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  • 8/14/2019 XGR Nelson SFI


    .- ' () (-)\. , NEBRASKA ; POSTMARK !f:fL )ATEACCOUNTABILITY AND 7~50002ISCLOSURE COMMISSION STATEMENT MICROFILMNUMBER11th Floor, State Capitol OF RE~~~pP.o. Box 95086 !UI1Ir1~.~,~ ~ ", C'V ~~. .. ~Lincoln, NE 68509 FINANCIAL ~ t i"" .-I )0 .~"-!_ '\ '\~ iii 1j t(402) 471-2522 INTERESTS 2 0 D 9 M A R 2 5 P M 4 : 0 2BEFORE COMPLETING f ~ E . A C C O U H T A B 1 L l T Y &READ FILING REQUIREMENTS D iS C L O S U R E C C W I r ' l !S S loNADC FORM C-1 4f--(t Candidates for designated offices and holders of designated offices and positions must file this statement. See Sections 1A and1B of the instructions. Candidates (including incumbents) subject to this filing requirement must file with the Commission and with the appropriateelection official (See Instructions). Designated officeholders andholders of designated positionsmust file this statementwith theCommission annually. Dollar values need not be reportfor any item, except Item11. Persons who fails to file as requiredis sublect to a civil penaltvof UP to $2,000.ITEM 1 IYOUR NAME, ADDRESS AND PHONE NUMBERName

    NELSON JOHN EDHARD Telephone No. ( 402 ) 553-4292LAST FIRST MIDDLE


    ITEM 2 I OCCASION FOR FILING (Check Appropriate Box)o A candidate for elective office o Left office or positionIX ] Annual officeholder's or state employee's report o Newly appointed to office or position

    ITEM 3 I OFFICE HELD & TERM OF OFFICE (Incumbent elected/appointed officials and state employees. SeeIB of instructions)List the office or position you currently holdwhich requires this filing. If you haveleft office, list the office you held.Office or Position: Nebraska Legislature - - Senator Term: 1/05/2007-12/31/2010

    BEGINS ENDSName of City, County, District, or State Agency:ITEM 4 I OFFICE SOUGHT (Candidates only. See 1A of instructions)List the office sought which requires this fil ing.Office: ;

    Name of City, County, District, or State Office:

    ITEM 5 I PERIOD COVERED BY THIS STATEMENTThis statement must cover all financial interestsfor the entire "preceding calendar year" and not just as of year-end. If you haveleft office, this statement must cover all financial interests from the end of the calendar year for which you previouslyfiled up to andincluding the date you left office.~ This statement covers the preceding calendar year January1 through December 31, 2008D Left office, this statement covers the period January 1, to


    I RevisedAugust2007

  • 8/14/2019 XGR Nelson SFI


    {"-"'\ ," ~ J )ITEM 6 ISOURCES OF INCOME OF OVER $1,000Incomeinc ludesmon eyo r any o ther fo rm of recomo ensecons t i tu t inaincomeunder the In te rna lRevenueCo de. (Seedef in i t ions)Name and add resso f any sou rce' ( in c lud ingan ind iv idua l ,bus iness , L i st t he na tureo f t he sou rce' sbus inessand the na tureo f t hese rv icesyoubody o f government ,po l i tica lsubd ivis ionor bodyco rpora te )f rom renderedo r t he c i rcums tancesunde rwh ich incomewas rece ived .NOTE: Dwh om in come o f o v e r $ 1,000 was rece ived . l is t t he amoun to f t he inc.ome .1 .) Jo hn E . Ne lson , At to rney 1a.) L d W r r e c t, le t! \.) U I t! fJ I a\.- l, I I.. I V II t:: I I

    2120 Sou th 72nd S t. Su ite 640 Lega l se rvlces/advlce to cl ientsOmaha , NE 681242.) Soc ia l Security Admin is t ra t ion 2 a.) ~ 1o n th 1 y re t i rement benefi tsKansas C ity, MO

    3.) Farm land owned in F i l lmore 3a.) Income from crop share gra in sa les ;C oun ty , NE (see I TU1 8) some cash ren t from tenant4 .) U . S . Depa rtm ent o f Agricu ltu re 4a.) Ag ricu ltu ra l subs idy paym en tsF illm o re County FSA110 So uth 12 th , Geneva, NE 68361'N O TE : IF IN COME RESU LT ED F ROM EM P LO YMEN TB Y , O P ERA TIO NO F OR P AR TIC IP A TIO N IN A P RO PR IE TOR SH IP ,P A RT NCORPORAT IONOR OTHER PERSON, LIS T T HE SAMEAS THE SOURCEOF INCOME ,BUTNOT THE PATRONS ,CUSTOMERS ,P A T IENCL IENTSTHEREOF .ITEM 7 I BUS INESSES W ITH W HICH YOU ARE ASSOC IATED (See defin itio ns)Name and add ress o f a l l bus inesses,o rgan iza t ions ,o r assoc ia t ions(p ro f it and non -p ro f it )w i th wh ichyou he ld a pos i ti ono f o f f ice r ,d irec to r , lim i tecompanym embe r ,pa r tne r ,o r s t o ckho lde randany en t it y in wh ichyou he lda pos i ti ono f t rus tee . Such repo r t ing is requ iredbasedon the pos i ti onho n whe the r in c omewas r ece iv e d. You neednot repor tbus inessassoc ia t ionswhichare o therwisel is tedunder I tem6 .Name and Add resso f Bus inesso r Organ iza ti on Na tu reo f Assoc ia ti on1.) Verna Ed ing ton Testamentary Irust 1a .) r ru s te e To r t < . t . o t n q to n , I : : lenet lc lary

    6269 Glenwood RoadOmaha , NE 68132 -2.) Sylvia Beams Testam entary Trus t 2a.) T rus tee fo r Benefic ia rie s M artba H .

    2120 Sou th 72nd St., Su ite 640 HlIlt.(]fp.n AnOfp.w E . Ne l ,nn and J Omaha . NE 68124 B fflo p .n Ne lson3.) He len A . P earso n Cha ritab le T rus t 3a .) Trustee

    2120 Sou th 72nd S t. , Su ite 640Omaha , NE 681244.) Ba i rd , Robe r t H. & Company 4a.) D oug las Condon, F inanc ia l Adv iso r13609 Cal i fo rm a S t. , SU lte 400 t r a o inc ACCOUn t ;OMAHA , N E 681545.) Edward Jones 5a. ) Andy A rkfe ld , F inancia l Adv iso r5028 Unde rw o od Avenue Irad lng AccountOm aha, NE 681326 .) t4acho v i a Securit ies 6a.) P e ter Bo 1 ay , F inanc ia l Adv iso r13330 California S t. , Su ite 100 T rad lng A ccountOmaha , NE681547.) Mutua l Fund S to re (Char les S c h wa b ) 7a ). Br ian Les lie , F inanc ia l Adviso r4122 Sou th 144th St ree t T rad lng A ccountOmaha , N E 68137.8 ) U B S Flnanc la l Serv lcesOne Valm on t P laza Su ite 300Omaha, NE 68154 Jo hn D . Fo x , F inanc ia l Adv is o rT rad ing A cco unt

  • 8/14/2019 XGR Nelson SFI


    ~TEM: \ 1 REALPROPERTYO~klLER INNEBRASKA(Realprope~ d~e - - at less than $1,000 and yourpersonal residence need not be reported.)List a ll real prop erty in your n am e or in w hic h y ou h av e a d irec t owner sh ip in te r es t. T he d esc r ip t ion req u it ed mu st be su f fi c ien t t o identh e location o f th e p ro pe rty . Exceptions.You need not re port re al esta te o wn ed by a busin ess listed in Item 6 or 7, your persore sid en ce o f re al p ro pe rty v alu ed a t le ss th an $1,000. Personal r es id e nce r ef ers t o you r p r in c ip a ldwellinq-house an d a dja ce nt la nd ufo r h o u se -h old p ur po se s, su ch as la wns a nd g ard en s. '.Location of Property N atur e o f P r op e rt y(D es crip tion o r Add re ss ( su c h a s: agricultural,comme rcia l, in dustrial,resi den tial- ren tal)1 . Part of the NEt of Section 1( a ) A gricu ltural land solely owned11 , T w p 6 R .2, F illm ore Co . . . ',2 South 1 of NWtand sw t of . 2 (a) Agricultu ral land owned joint ly withIN E { - , Se c ti on .14 ,Twp 14 , R . SPO~Sf l1 Judith H . N fllson2 in F illmore Coo-n ty t NE . . - ,. . ' .. . , . ".. : r

    ' . ' ~. '. -3. Windsor Square Con dam in ium 3 (a) Secondary residence owned jo i n tl yA s s cc , U nit 102W , 1300 G . I . .. - . with s pou s e , Jud ith H . N elsonS t. , L inco ln , NE 68508 - .ITEM91 OTHERFI~ANCIAL INTERESTS AND PROPERTY HELD DURING THE PERIOD OF THIS STATEMENTWHICH EX'CEEDED A FAIR MARKET VALUE OF $1,000 AT ANY TIME DURING THE REPORTING PERIOD(a ) L ist th e n am es a nd a ddresses o f th e in stit u ti ons in which y o u had checkin g a n d s av in g s ac co un ts a nd c ertif ica t es of deposi t.

    Financial In sti tu tion AddressBank of the W est 8707 W . Gen t e r Rd. , Omaha, NE 681241st Nat ional B ank of Omaha 1620 Dodge Street, Omaha, NE68102G en eva S tate B ank P 0 Bo x 3"1 3, G en e va, N E 68361Ti erOne Bank 90th & Arbor, Omaha, NE 68124York S tate B ank 12t'h & ' G Street, G eneva, N E 68361


    (b ) L ist th e n am es o f t he issu ers o f a ll sto ck s, b on ds, a nd gover nmen t s ecu ri ti es , no t o t he rw i se l is te d under I tems 6 or 7,Deere & Company, Moline , Illinois Share s of common stockAdvanced B i oEne'rg y, L L - G Owne r of M embership Units10201 . H ayzata Blvd., Suite 250M i nn e ap o l is , MN 55305

    (c ) D e sc rib e o th er p roperty owned o r held fo r t he produc tion of in com e no t o therw is e d isclo se d in Item s 6, 7, 8 or9(a)(b ). Includele ase ho ld s a nd o th er interests in rea l e sta te , p romisso ry n ote s a nd o th er o blig atio ns ow ed to y ou, b e ne fi ci al i n te re st s i n t ru s ts an~states, cash va lu e l if e i n sura nc e, IH As, d e fe rr ed i ncom e and retiremen t p la n s. E x ce pt io n : D o not in c lu de a cc o un ts r ec eivable,Inventory , .fi x tures a nd eq uipm en t o wn ed o r used by a busi ne ss li st ed in Ite m s 6 & 7 o r h o us eh o ld g o od s, p er so n al a ut omob il es aother tanoible p ers on al p ro pe rty u nle ss s uc h p ro perty w as h eld p rim arily fo r s ale o r e xc ha nq e.1 SEP-IR A Acct. , Sm ith-Hayes, F inan cia l Services Corp . Suite 100 ,10250 Regency Cour t , Omaha , N E 681142 . IR A Ret i rement A c ct. , Morgan Stanle y, 1125 So. 103, 11300, Omaha, N E 68113 . IRA, W achovia Securit ies, 13330 Califo rn ia S t. , #100, Omaha, NE 681544 . Mas sM utual Insurance Co 1 , Sprin gfield , MA 011115 . United Life Insurance Co. , 118 Second Ave SE , Cedar R apid s, Iow a 524076 . N avy M utu a l A id A ss oc ia t ion, 29 Carpenter Road , Ar l ington, VA 222127 . Ameri tas Life Insurance Co. , P.O. Box 82889 , Lincoln, NE 68501

  • 8/14/2019 XGR Nelson SFI


    () C )ITEM 10 I CREDITORS TO WHOM $1,000 OR MORE WAS OWED OR GUARANTEED BY YOU OR A MEMBER OFYOUR IMMEDIATE FAMILY.Exception: Loans from a relative and land contracts which have been recorded with the County Clerk or Register of Deeds need noreported. Accou