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Presentation for the BU Entrepreneur Club. I spoke about my personal story, why I decided to start CoachUp, and what it takes to get a company from nothing to a Venture backed Series A round of financing.

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  • 1. Zero to Series A Arian Radmand Co-Founder & Director of Engineering

2. 1 2 5 5Arian Radmand @aradmand3KPIs & MARKETING UPDATE www.ArianRadmand.com4KPIs & MARKETING UPDATE 3. PassionFind something you love 4. The Early Days - InfancyDo you need to raise money? Business plan or no business plan? 5. CoachUp In the Early Days What we did during infancy Market Validation: pre-sold CoachUp Seek counsel, not advice The Mastermind Group 6. Raising Capital During Infancy Its all about baby steps Fake it until you make it perception matters! Selling your idea (not metrics) Demonstrable progress Team MassChallenge Accelerator Techstars Accelerator 7. Investors are herded animals not lone wolvesKnow this and make them believe that the herd is leaving them behind 8. Adolescence:Time to get some help Learn to systemize and delegate Start going from this:To this: 9. CoachUp During Adolescence (Hint: were still here) Investing in our team Structuring our business to scale for the future Great businesses structure themselves properly from day one, they dont just magically arrive at greatness one day. 10. Raising Financing - Larger Seed Rounds + VC Series A If you make it to this stage, congrats!Youre no longer selling an Idea Now, you're selling METRICS! 11. Resources and Action ItemsTangible steps you can (and should) take right nowBecome active in the Boston startup community! WebInno - Venture Caf - Meetups (find something youre passionate about) Work out of a co-working space for a month or so and then move to a new one Cambridge Innovation Center - Workbar - 12. Advice / Suggestions Always favor action over inaction. Get out and do something! Remember, ideas are WORTHLESS!!! Execution and implementation is everything! Strive to build a BUSINESS not to merely have a JOB there is a difference.If you dont do it this year, you will be one year older when you do. -Warren Miller 13. Helpful Books