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PITCH: A MYSTERY CRIME FILM Acidic Encounter Incursion Foul Play

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  1. 1. PITCH: A MYSTERY CRIME FILM Acidic Encounter Incursion Foul Play
  2. 2. Conventions of Crime Mystery Unsolved crime at hand Antagonist to catch Crime scene Tense music Clues A detective Mysterious events that creates an enigma
  3. 3. Sergeant Robert Johnson seeks for justice after he is set to investigate various acidic attacks against women in the busy streets of London. SUMMARY
  4. 4. Todorovs Theory Equilibrium A woman's body is found on a train track- face is heavily disfigured following an acid attack. After a shift, Robert is seen following a business woman to a spa Woman is later found dead. Disequilibrium Next day, the spa is shown as a crime scene and Johnson and Moore are shown to be investigating the case. Robert follows another woman to a hairdressers and sneaks in, unnoticed. New equilibrium In an underground station, a dozen police officers, lead by Catherine, surround Robert.. Robert ultimately jumps into the tracks- his death is left ambiguous.
  6. 6. TARGET AUDIENCE Primary Audience: 18 to 35 men Why: Crime mystery films tend to be targeted towards men due to the violence and action involved. The target audience was chosen as the majority of the films we researched were certified 18 and featured graphic scenes of violence.
  8. 8. CAST : DANNY DYER Main lead: Robert Johnson Born: 24thJuly 1977, Canning Town, London
  9. 9. CAST: JOANNE FROGGATT Main Lead: Catherine Moore Born: 1979, North Yorkshire, England Received Emmy nominations in 2012, 2014 in her role in Downton Abbey
  10. 10. DIRECTOR: NICK LOVE Born 24th December 1969, London, England Love is notable for his use for first person narration which coincides with our film
  11. 11. DISTRIBUTOR: VERTIGO FILMS (2002) Both a production company and distributor, indie studio, Vertigo Films backs commercially ambitious films of films from a range of genres. Co-founders: James Richardson, Allan Niblo; managing director Rupert Preston
  12. 12. Least successful film: Box Office: $186,506 Most successful film: UK: $4,835,465 Total: $20,788,483
  13. 13. PRODUCTION: VERTIGO FILMS & BFI FUNDING As well of funding from Vertigo Films, we would also apply for funding from the BFI- British Film Institute Our film will be suitable for the BFI cultural test
  14. 14. Average budget of Nick Love films: 2 to 3 million 3 million 2.5 million 2 million
  15. 15. BUDGET 3 million Estimated gross: 6 million
  16. 16. TITLE SEQUENCE Prologue of lead up to first victims death