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  • 8/14/2019 XGR McGill SFI


    I \ f ANEBRASKA - POSTMARK C :iL jDACCOUNTABILITY AND DATE 17DISCLOSURE COMMISSION STATEMENT MICROFILM 79 '6U l~ 'UNUMBER11 th Floor, State Capitol OF.o. Box 95086 OFFIC!):?\U~r;:fQN,~j:"Lincoln, NE 68509 FINANCIAL ~ " . t } ' l ~ ~ ( ) L .~ e t - f E ~ : h ~~ : l { i ~ t(402) 471-2522 INTERESTS 'in po p~.~~ I f: 1 ; 4 / ! ' 20ihJ./ u~ n v hI I ~

    BEFORE COMPLETINGREAD FILING REQUIREMENTS r < , ( , \ , r ~~ ~ , :a ~ .. 1 .; ' 'i T .L ~T " ( ( : . ~NADC FORM C1 L fl "C ! O S! CCld~;~Sjn ')-- '~ >l i t ; vl~ Candidates for designated offices and holders of designated offices and positions must file this statement. See Sections 1A and1B of the instructions. Candidates (including incumbents) subject to this filing requirement must file with the Commission and with the appropriateelection official (See Instructions). Designatedofficeholdersand holders of designated positions must file this statement with the Commissionannually. Dollar values neednot be reportfor any item, except Item 11. Persons who failsto fi le as reauired is sublect to a civil penaltvof UP to $2,000.ITEM 1 IYOUR NAME, ADDRESS AND PHONE NUMBERName McGill Amanda M TelephoneNo. 402-613-1028LAST FIRST MIDDLEAddress 930 Mahoney Dr. Lincoln NE 68504


    o A candidate for elective office o Left office or position[ g I Annual officeholder's or state employee's report o Newly appointed to office or positionITEM 3 I OFFICE HELD & TERM OF OFFICE (Incumbent elected/appointed officials and state employees. See18 of instructions)List the office or positionyou currently holdwhich requiresthis filing. If you have left office, list the office you held.Office or Position: LD 26 Term: Jan. '07 - Jan. '11

    BEGINS ENDSName of City, County, District, or State Agency: Nebraska LegislatureITEM 4 IOFFICE SOUGHT (Candidates only. See 1A of instructions)List the office sought which requires this fil ing.Office:Name of City, County. District, or State Office:

    /ITEMS I PERIOD COVERED BY THIS STATEMENT ,- rThis statement must cover all financial interestsfor the entire "preceding calendar year" and not just as of year-end. If you haveleft office, this statement must cover all financial interests from the end of the calendar year for which youpreviouslyfiled up to andincluding the date you left office.I Z I This statement covers the preceding calendar year January1 through December 31, 20080 Left office, this statement covers the period January 1, to (DATEYOULEFTOFFICEORPOSITION)

    I RevisedAugust2007

  • 8/14/2019 XGR McGill SFI


    ITEM 6 I SOURCES OF INCOME OF OVER $1,000Income includes monev or anv other form of recompense constitutlnq lncoms under th.e Internal Revenue Code. (See definit ions)Name and address of any source' ( including an individual, business, List the nature of the source's business and the nature of the services youbody of government, pol it ical subdivision or body corporate) f rom rendered or the circumstances under which income was received. NOTE: Dowhom income of over $1,000 was received. l ist the amount of the income.1.) State of Nebraska 1a.) State Senator

    State CapitolLincoln, NE 68509

    2.) Clark Creative Group 2a.) Employed as an Account Execut ive at this advert ising agency514 S.dst.Omaha, NE 68102

    3.) 3a.)

    4.) 4a.)

    'NOTE: IF INCOME RESULTED FROM EMPLOYMENT BY, OPERATION OF OR PARTICIPATION IN A PROPRIETORSHIP, PARTNERSHCORPORATION OR OTHER PERSON, LIST THE SAME AS THE SOURCE OF INCOME, BUT NOT THE PATRONS, CUSTOMERS, PATIENTS,CLIENTS THEREOF.ITEM 7 I BUSINESSES WITH WHICH YOU ARE ASSOCIATED (See definitions)Name and address of all businesses, organizations, or associations (profit and non-profit) with which you held a position of officer, director, limited liacompany member, partner, or stockholder and any entity in which you held a position of trustee. Such reporting is required based on the position heldon whether income was received. You need no t report business associations which are otherwise listed under I tem 6.

    Name and Address of Business or Organizat ion Nature of Association1.) 1a.)

    2.) 2a.)

    3.) 3a.)

    4.) 4a.)

    5.) 5a.)

    6.) 6a.)

    7.) 7a).

  • 8/14/2019 XGR McGill SFI


    , ,ITEM 8 I REAL PROPERTY OF THE FILER IN NEBRASKA (Real property valued at less than $1,000 arid yourpersonal residence need not be reported.)List all real property in your name or in which you have a direct ownership interest. The description required must be sufficient to identhe location of the property. Exceptions: You need not report real estate owned by a business listed in Item 6 or 7, your personresidence of real property valued at less than $1,000. Personal residence refers to your principal dwell ing-house and adjacent land usfor house-hold purposes, such as lawns and cardens.

    Location of Property Nature of Property(Description or Address (such as: agricultural, commercial, industrial, residential-rental)

    ITEM 9 I OTHER FINANCIAL INTERESTS AND PROPERTY HELD DURING THE PERIOD OF THIS STATEMENTWHICH EXCEEDED A FAIR MARKET VALUE OF $1,000 AT ANY TIME DURING THE REPORTING PERIOD(a) List the names and addresses of the institutions in which you had checking and savings accounts and certificates of deposit.

    Financial Institution AddressFirst National Bank of Omaha 1620 Dodge St., Omaha, NE 68197Union Trust and BAnk POBOX 82535, Lincoln, NE 68501

    (b) List the names of the issuers of all stocks, bonds, and government securities, not otherwise listed under Items 6 or 7.Franklin Templeton Investments, POBox 2258, Rancho cordova, CA 95741-2258

    (c) Describe other property owned or held forthe production of income not otherwise disclosed in Items 6, 7, 8or9(a)(b). lncludsleaseholds and other interests in real estate, promissory notes and other Obligations owed to you, beneficial interests in trusts andestates, cash value life insurance, IRAs, deferred income and retirement plans. Exception: Do not include accounts receivable,inventory, fixtures and equipment owned or used by a business listed in Items 6 & 7 or household goods, personal automobiles andother tanoible personal property unless such property was held primarily for sale or exchange.

    Nationwide 401 K plan through Denefit Plans.INC 16924 FrancesSt. Suite 100, Omaha, NE 68130


  • 8/14/2019 XGR McGill SFI


    ~..ITEM 10 I CREDITORS TO WHOM $1,000 OR MORE WAS OWEDOR GUARANTEED BY YOU OR A MEMBER OFYOUR IMMEDIATE FAMILY.Exception: Loans from a relative and land contracts which have been recorded with the County Clerk or Register of Deeds need not breported. Accounts payable, debts arising out of retail installment transactions or loans made by a financial inst itution in the ordinarycourse of business need not be reported.

    Name Address

    ITEM 11 I SOURCES OF GIFTS OF A VALUE OF MORE THAN $100 RECEIVED EXCEPT GIFTS FROM RELATIVES.(See definitions)Name and address of Donor Occupation or nature of business of Value of Gift Description of Gift andDonor (See Key Below) Circumstances or Occasion fGift

    Choose Value:Choose Value:Choose Value:Choose Value:Choose Value:Choose Value:Choose Value:Choose Value:

    The monetary value of each gift shall be categorized based on the good faith estimate of the filer. For each reported gift insert in theValue column the letter which corresponds to the value category of the gift. The value categories are:A) $100.01 to $200; B) $200.01 to $500; C) $500.01 to $1,000; D) $1 ,000.Q1 or more.ITEM 12 I SIGNATURE OF FILER AND DATE.I hereby state that I have used all reasonable diligence in the preparation of this Statement and that to the best of my knowledge it is truand complete.

    ~.lflAWJ /i'/lJA e ft , ~ ( J 2!Jf\(S igna u re o f F ile r) v v (D a tE iJ .. ,.