Grab Attention Reach HOT SP OTS 4 5 Direct eye flow and grab reader...

Grab Attention Reach HOT SP OTS 4 5 Direct eye flow and grab reader attention¢â‚¬â€‌FAST! 1 Every marketing
Grab Attention Reach HOT SP OTS 4 5 Direct eye flow and grab reader attention¢â‚¬â€‌FAST! 1 Every marketing
Grab Attention Reach HOT SP OTS 4 5 Direct eye flow and grab reader attention¢â‚¬â€‌FAST! 1 Every marketing
Grab Attention Reach HOT SP OTS 4 5 Direct eye flow and grab reader attention¢â‚¬â€‌FAST! 1 Every marketing
Grab Attention Reach HOT SP OTS 4 5 Direct eye flow and grab reader attention¢â‚¬â€‌FAST! 1 Every marketing
download Grab Attention Reach HOT SP OTS 4 5 Direct eye flow and grab reader attention¢â‚¬â€‌FAST! 1 Every marketing

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    Create More Effective, Personalized Marketing

    Reach Your Customers Where They Hang Out

    • Mobile Marketing Rises to 70% of Digital Spend

    • Companies Using Video Marketing Show Faster Growth

    • Customers Respond Faster When Messages Are Printed in Color


    Impact Response Rates With Color and Personalization

    Grab Attention By Designing With

    Hot Spots!

  • f you want to see the ultimate in personalization, watch the marketing of online retailers. While not

    everything in the e-commerce world can be replicated in print, many successful techniques can be adapted.

    One of the retailers open about sharing its secrets of success is Bow & Drape, a brand widely recognized for its ability to create unique, personalized experiences for its customers.

    For example, Bow & Drape recently decided to launch a new customer acquisition campaign for pet lovers. Instead of buying a mailing list of people known to spend money on pets, it went to well-known pet bloggers and pet influencers instead. These influencers promoted Bow & Drape to their readers and pushed prospects into the retailer’s website.

    Once people reached the website, Bow & Drape cranked up the gravitational pull. First it captured purchase data, email addresses, and physical addresses.

    Then it used co-marketing with complementary brands to expand its reach. Based on what it learned about its customers’ preferences, it created “cohorts,” or marketing segments, used to further personalize future contacts.

    Bow & Drape tracked the results of these data-collection and personalization efforts. ROI ranged from 2.5 to 5.0, depending on the segment.

    Much of the marketing was done by email, and click-through rates were outstanding.

    See chart on opposite page.

    The Gathering Place Create unique, personalized marketing by observing your customers where they hang out

    2 Old Trail Printing • 614.443.4852 •



    Bow & Drape also regularly looks for new ways to understand customer behavior and identify new customer segments. One of its recently targeted segments is male shoppers looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. To draw these

    shoppers in, Bow & Drape created a series of quizzes and “how to” shopping guides designed to help them make the perfect selection. It then created campaigns specifically for this segment.

    The payoff for such investments has been significant. Among the benefits, according to Bow & Drape:

    • Increased ROI • Increased customer loyalty • Increased conversion rates • Increased stickiness of the brand • Higher levels of engagement • Ability to showcase more inventory

    Marketing Lessons from Bow & Drape Learn from this highly successful retailer. There is more than one way to find high-value prospects and to segment your customer base. Look for valuable “back door” ways to put fresh eyes on your inventory and to find creative ways to segment your database and identify new target segments. Then personalize, personalize, personalize!

    It’s not only profitable, it’s fun!

    *Percentage of people who clicked on one or more links in an email message.

    ** Total number of clicks an email message’s links received as a percentage of subscribers.

    Click-through rate* Total click-through rate**

    7.82% 8.22%

    16.74% 17.29%


    4 5

    Direct eye flow and grab reader attention—FAST!

    1 Every marketing communication—print or electronic—has them. This is true even for the simplest communications, such as order forms and buck

    slip inserts.

    2 Some hot spots are innate. Certain hot spots exist regardless of format or design. These include the return address on the outer envelope, the greeting

    or salutation in any mailer (which is why personalizing the

    recipient’s name is so effective), and the P.S. in a letter.

    3 Some hot spots are created. If you want to draw the reader’s .eye, you can create your own hot spots using techniques such as subheads, bulleted lists, and borders.

    4 Identify hot spots on the envelope. These include the return address, postage corner, front and back teaser copy, and the back flap.

    5 Identify hot spots on the letter. These include the letterhead or masthead, greeting, first sentence, first and last paragraphs, signature and title, and P.S.

    You can also create hot spots in the following ways:

    • Underlining copy

    • Indenting copy

    • Creating bulleted lists

    • Using bold face copy

    • Handwriting in the margins

    6 On a direct mail piece, you can also create hot spots by using the following: • Images

    • Headlines and subheads

    • Unusual fonts / larger font sizes

    • Background colors

    • Borders and callouts

    J ust as our eyes move left to right when we read a book or magazine, so our eyes predictably move from one place to another

    when we look at a piece of direct mail, a catalog page, or the outside of an envelope.

    These places are called “hot spots.” While most people may think of hot spots as public places to connect to Wi-Fi, in the design world, they are places on a printed or electronic communication where your eye goes first. Learning to direct that eye movement can reap huge benefits in your ability to grab attention and communicate your message.

    Old Trail Printing • 614.443.4852 •

    You can create hot spots inside the text, too. This can be done using words that naturally draw the eye, such as “YOU” and “FREE.” The recipient’s eye will also be drawn to customer testimonials, strong calls to action, and opening sentences that use strong action verbs.

    You have three seconds or less to grab your reader’s attention. Make the most of them!

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  • The study was designed to test the effects of three variables: color versus black-and-white, the addition of simple name personalization, and the integration of more complex data, such as demographics and interests. Variables were measured both in isolation and combination.

    Here are the results:

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    Simply Irresistible

    6 Old Trail Printing • 614.443.4852 • 7

    Video Accelerates Growth Companies that use video in their marketing

    grow revenue 49% faster than those that don’t.

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    Mobile will account for more than 70% of digital marketing and more than

    one-quarter of total media outlay in 2017.

    Source: Vidyard/Abderdeen, “The Impact of Video Marketing”

    Mobile Marketing Upward Bound

    Source: eMarketer, “U.S. Ad Spending: Forecast for 2017”

    How do color and personalization affect response?

    ave you ever wanted objective data on how varying different elements of a campaign, such as name, geographic imagery, and

    marketing message, impact response rates? Case studies are great, but broader studies with objective market data are harder to come by. That’s why a study by the Rochester Institute of Technology, in conjunction with Dr. Frank Romano and one of his students, David Broudy, is so valuable.

    This is an older study, but because of its depth and controlled research, it offers rare insights of which every marketer should be aware. The study was cited in an April 2017 webinar, “The Value of Color in Communication,” sponsored by Canon Solutions America.

    The Romano/Broudy study was a controlled study of 36 mailings in nine categories. Four thousand pieces were sent in each mailing. The team used a mix of direct mail offers to both

    businesses and consumer recipients. All mailings were professionally designed and produced.

    One of the first takeaways of the study is how the addition of color has a similar impact on response rate as name personalization, a lift of 44%. While there is plenty of color in print marketing these days, the results suggest that not just using color but maximizing its use, such as by using it to enhance psychographic or demographic personalization, can demonstrably increase response.

    The second takeaway is that, to maximize impact, color should not be relied on alone. It is best used in combination with other elements, such as personalization.

    In your next print or integrated marketing campaign, give your selection and use of color greater consideration in the design phase. It’s more than just pretty—it’s a powerful response-boosting tool.


    Control Mailing: (b/w with no personalization) .46% Second Mailing: (simple name personalization) +44% Third Mailing: (full-color, no personalization) +45% Fourth Mailing: (full color, name personalization) +135% Fifth Mailing: (full-color, name personalization, +