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  • 10 ways PTO Innovator Grants help your child thrive

  • In May, Simeon Wright visited Brooks and shared memories of his cousin, Emmett Till. Emmett was lynched in 1955, and students learned about how

    the event shaped Mr. Wrights life.

    To read the ar*cle in The Wednesday Journal about Mr.

    Wrights visit to Brooks, click here. Grant recipient: Ms. Karen Tokarz

  • Students grew plants from seeds in two new seed-starting stations. Teachers, students, and parents planted the new

    courtyard garden.

    Grant recipient: Ms. Laura Stamp

  • Students designed and painted a stairwell mural with Alecks Cruz, a local


    To see more photos, click here. Grant recipient: Ms. Kris8 Murray

  • Students like their new standing desks!

    Grant recipient: Ms. Rachel Youngberg

  • Kevin Wood, a Lincoln impersonator, visited Brooks to teach students more about Abraham Lincolns

    childhood and presidency.

    Grant recipient: Ms. Norma Cassin and Ms. Lauren Brown

  • Students use catchy songs and videos from Flocabulary

    to reinforce the terms and concepts they are learning.

    Grant recipient: Ms. Rachel Youngberg

  • Kuir Ajang de Jibol, formerly one of the Lost Boys of Sudan, spoke to students on April 26 about his work to help settle new

    refugees in the Chicago area.

    Grant recipient: Ms. Karen Tokarz

  • Students will use the new coil extruder and tools to create works of art from


    Grant recipient: Ms. Pat Williams

  • Music teachers and students are using new microphones, headsets, and an audio

    interface that allows multiple tracks.

    To hear the music our Brooks kids recorded,

    click here Grant recipient: Mr. Jayme Barnard, Mr. Fernando Carillo, and Ms. Martha Albers

  • The documentary I am Eleven, along with the educational packet, will help students explore the differences and similarities between themselves

    students from around the world.

    Grant recipient: Ms. Ka8e Dean and Ms. April Capuder

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