Windows Azure: Connecting the Dots for a Mobile Workforce

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Transcript of Windows Azure: Connecting the Dots for a Mobile Workforce

  1. 1. T7 Session 4/16/20152:00PM "Windows Azure: Connecting the Dots for a Mobile Workforce" Presented by: Mike Benkovich Imagine Technologies, Inc. Broughttoyouby: 340CorporateWay,Suite300,OrangePark,FL32073 [email protected]
  2. 2. Mike Benkovich Imagine Technologies, Inc. Mike Benkovich brings it allenergy, laughter, and a contagious passion for codingwith him. In a career that has taken him from minion to business owner, from database administrator to developer, from author to evangelist, Mike has seen it all. In more than twenty-five years of working in the technology industry, he has been part of the latest waves to sweep the industry. Whether delivering MSDN events live or webcast presentations, on the developer resource site BenkoTips or his blog, Mike brings enthusiasm for tools and an energy for the search to find a better way. Follow Mike on Twitter @mbenko.
  3. 3. 4/7/15 1 MikeBenkovich [email protected] @mbenko
  4. 4. 4/7/15 2 grail End user experience Great apps delivered to the users choice of device Development agility to move at mobile speed Developer Experience + + -
  5. 5. 4/7/15 3 Web -HTML5,css&js iOS -NativeObjectiveC Android -Java Windows&WP -C#orJavaScript&HTML Xamarin -C#+XAMLornative PhoneGap -Javascript
  6. 6. 4/7/15 4
  7. 7. 4/7/15 5 Code to instan+ate Mobile Services In Applica+on object add code to create an instance of your Mobile Service Call methods to operate on the servicei.e. publicstaticMobileServiceClientMobileService=newMobileServiceClient( "", "OxxAAAAbbbCCCCCddEEEfffGGGh12345" ); privatevoidButtonSave_Click(objectsender,RoutedEventArgse) { vartodoItem=newTodoItem{Text=TodoInput.Text}; InsertTodoItem(todoItem); }
  8. 8. 4/7/15 6
  9. 9. 4/7/15 7 WebNative Fullaccesstoclientfeaturesandpower Highexibilityandcustomizationperdevice Device-dependent Device-independent Easiermanagement Constraineddeviceintegrationandperformance Web Native
  10. 10. 4/7/15 8 Iden+ty Use exis+ng iden+ty providers like Oauth MicrosoD, TwiHer, Facebook, Google, etc. Authorize to work with data Table op+ons Everyone With applica+on key Authen+cated users Admins
  11. 11. 4/7/15 9 Add code to trigger authen+ca+on privateMobileServiceUseruser; privateasyncSystem.Threading.Tasks.TaskAuthenticate() { while(user==null) { stringmessage; try { user=awaitApp.MobileService .LoginAsync(MobileServiceAuthenticationProvider.Facebook); message= string.Format("Youarenowloggedin-{0}",user.UserId); } catch(InvalidOperationException) { message="Youmustlogin.LoginRequired"; } MessageBox.Show(message); } } Working with Iden+ty
  12. 12. 4/7/15 10 Server logic Scheduled jobs No+ca+on services Diagnos+cs, logging and scale Diagnos+cs, Logging and Scale Diagnos+cs API calls CPU Time Data Out Logging console.error() console.log() Scale - Compute Scale out instance count Scale up VM size Scale - Storage Scale out mobile service tenant to dedicated SQL DB Scale up SQL DB
  13. 13. 4/7/15 11 Pricing reserved mode service level agreements Preview No availability SLA* General Availability 99.9% Shared Instance Small instance is the only size available Free - 10 applications with unlimited inbound data. Capped max of 165MB outbound data/day Pay - SQL Database Private VM - Small instance is the only size available Free - unlimited inbound data. 165MB outbound data/ day, excess charged. Pay - SQL Database, Compute same reduced rate as Web Sites i.e 33% discount, excess outbound transfers starting at $0.12/GB Up to 100 applications shared mode Summary Learn and understand the paHerns for connected applica+ons Use available tools and technologies to make it simpler Try Azure Mobile Services today for FREE! hHp:// More info on my site hHp://
  14. 14. 4/7/15 12 Visit my site http:// Resources from todays talk Webcasts Downloads More! Get a FREE Cloud Readiness Evaluation email [email protected] for more info