Wikis, Blogs, and Web Publishing

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Transcript of Wikis, Blogs, and Web Publishing

Wikis, Blogs and Web Publishing

Wikis, Blogs and Web Publishing

Kristen ManderachiMarch 26, 2015

Most Useful ToolI believe that the most useful tool is the wiki. I feel that my students can use this in a number of ways and that the students can interact with each other and with me in a creative way using this tool.The wiki allows the students and me to discuss many topics all on the same webpage, instead of using a variety of webpages.

Additional Useful Tool Survey Monkey was an additional useful tool.

It allowed me to get valuable feedback from my students about the ways they use iPads in the classroom and how they prefer to utilize the iPads.

I can use their feedback to improve my instruction.

SuccessesI found resources where my students and I can interact using technology. This can help me to create a classroom that is approaching a paperless environment.I created a practical blog and wiki that my English students can use to share ideas and express their thoughts about the novels we read.By utilizing the wiki and blog, my students can take advantage of the school-provided iPads.

ChallengesBecause I had never used an RSS feeder before, it took me a little while to figure out how to create an account, but I used the videos provided in the Moodle to help me understand how to create and use this resource.

Moodle and Online Learning-Taking classes online has definitely helped me gain practical educational knowledge that can help me improve my instruction!

-I have a full-time teaching job and I coach several after-school sports, so these online courses fit well into my busy schedule so that I can complete the coursework on my own time.

-The Moodle learning environment is user-friendly and set-up well so that navigation is easy to understand!

Collection of My WorkWiki: Monkey:

Final ThoughtsThank you for a great course that made me much more aware of valuable resources that are available to my students and me online! This course can help me incorporate engaging technology into my classroom!