips to Finally Get Investors to Listen Craft Your Pitch Perfectly: Founder & Owner of GMI First, Inc. Gregory Sarangoulis Greg Sarangoulis
  2. 2. Keep It Short & Sweet An entrepreneur needs to be able to describe his or her company and why it matters in one minute or less.
  3. 3. Know Your Numbers To be taken seriously, you need to know your financial metrics thoroughly and be able to walk an investor through what they mean. Greg Sarangoulis
  4. 4. Find the Right Fit Most VC firms are experts in one or two specific fields. Find the investor who can provide expertise, not just cash.
  5. 5. Understand the Competition Know your industry's major players and be ready to explain exactly how your company will be different.
  6. 6. Pitch Your Experience Give investors a full picture of you and your leadership team's qualifications and history working in/studying the industry.
  7. 7. Show Your Hand Emphasize any valuable intellectual property your company may have. Hard assets can mitigate risk for investors. Greg Sarangoulis
  8. 8. Explain How You're All In Show you are committed. The size of your investment illustrates the extent of your dedication to outside investors.
  9. 9. Be Realistic Be prepared to walk your investors through your forecasting methods and logic behind the anticipated growth.
  10. 10. Know Your Growth Plan Have an exact plan prepared to explain the ways in which you will convert incoming revenue into growth.
  11. 11. Greg Sarangoulis Ask Confidently Have the precise figure in mind and ask for it when your pitch comes to a close.