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  1. 1. Brand Story Pilar Bonilla As much as I loved traveling to visit family and friends abroad, my enthusiasm for it was waning and I was beginning to despair. Neither my husband or I were comfortable with traveling without our kids, but the stress of traveling was slowly burning us out. Two Mothers With the Same Problem and the Same Goal! We both decided we had had enough. We went online and tried to search for a solution to this problem. We found places that offered leg rest type of devices, but none of them seemed to be exactly what we were looking for. Not only did they look uncomfortable, but they all seemed to come in a one size fits all model. None of the leg rests also talked about the quality of their products or the longevity of them. We both decided that if the product that we needed didn't exist then we would make one that would. That's when the idea of AeroLax was born. Both of us wanted to fly stress-free with our families and we figured we weren't the only ones. Michell Tam I started to contemplate not working any longer until my toddler Julie was older because the stress of flying was getting to me and I hated how uncomfortable Julie was every time we flew.
  2. 2. Business Proposition AeroLax wants to partner with investors and owners of successful businesses that provide comfort to mothers and their children that frequently fly and in doing so create a massive new revenue stream for our partners and ourselves.
  3. 3. I love to travel, but its painful to see my kids suffering during the plane ride because theyre uncomfortable. I wish to have a relaxing journey that all of us can enjoy. Susan A mother of three Problem
  4. 4. Problem In order to cut costs most airlines have been shrinking seats and seat pitch. The average distance between rows of seats has dropped from 89 cms in the 1970s to a current average of about 42 cms. Airlines have been slowly cutting down legroom and seat width making passengers feel like sardines. Families who frequently fly with children suffer the most Research has shown that there are over 40,000 long-haul flights globally per day, over 87% of passenger travels in economy & premium economy (or equivalent) class*. On average 10 children from the ages of 2 to 12 years-old are on board per flight** * Source SFO Air Traffic Statistics **Source Air France KLM Figure
  5. 5. Solution Think of AeroLax as a traveling assistant for mothers. The product itself is a portable inflatable leg rest made of high quality material that is resilient to wear and tear making it a long-lasting investment. Most importantly, it offers invaluable help for mothers and their children by allowing parents and their kids to put their legs up and relax. If theres a toddler along AeroLax inflates high enough so that the toddler can fall asleep on it. Also it: Reduce swelling Increases circulation Improves comfort when seated Supports legs to reduce muscle strain and fatigue Optimizes personal space & Transforms to a toddler bed
  6. 6. AeroLax works for both adults and children in that it provides adults and children a portable inflatable leg rest that can easily be manipulated to their comfort. Because AeroLax is portable and can be used over and over again and is an inflatable product, when it's not being used it's small enough to fit into a small bag or the pocket of a carry-on. Description *Source AeroLax will not disrupt other passengers as it easily inflates and deflates with a light-weighted portable air pump. It can be used on any airline (fit over 98% of economy & premium economy seat*) as it is not considered a banned item.
  7. 7. Its a mothers traveling assistant
  8. 8. Brand Promise Traveling with kids while in economy class can make for a stressful flight. Especially if it's a long flight. Mothers no longer need to question their sanity for attempting to fly with kids or start thinking of putting off flying until the kids get older. Think of AeroLax is a mothers traveling assistant. While the product itself is a portable inflatable leg rest it offers invaluable help for both adults and children by allowing parents and their kids to put their legs up and relax. If they have a toddler with them, it inflates high enough so that they can even fall asleep on it. These simple acts help take some of the stress away from parents and their children.
  9. 9. Agenda
  10. 10. Market Size The market is huge, there are over 40,000 long-haul flights globally per day*, while over 87% of passenger travels in Economy & Premium Economy class.** +40,000 long-haul flight daily * Source SFO Air Traffic Statistics **Source
  11. 11. Market Size According to the data from OneWorld, the largest airline alliance for international flight, the average number of passenger per long-haul flight is 112*. While on average 10 children from the ages of 2 to 12 years-old are on board per flight.** children per flight10 * Source OneWorld Fact Sheet **Source Air France KLM Figure
  12. 12. Target Audience Many adults don't stop flying just because they have children. More likely than not, if you are someone who has been traveling for a huge part of your life or have family in other parts of the country or world, having children isn't going to hinder you. What happens in most instances is that once you have children you start traveling economy class.
  13. 13. Target Audience Our target audience are frequent travelers. Namely families with young children (below 12 year-old) who travel often in economy class. 20-50 year old Parents with young children, namely moms Middle class & upper-middle class Household income annual 60K-150K Expatriates, home makers Affluent professionals, highly educated Loves travelling, enjoys reading blogs Mid-tech savvy Anywhere with internet & global postal network Cities with high expat concentration
  14. 14. Bootstrap for production: Sales channel: E-tailer & Retail distributor Expected ROI 65% Our product will be sold 60% E-tailer and 40% Retail (via Distributor), while the retail appearance via distributors would also be an off-line promotion channel, to echo with our online engagement campaign. AeroLax will continue to explore and develop new solutions to enhance brand sustainability: Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 5,000pcs AeroLax Leg Rest Revenue from Phase 1 & Investors fund for production: Sales channel: E-tailer & Retail distributor Expected ROI 128% 10,000pcs AeroLax Leg Rest 3,000pcs New Product I Revenue from Phase 2: Sales channel: E-tailer & Retail distributor Expected ROI 259% 15,000pcs AeroLax Leg Rest 5,000pcs New Product I 2,000pcs New Product II Business Model
  15. 15. Purchasing Funnel
  16. 16. Competitive Advantage
  17. 17. Market Position AeroLax is the only player in the market that provides a solution and there is no other direct competitor in the same field. Room for price adjustment is large. The flexibility allows AeroLax to further develop series of horizontal products in the long run and enhance our brand sustainability.
  18. 18. Marketing Strategy Marketing resources will be allocated in the 6 following sectors to facilitate sales and brand building. Our flagship website will be the major hub in driving sales and customer engagement through content.
  19. 19. Website The AeroLax website will be the major sales platform, it also serves as an information center and a hub for parents to obtain and exchange travel tips. It will also be available in a mobile platform for users who mostly use smart phones and tablets. Infotainment videos will also be one of the viral marketing tools to drive traffic via sharing on social media.
  20. 20. Affiliate Marketing Affiliate Marketing will be adopted as one of our core strategies. Affiliation with baby supply shops, parenting blogs and travel blogs will attract more traffic with high concentration of potential customers. (Sample: affiliate with
  21. 21. Retail Distribution The Aerolax Leg Rest set will be sold 40% Retail (via Distributor), the retail appearance via distributors would also be an off-line promotion channel, to echo with our online engagement campaign. Distribution rate will be approximately 40% discount from the e-tail price, to ensure sufficient room with distribution commision (~50%) as well as retain affordability for retail customers. Initially to start with the top 5 long haul & Connection international airports Baby stores at expat concentrated cities Start in US, worldwide development on next
  22. 22. Road Map
  23. 23. Funding AeroLax business development will begin with 3 phases, we will be bootstrapping in Phase 1 for the initial order. New production line will be developed starting on Phase 2 with Investors funding (USD 93,927.00). Break even point for investors will by 2018 Q3, Investors Return* by Phase 3 will be 386% (USD362,100.00).
  24. 24. Assumption Production Cost Figures based on initial quotation from manufacturers based in ZheJiang, China (Ex-work) New Products Calculation for new product item base on resources of AeroLax Leg Rest Logistics Shipping Cost (DDP New York) & Delivery cost based on current rate 2016 APR Production QTY Base on sales projection of each year (with relevant marketing resources) Product R&D It will be involving internal resources, manufacturer & volunteer ideas from customers
  25. 25. Forecast & Cash Flow
  26. 26. Revenue Core The original product AeroLax Leg Rest will continue to be our major revenue source, while the other new product development could enhance our brands sustainability as a solution provider, as well as our engagement with customers.
  27. 27. Within 3 years of hitting our goal revenue, AeroLax will be expanded into a brand with a series of products providing more solutions to parents with children that frequently fly. Our aim is to have the AeroLax brand equal comfort and dependability to all our clients. We hope to form affiliations with similar brands that have the same objective as we do. Outcome
  28. 28. Executive Leadership Pilar Bonilla, CEO 8+ years of experience of branding strategy expert, specializing in tourism & airline business Handles marketing, sales & business development on e-commerce & retail distribution Oversees CRM, & relationship management Michell Tam, CFO Expertise in financial operation management 8+ years experience in operation management Handles budgeting, R&D resources management Oversees global sourcing, production & quality control, distribution & inventory
  29. 29. Organization
  30. 30. Thank you for your attention