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  • Facing the daily global shifts that come along with the age of information, Millennials constantly seek filters by which to process the information and conflicting ideas they face on a recurring basis. As they process fundamental questions like who am I? And what am I supposed to do with my life? Who are the trusted mentors, guides, and friends who are there to help? According to generational research, oftentimes, the source of their answers to such important questions are more likely to come from the internet and their peers, than any mentoring system we have established for them. Because of this, the faith of todays generation is a mosaic, pulled together from their favorite song lyrics, conversations with their friends, and things theyve read on the internet. The truths that they find from these resources are the foundation on which they then begin to navigate the most important questions in life; how they interact with others, treat their parents, choose what vocation to go into, what activities to participate in, and what college to attend. Our goal in starting Worldview Weekends is to provide Biblical answers relevant to the questions this generation is asking. By showing students the true sources of truth and wisdom, our Worldview Weekends put the answering power back into the hands of parents and youth leaders, empowering them to take their place as the trusted mentors and guidesto this generation that they already are.

  • Proposed Schedule

    Day 1

    7:00-7:30pm Meet and greet with Introductory Session7:30-8:30pm Session 1 Passion (Speaking & Experience Room)8:30-9:00pm Time in Small Groups9:00-9:15pm Break9:15-10:15pm Session 2 Journey (Speaking & Experience Room)10:15-11:00pm Small Group Time11:00-11:15pm Instructions/Dismissal

    Day 2

    9:30-10:45am Session 3 Purpose (Speaking & Experience Room)10:45-11:30am Journaling/Small Group Time11:30-12:30pm Lunch12:30-1:00pm Break1:00-4:00pm Service Opportunity4:00-6:00pm Come back/Dinner6:00-7:00pm Session 4 Reflect (Leader Panel & Q&A for Students)7:00-7:45pm Final Small group time7:45-8:30pm Wrap up/Worship/Experience Room

  • Sessions

    Session 1 PassionWe are a world full of passion! The most powerful people in our world ascended to their places of power because they followed their passion. Because of this, we are taught from a young age that there should be no greater aspiration for our lives than to follow our passions. Is this true? Why do we even have passion? How do our passions make us who we are, and what is Gods design for your passion? The Passion session is designed to be an entry conversation into a weekend long conversation about Gods will, and how he has designed us to follow him with the gifts he has given us.

    Session 2 JourneyOur Journey in life represents our liminal space, the times we all go through in our lives when we are blind to where we are headed, who God is, and what he wants to do in us. The Bible is full of stories about people who faced the difficulties of the journey and their stories show us that God makes himself known to us in the midst of the journey, and receives glory through our humility and submission to His direction!

  • Sessions Contd

    Session 3 PurposeThe ultimate question for every young person in our world today is What am I going to do with my life? Through our Purpose session, our goal is to show that what God has designed for us to do, our Vocation, is found somewhere in between our God-given passions, and the Fathers global gospel plan to reconcile all people back to Himself. Not only will students think practically about Gods will, but they will be given opportunity to ponder what His specific will for them might look like.

    Session 4 ReflectAs a part of our goal to set up parents and leaders as mentors and guides, we will take time in the final session to establish a panel of Medici project leaders along with leaders already established within the community of students we are speaking with. These leaders will briefly share their own journeys and be on stage to answer student questions during Q&A time.

  • How to host a weekend

    We would love to help you host a worldview weekend in your local church, school, or community. All material is provided, including session content and manuals, small group curriculum for the weekend, and the Medici team coming to spend the weekend with you and teaching the sessions. For more information about hosting a Worldview Weekend in your community, contact us!

  • Cost

    *These numbers do not include travel and food costs for Medici team members so please contact us for a final quote & contract

    Basic Package Experience Package Experience + Worship Package

    Includes Up to 50 participants.

    Teaching & Leading of sessions by MediciTeam

    4 hours of pre-event consulting time/planning

    Small group curriculum taught by eatblishedcurrent youth volunteers

    Early arrival and set up coordination ofexperience room by Medici Staff

    Experience room designed for students to have hands on interaction and idea generation dealing with topics discussed in sessions

    Provision of worship band to lead no more than 3 sessions of worship over the weekend.

    Baseline Price $2750 $3250 $8250

    *Additional students above 50 are $35 per student*Sessions were written and designed to be paired with the Experience room*Experience Room may require the use of materials already owned by the venue (i.e. tables, chairs, etc.)*Musicians will require the use of the sound system already installed in the venue.

  • A gospel-centered framework guides these worldview-focused conversations. Starting on day one, we will work to establish a solid worldview that connects God to culture and calling. Students will have the opportunity to explore questions focused on:

    Story Truth Passion Humanity God Culture Gospel Calling Service

    What We Teach

  • The Experience Room

    Generational research shows that students belonging to the Millennial generation have a significantly shifted from previous generations in the area of learning styles. Students today are no longer auditory learners, instead their ability to learn new ideas depends entirely on that information being presented as both visual and participatory. If students are no longer auditory learners, than this should require us to take time to consider how much time we spend on different methods of instruction. Because our heart is for students to learn the most they can, we have shifted the bulk of our teaching efforts toward creating an experience rather than just a session. Because of this, we have taken the normal hour we would devote to on-stage instruction and divided it evenly between visually-rich teaching and an experiential component.

    When we teach students that they have been given passions from God, we want to provide opportunities for those students to express those passions in creative ways. When we tell students that we all must face a journey, we want to provide a way for them to interactively hear the stories of those who have taken the journey ahead of them. When we tell them that God has a purpose for them, we want to help them create ways to keep themselves on track. The experience room is designed for students to understand all of the information that we are trying to teach them rather than just the part that is the most creative or the funniest.

    In the experience room students will make videos, draw, write, craft, explore, read, listen, interact with technology, and share their stories. Because of how much we believe this will revolutionize the teaching process, we will always recommend the experience room as a necessary addition to the Worldview Weekends program.

  • Bringing Worldview Weekends to Your Community

    It is important to Medici Project that we provide a way to make the programs and opportunities that we design available to any and all communities no matter their background or financial ability. Consequently, we are always looking for ways to make what we offer available to a larger audience. It is for this reason that we are pushing for Worldview Weekends to be experienced in a community-wide setting.

    Whats it in for your Community? 1) Financial Churches and Schools that pair together can take the overall price of hosting a Worldview Weekend and spread it out among all participants. 2) Diversity When students go through the experience of Worldview Weekends with students from different backgrounds, every one gains an increased perspective on the issues we discuss. 3) Community Building The process of partnership between members of the community will play a significant role in bringing your community together to the benefit of all. 4) Student on Student interactions An increased number of students for a Worldview Weekend means that students will have even more opportunities to interact with one another. 5) Larger Capacity for Service If there are a larger number of students attending a Worldview Weekend, the number of service projects possible and the overall impact in your community will be increased.

    What Medici Can OfferIf you commit to opening up Worldview Weekends to your community, we want to help you make it work! Medici Project will provide the following resources for all community events: - Marketing materials to help sell Worldview Weekends to your community - Google Hangout video conference between interested community church and school leaders and Medici team - Worldview Weekends promotional video provided for your use