ï½ Numerous buyers & sellers ï½ Identical products ï½ No...

download ï½ Numerous buyers & sellers ï½ Identical products ï½ No price competition ï½ Perfect information ï½ Easy to enter

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Transcript of ï½ Numerous buyers & sellers ï½ Identical products ï½ No...

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  • Numerous buyers & sellers Identical products No price competition Perfect information Easy to enter
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  • Similar but differentiated products & sellers have limited control over prices Advertising Question #2?
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  • Market structure in which only a few sellers offer a similar product OPEC
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  • They do the same thing, they move together Collusion A formal agreement to set prices
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  • It may knock people out of business
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  • Bags fly free Hungry? Why wait? The un-cola The Beauty of All-wheel drive Im loving it Zoom-Zoom Live in your world. Play in ours. http://www.ad-mad.com/slogans
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  • A market situation with only one seller of an economic product that has no close substitutes
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  • Costs of production are lowest when only one firm provides output It provides a good or service at a lower cost
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  • Because no other business in the immediate area offers any competition
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  • Is a monopoly that exists because the firm controls a manufacturing method, an invention, or a type of technology. They are patented & copyrighted
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  • Because the government either owns and runs the business or authorizes only one producer Exclusive right to deliver first-class mail Why has this monopoly eroded over the years?
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  • British East India Tea Company (1600s) Western Union (late 19 th century) Standard Oil (1911) MLB (1922 still disputed 2009) NFL (convicted in the 1980s) DeBeers (price fixing in 2000s) Microsoft (settled in 2001)
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  • OPEC: ORGANIZATION OF THE PETROLEUM EXPORTING COUNTRIES Ecuador Venezuela Nigeria Libya Algeria Iraq Iran Kuwait Saudi Arabia IndonesiaAngola The Price of Oil http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=4713382n&tag=content Main;contentBody
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  • PROMOTING COMPETITON PROTECTION CONSUMERS ENSURING A LEVEL PLAYING FIELD Antitrust legislation gives the government the power to break up monopolies and prevent new monopolies from forming Many government agencies protect consumers from the effects of dishonest businesses The government also tries to prevent business practices that reduce competition.
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  • DEREGULATING INDUSTRIES Opens up industries to increased competition, which leads to lower prices for consumers