Download - Relax of the Spartans Proposal

  1. 1. Organization: In association with BAC 324 Leadership & Motivation Student Leader: Daniel Morillo Adjunct Faculty: Liza Johnson
  2. 2. Dubuque days of caring Dubuque Days of Caring brings volunteers from around the Dubuque area to join with local charities and organizations to work on one-time service projects. This annual event will mobilize over 1,300 volunteers in 2016. Service project as part of the class BAC 324 Leadership & Motivation aimed at the University of Dubuque community.
  3. 3. Primary goal To promote physical well-being within the UD community through health-focused activities.
  4. 4. Secondary goals To promote organizational awareness at UD (6 tables open to organizations) To encourage comradery within UD community Make this an annual event at the University of Dubuque!
  5. 5. Massage Booth (Inspirit Institute) Yoga Table Tennis Games FOOD
  6. 6. BUdget Activty Cost Games $0 Yoga (Anne Funke/Vic Popp with students) $0 Advertising (Posters, design, printing, misc.) $20 Food (Fruit & yogurt catered by Ameriserve) $130 ***Massage Booth (7 massage students and 1 supervisor from Inspirit Institute) $600 Total $750 *** Student Rate: $35/hr Supervisor Rate: $55/hr
  7. 7. Final requests Budget Requesting $750 from SGA Partnering up with organizations Volunteers (Mu Sigma Beta and DuBois Society) Table at event promoting their organization/events