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Transcript of Yew Dell Botanical Gardens' Fall Plant Sale 2020 · PDF file Yew Dell Botanical Gardens' Fall...

  • Yew Dell Botanical Gardens' Fall Plant Sale 2020

    Spring/Summer Flowering Bulbs

    Genus Species Cultivar Common Name Description

    Anemone blanda Grecian Windflower

    Awesome little plants that come in a range of white, blue, and pink

    flowers. They naturalize well over the years and will add splashes of color

    early in April. They will only reach a couple inches tall so once all of your

    other perennials come up later in spring these will be covered up as they

    go dormant. Walnut tolerant.

    Camassia leichtlinii Caerulea Camas Lily

    A wonderful blue/purple flower standing 2-2.5' tall in mid-spring. The

    upright, narrow foliage is both deer and walnut tolerant! This is a plant

    that is very happy in areas of the garden that stay wet. A wonderful

    addition to a rain garden.

    Chionodoxa forbesii Blue Giant Glory of the Snow

    a beautiful soft blue and white flower that blooms early enough in the

    spring to mingle with those late season snow falls. This small bulb will only

    produce a plant that is 6-8" tall but will naturalize in an area very well. A

    great addition to other minor bulbs that can be planted in the lawn. Deer

    and walnut resistant.

    Eranthis cilicica Winter Buttercups/Winter


    One of our favorite minor bulbs at Yew Dell!!! These small, 2-3" tall plants

    produce bright yellow flowers starting in February and over the years can

    naturalize an area so well that the whole ground will be yellow. An

    impressive feat that early in the season!!! Like some of the other minor

    bulbs this one will do fine growing under walnut trees and the deer leave it


    Fritillaria uva vulpis Fox's Grape

    A wonderful minor bulb that will naturalize an area over the years.

    Growing to 8-10" tall this plant producing nodding flowers that are a

    smoky purple color with a bright yellow rim. Another deer and rodent

    resistant plant to add to the collection!

    Lycoris squamigera Surprise Lily/Naked

    Ladies/Ressurection Lily

    The always favorite conversation piece in the garden. Foliage emerges in

    late January/February and dies back along with daffodils and other spring

    flowering bulbs. Around July you will begin to see random "naked" stalks

    in the garden that will eventually hold several large and pink lily flowers.

    Amazing plant to mix in with other perennials that are 1-2' feet tall so the

    summer flowers bloom above the foliage of the other plants.

    SUN PERENNIALS Genus Species Cultivar Common Name Description

    Acanthus spinosus Bear's Breeches

    We love this tough and durable perennial for its deep, glossy green foliage

    and white veins and the Victorian purple/pink/white flower spikes in late

    spring. It will grow in full sun or part shade in any reasonable soil. Most

    likely what's in the country under this name is a hybrid but we really don't

    care. It's a great plant. Deer proof, great cut, lives forever.

    The official, not so complete, just about everything, might add

    some more stuff, and probably added a few things too many


  • Ajania pacifica Silver and Gold Silver and Gold


    Dense mass of deep green foliage edged with a thin silver liner, it produces

    large crops of bright yellow flowers in fall on a plant that grows about 1'

    tall and about 2' wide. Not terribly long lived but adds a nice bit of unique

    foliage in summer and a splash of flower power in fall. Full sun to light


    Amorpha canescens Lead Plant

    Three foot tall and wide North American native plant known for drought

    tolerance and unique, purple/gray flowers in summer. Takes full sun and

    dry soils.

    Amorpha nana Fragrant False Indigo

    A super tough, drought tolerant prairie plant that the pollinators flock to.

    It can grow up to 2' tall in the full sun. A host plant for the Silver Spotted

    Skipper butterfly.


    tabernaemontana var.


    Threadleaf Bluestar

    One of our favorites at Yew Dell. This 3' tall, finely textured plant will

    tolerate poor soil in the full sun! We've got it planted in some pretty

    horrible stuff here at the gardens and it just keeps on going!

    Asclepias incarnata Ice Ballet Swamp Milkweed

    Outstanding native that grows to about 4-5' tall and rather than the typical

    pink flowers, this one is a clear white, with an unusual cinnamon/vanilla

    scent. One of the very best plants for attracting and supporting not only

    monarchs but a long list of native butterflies. Likes sunny moist settings.

    Deadhead for repeat blooms. Makes a great cut flower too.

    Asclepias syriaca Common Milkweed

    Good old fashioned milkweed. Loved by pollinators and needed by

    Monarchs as a host plant. Blooming in July this tough plant can be worked

    into any perennial border.

    Asclepias tuberosa Butterfly Weed

    A favorite native for sunny sites. Loose masses of green foliage grow to

    about 2' tall and produce late summer sprays of vivid orange flowers.

    Attracts monarch butterflies (and lots of others) and loads of other

    pollinators as well. Good cut flower. Deer proof. Loves hot, sunny and dry


    Aster tataricus Jindai Tatarian Aster

    Awesome foliage and great flowers in October? Oh yes. This 3-6'

    perennial starts showing off with its lavender flowers in September and will

    continue to show off until frost.

    Campanula Pink Octopus Spreading Bellflower

    This stunning campanula forms a mounded mass of fine textured foliage

    about 10" tall and 2' wide. In mid summer it sends up erect stems covered

    with rosy pink flowers with long, string-like petals. Heat tolerant perennial

    for the sun garden. An awesome flower to get kids excited about the



    plumbaginoides Plumbago

    This selection just plain gets it done, year after year. Dense mass of glossy,

    deep green foliage to about 8" tall spreads to form an excellent

    groundcover with intense blue blooms in spring and sporadically through

    the summer and fall. Easy to grow in any reasonable soil in sun or part


    Clinopodium nepeta

    subsp. Glandulosum White Cloud Lesser Calaminth

    A pollinator's dream plant!! Blooming from June until fall, this plant will

    spread and form a mass of white flowers covered in bees, butterflies, and a

    plethora of other garden insects!

    Coreopsis Sunsplash Big Bang™ Tickseed

    Bright yellow flowers with red centers. Standing around 12" tall this little

    lover of butterflies will bloom throughout the summer. After a flush of

    flowers cut it back by half to promote faster and more flowering!

    Delosperma P001S Fire Spinner™ Ice Plant Cold hardy, semi-succulent creeper with vivid red to red/orange blooms in

    spring. Great for the rock garden or container in full, screaming sun.

    Echinacea purpurea Purple Coneflower

    Tried and true! This is the straight species Kentucky native that can be

    found in Yew Dell's Pollinator Meadow. A favorite among pollinators and

    gardeners alike.

    Echinacea purpurea Magnus Purple Coneflower

    Large flowered form of the classic native coneflower with rich and vivid

    purple/magenta petals in mid summer. Great pollinator plant. Sun, sun


    Eutrochium fistulosum Hollow Joe Pye Weed

    A big one! If happy and in a good site this plant can push 10' tall! If you

    have room for a big perennial in the garden that is native and loved by

    pollinators this is a hard one to pass up.

  • Geranium Biokova Cranesbill Geranium

    This Theodore Klein Award Winner forms tight, dense masses of dark

    green foliage with cheerful, light pink flowers in late spring. Growing to

    about 10" tall, it makes a great edger, crevice plant and is outstanding in

    containers (we've had one in the same container for about 10 years!) Easy

    to grow anywhere in full sun or part shade. Deer resistant.


    ×cantabrigiense Karmina Cranesbill Geranium

    A deer resistant perennial geranium that can make an impact in both the

    sun and shade garden. In full sun, this plant will be covered in rosy pink

    flowers that can bloom in several flushes of flowers a season. In the shade

    garden perennial geraniums can make a wonderful groundcover of foliage

    but the blooms are sparse with the lack of sunlight.

    Helenium autumnale Sneezeweed

    When some perennials start to go downhill in late summer this plant is just

    getting good! Blooming August-October, it really adds that much needed

    color in late season

    Helianthus Lemon Queen Perennial Sunflower

    A 6 foot tall beauty native to KY that will bloom with 2" butter yellow

    flowers all summer. Tough as nails and 2-3 months of flower, what's not to


    Helianthus salicifolius Autumn Gold Willowleaf Sunflower

    Outstanding 2' sun perennial with super fine textured foliage and dense

    masses of cheerful yellow flowers that start opening in late summer and

    bloom though the fall. Great pollinator plant for the late season. Deer