Spartans under the Stars Program

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Join us at the Lynn Museum Wednesday, May 1, from 6-9 p.m.

Transcript of Spartans under the Stars Program

  • Wednesday, May 169 p.M.

  • digital Citizen sponsors ($500)

    glenn Morris 65John 57 and Janet schickling

    spartan sponsors ($150)

    richard 81 and Julie 80 Cadigan p15Carol diMaiti stuart Foundation

    City of lynnJohn and tiffany Connolly p1719

    t. richard Cuffe 63Carl and Mary diMaiti p14

    roger and susan Fielding p15adolph 89 and amy 89 graciale p19

    st. pius V school

    2013 spartans Under the stars CoMMittee

    robyn Blum

    Chris Carmody

    sue & Jack Carroll

    tiffany Connolly

    Kate daley

    Katie dearing

    Carl diMaiti

    Michelle durgin

    susan Fielding

    Jim Foley

    heather Fontan

    pat gill

    lisa gomes

    Kim gregory

    darlene & Mike hallissey

    laurie & phil hatchouel

    laury lapointe

    sam lipscomb

    dawn MacBurnie

    stephen Maclone

    heather Mateo

    paula Maylor

    dee McCormack

    Jen pearce

    Cheryl pert

    lisa Morin-plante

    amy potamis

    grace regan

    Kathy ryan

    Fred & Barbara silck

    Karen Valeri

    Joanne VanBuskirk

    pam Victor

    denise Vinciarelli

    robin Welch

  • spartan BUCKs

    Use your spartan Bucks just like cash! Buy your spartan Bucks at the door and spend throughout the night.

    Food in partnership with Johns roast Beeftaso nikolakopoulos 88Cheese platters donated by paul W. Marks

    drinks in partnership with Jon newhall 89

    Beer, red Wine, White Wine $5 spartan Bucks eachWater, soda donations accepted

    ipad raFFle ($20 spartan BUCKs)

    Buy a card from the ipad Mans deck for your 1-in-52 chance to win an ipad!

    *Choice of 16gB ipad or $400 apple store gift card.

    Wine Bottles ($10 spartan BUCKs)

    these beautifully-lit wine bottles hold your key to home

    dcor and a 1-in-2 chance of winning a prize!

    Van gogh-inspired paint Cans ($20 spartan BUCKs)

    each lovely paint can contains a gift card worth at least $25.

    dean of instructional technology

    artie gribbins

  • SMH 1001: ScHoolS out, Perfect tiMe for a Sox gaMe!Value: $188

    Donated by: John & tiffany connolly

    Watch the red Sox take on the tampa Bay rays on Wednesday, June 19, at 7:10 p.m. from loge Box 149, seats 3 & 4.

    SMH 1002: HanDy Man clean uP Value: up to $250

    Donated by: flannerys Handymen, llc

    Does your home need a clean out before summer, or do you need help moving? these Handymen will provide 2-hours of fuss- and cost-free service.

    SMH 1003: faMily fun!Value: $74

    Donated by: roger and Susan fielding

    enjoy a family night with a trip to the antique table followed by a north Shore navigators baseball game.

    SMH 1004: PaMPer your aMerican girlValue: $40

    Donated by: roger and Susan fielding

    Pamper the american girl in your life with a gift for her american girl doll (gift card).

    SMH 1005: Beautiful BirD BatHValue: $100

    Donated by: anonymous

    outfit your yard this summer with a beautiful bird bath, and have the most coveted yard on the block!

    SMH 1006: reStaurant tourValue: $150

    Donated by: Jim and Jackie foley, navy yard Bistro, Jacob Wirth restaurant

    youll be ready for summer friday nights with this package, containing gift cards to navy yard Bistro in charlestown, Jacob Wirth in downtown Boston, and Paradiso in Swampscott!

    SMH 1007: coacH HanDBag/toteValue: $148

    Donated by: richard and Julie cadigan

    carry all your family needs in style this summer with this beautiful and luxurious coacH tote bag.

    SMH 1008: PooDleS & PalS BaSketValue: $100

    Donated by: tara Bean

    Do you have a happy puppy? Make him even happier with a basket of new toys and games for the summer!

    SMH 1009: SilPaDa necklaceValue: $119

    Donated by: Julie charette

    come by the auction table and view this beautiful Silpada necklace. treat yourself or find a perfect gift!

    silent aUCtion

  • SMH 1010: Marina Bay extraVaganza Value: $100

    Donated by: Siros restaurant, aria Salon & Spa

    enjoy a beautiful day in Marina Bay in Quincy. kick it off at aria Salon & Spa with a massage, facial or haircut and cap it off with a wonderful meal at Siros.

    SMH 1011: faMily PHoto SeSSion Value: $750

    Donated by: Stephen Maclone

    Stephen is one of the leading photographers in Boston. a third-generation artist whose vision and passion for photography is embedded into who he is, Stephens photography assignments take him from his beloved Boston to the grandeur of newport mansions, the beaches of cape cod and the islands, the country and yacht clubs of the north Shore, throughout the united States, the caribbean and beyond. Stephens photography has been published in Martha Stewarts Wedding Specials, grace ormonde Wedding Style, Boston Magazine, Boston common, ritz carlton Weddings, and numerous photography professional magazines. Bid on a keepsake that your family will cherish forever.

    SMH 1012: SaleM Date nigHtValue: $150 approx.

    Donated by: Schooner Fame, Hawthorne Hotel

    enjoy a boat ride aboard the privateer schooner Fame of Salem and dinner for two at the Hawthorne Hotel. We wish every summer night could be like this!

    SMH 1013: ac or Heating tune uPValue: $225

    Donated by: cranney Home Services

    Does your ac seem a little off after not being used for so many months? Did your gas heating system have a rough winter? take advantage of this great opportunity to keep your home safe, clean and comfortable with an ac or gas heating tune up.

    SMH 1014: Be tHe next iron cHef!Value: $75

    Donated by: anonymous

    get ready for your next dinner party menu with fun new kitchen gadgets! lets see how they can help you make the most creative dishes!

  • aUCtion rUles1. By bidding in the live or silent auctions, each bidder agrees to these

    auction rules.

    2. all sales are final. there will be no exchanges or refunds unless otherwise noted. all items are as is. st. Marys has attempted to describe and catalog items correctly, but neither warrants nor represents and in no event shall be responsible for the correctness of descriptions, genuineness, authorship, provenance or condition of the items. no statement made in this program, or made orally at the auction or elsewhere, shall be deemed such a warranty, representation, or assumption of liability.

    3. the value listed is an estimate of fair market value. items have not been appraised unless so noted. the amount you pay above this fair market value estimate is normally tax deductible as a charitable contribution. please consult your tax advisor to clarify amount of deduction.

    4. restaurant certificates do not include alcohol, tax, or gratuities unless specified.

    silent aUCtion1. all items in the silent auction have bid sheets next to them or on a table

    nearby. When you want to bid, you do so by writing your name, phone and email on the bid sheet opposite the amount you want to bid.

    2. you do not have to take the next available bid amount. you may skip ahead on the sheet to find the amount you want to bid. the next bidder must pick an amount higher than yours to be a successful bidder.

    3. silent auction will close promptly at 8 p.m.

    4. in the event of a dispute, the auction Chair will act as final authority.

    liVe aUCtion1. the live auction will begin at 8 p.m. and will continue without

    intermission until all items have been auctioned.

    2. to enter a bid, the bidder holds up their hand so that the auctioneer or one of the spotters can see it. the auctioneer will determine who the successful bidder is. please hold your hand so it can be seen easily.

    3. successful bidders for the live auction must sign a receipt. at that time, they should verify that the amount, and item description are correct.

    4. in the event of any dispute between bidders, the auctioneer shall have sole and final discretion to determine the successful bidder or to re-offer the item in dispute.

    5. Value set forth for items being auctioned are donors estimates and are not warranted by the auction for general value.

  • SMH 2001: fiSH taleS cHarterValue: $500

    Donated by: Val & Joe Dorsi

    all aboard at crystal cove Marina in Winthrop! you and up to 5 guests will set sail on a 2-3 hour fishing charter to experience the best of Striped Bass fishing and Deep Sea tuna fishing. under the guidance of captain Joe Dorsi, enjoy an afternoon with friends and family while catching your own dinner!

    SMH 2002: reD Sox/yankeeSValue: $198

    Donated by: gary and kendra Deyoung

    take in one of the greatest rivalries, the Sox vs. the yankees, on friday, July 19, 2013 at 7:10 p.m. these are great seats: loge Box 148, row MM, Seats 1 & 2.

    SMH 2003 reD Sox ticketS *Proceeds will benefit the One Fund Boston

    Value: $214

    Donated by: John and tiffany connolly

    Show your Boston spirit by wearing a Boston Pride shirt and watching the Sox battle the Minnesota twins on Monday, May 6. Seats are located in loge Box 149, row cc, seats 3 & 4.

    SMH 2004: Six front-roW ticketS to May 23, 2013 graDuation at lynn auDitoriuMValue: PriceleSS

    Donated by: St. Marys

    is your child graduating, or do you just want the best seats in the house? St. Marys 2013 graduation will be held in the beautiful lynn Memorial auditorium in city Hall Square, and heres your chance to have the best view and take the best photos of your graduate! the item is also a great gift for friends who are parents of graduating seniors!

    SMH 2005 Parking SPotValue: PriceleSS

    Donated by: St. Marys

    Do you or your child always have trouble finding a parking spot in St. Marys High Schools main lot? fear no more. Bidding the highest on this item wins you a premium parking spot in St. Marys parking lot for the entire 2013-14 school year with your name on it!

    SMH 2006: cHiHuly SculPture (WinnerS cHoice)Value: PriceleSS

    Donated by: St. Marys fine arts Program

    take a look at the chihuly-inspired glass sculptures on your way in. these pieces were created by St. Marys art students, and we are auctioning off the opportunity to choose one of these items for you to display in your own home.

    liVe aUCtion, 8 p.M. auctioneer: St. Marys Principal

    carl DiMaiti

  • aCKnoWledgMents

    the spartans under the stars Committee would like to thank Kate, elena and tim at the lynn Museum for all of their help in getting our art show and event on its feet. our partnership with the lynn Museum is one we will continue to build. We would also like to offer special gratitude to head of school grace regan, principal Carl diMaiti and rev. Brian Flynn. Most of all, the Committee would like to thank all of you for your support and attendance tonight. We hope to come together as a community many more times in the future, and we believe that this is only the beginning!

    thanK yoU!

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