Winter 2011 Guiding Other Hospitals to Greatness ... 2 WINTER 2011 SJH Family & FriendsIf you...

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  • Winter 2011

    Training Tomorrow’s Doctors

    Guiding Other Hospitals to Greatness

    Close-to-Home Care New Services in Mullica Hill

  • SJH Family & Friends2 WINTER 2011

    If you have suggestions or comments regarding South Jersey Healthcare, please contact Lynette Newkirk, director of Guest Services, at (856) 641-7773 or

    Forecasters predict that health care reform may provide health insurance to more than 31 million of the 50 million individuals who currently do not have health insurance.

    You may ask, “Who will take care of these newfound insured patients who have pent up demand for care which they have repressed due to their lack of health insurance?” Well, not surprisingly, we need to educate more physicians and mid-level providers of care.

    Estimates by the Association of American Medical Colleges state that by the year 2025, the United States will face a shortage of between 124,000 and 159,000 physicians.

    Fortunately, South Jersey Healthcare is doing its part to not only meet the need of the existing shortage of physicians in our community, but hopefully contribute numbers of trained physicians to lessen the shortage for future years.

    Starting the past September and growing through the year 2014, we will eventually have 62 medical students on rotation from the School of Osteopathic Medicine in Stratford, which is part of the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. en starting in July 2011 and growing through 2014, we may very well have 62 medical residents who are in their postgraduate education in specialties such as family medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, and eventually, orthopedics — to name a few of the specialty types of residencies that will be supported at South Jersey Healthcare Regional Medical Center and South Jersey Healthcare Elmer Hospital.

    is issue of Family & Friends is dedicated to all those future students, many of whom hail from the southern counties of New Jersey, who will learn the art of patient care from many of our experienced Medical Sta , who will serve as faculty. ey will also nd as they do their rotations through our wonderful hospital campuses and communities that they will be embraced by the community at large and the medical community and encouraged

    to move here so they can practice their special art of medicine.


    Chet Kaletkowski President & CEO

    South Jersey Healthcare

    Medical Education

  • SJH Family & Friends

    e NICU, scheduled to open in the summer of 2011, will be located in the labor and delivery section of the Women’s and Children’s Care Center and builds on the many years of advanced care South Jersey Healthcare has provided. Once the unit is complete, it will serve as a transfer destination for preterm infants from other facilities, includ- ing those born at South Jersey Healthcare Elmer Hospital. Currently, physicians and nurses at the Regional Medical Center can care for infants born as early as 32 weeks in the nine-bed special care nursery; the six-bed NICU will be able to house babies born as early as 28 weeks.

    “Many babies born between 28 and 32 weeks require assistance with breathing and eating and must receive precisely measured micro- doses of medication,” said Marjorie Pollock, M.S.N., women’s health nurse practitioner, administrative director of Women’s and Children’s Services at Regional Medical Center. “ e type of special care these preterm infants

    need must be provided in a higher level nursery, such as a NICU.”

    A Soothing Environment for All e NICU’s design will include soundproof

    walls and ceilings and indirect lighting to mimic the stress-free environment of the womb. A special room will allow parents to stay overnight with their child and learn how to manage his or her medica- tions and cardiopulmonary monitor at home.

    “It’s always safer for a preterm infant — not to mention less stressful for parents — when a baby can remain at the facility of his or her birth for life- saving care,” Pollock said. “ e NICU will provide a great service to the counties we serve.”


    For the residents of Mullica Hill and Harrison Township, quality health care is on the way with the arrival of South Jersey Healthcare Tomlin Station Park. The new facility will be located at the corner of Route 322 and Tomlin Station Road and will be home to primary care physicians from Physicians of Southern New Jersey and orthopedic specialists from the SJH Medical Staff. Additional services include: • The walk-in Urgent Care Center will be equipped to treat patients with a variety of minor

    injuries and illnesses, including allergies, colds, nausea, sprains and stomach pain; • SJH RehabCare will offer comprehensive Physical and Occupational Therapy services

    specializing in a variety of programs created to service a wide range of diagnoses; • Imaging services, which are provided by a team of radiologists with specialty training

    in areas including women’s imaging, body imaging, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computed tomography (CT), include CT scanning, digital mammography, dual energy X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) scanning, general X-ray, MRI and ultrasound.


    Providing the Next Level of Care for Preterm Babies South Jersey Healthcare Regional Medical Center is taking the next step toward caring for high-risk infants by breaking ground on a Level IIIA community intensive care nursery, or neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).

    WINTER 2011 3

    Finding the care you need is even easier in Mullica Hill. See You at the Station

    South Jersey Healthcare ceremonially broke ground on its neonatal intensive care unit in November 2010.

  • 4 SUMMER 2010 SJH Family & FriendsSJH Family & Friends4 WINTER 2011

    In a¥ liation with the University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey School of Osteopathic Medicine, SJH has developed a four-year residency program for graduating OB/GYN and family medicine physicians. ese residents are scheduled to begin work- ing at SJH in July 2011.

    “It’s an honor to be considered and se- lected as a teaching hospital,” said Michael Geria, D.O., OB/GYN, director of Medical Education and the OB/GYN Residency Program at SJH. “ is brings a certain level of prestige to the medical center and system. We’re continuously striving to increase the scope of services o ered at SJH, and this is one way to raise the quality of care for our community and the hospital.”

    Continuing Education, Improving Care e residency programs at SJH are de-

    signed to further enhance the education and practice of these resident physicians while improving the care a patient receives at the bedside. An attending physician supervises residents, who are physicians, at all times

    and assists in decision-making to provide a second pair of eyes and another opinion on the spot.

    “Patients bene t from being seen by a resident because they receive the latest in academic medical knowledge integrated with the practical, seasoned medical in§ uence of an attending physician,” said Robert Smick, D.O., Family Medicine Residency Program director at SJH. “ e combination of expe- rienced practice mixed with smart, young talents is a powerful advantage for everyone involved — physicians, sta , patients and the community.”

    Dr. Geria adds that because it’s the respon- sibility of veteran physicians to teach the next generation of physicians, the SJH Medical Sta must remain on the cutting edge of all the latest technologies and procedures.

    “ ese young physicians come out of medical school eager to learn and take care of patients,” Dr. Geria said. “Our job as experi- enced physicians is to make sure we’re just as up-to-date and knowledgeable about the new practices and equipment these graduating

    physicians learned about in medical school. erefore, the entire level and quality of care at SJH must constantly meet or exceed the highest level of health standards.”


    Planning for the Future

    In addition to an already established Podiatry Residency Program and the new OB/GYN and Family Medicine Residency programs, South Jersey Healthcare is in the process of developing Orthopedic Surgery and Internal Medicine Residency programs, as well as a Rotating Internship Program.

    Your Resident Physician South Jersey Healthcare is dedicated to ensuring young medical minds receive the best education and practice so when lives are in their hands, they will know how to respond.

  • SJH Family & FriendsSJH Family & Friends

    Committed to Furthering Education Whether they’re presenting discussions about top treatment strategies or writing textbooks to improve inpatient care, physicians and employees with South Jersey Healthcare are furthering medical e