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Camera technology is getting better and better, photography interest is experiencing massive growth, why are most of the images just ho-hum? How do you take your photography to the next level?

Transcript of Why Photographers Fail

  • #1 Reason Why Photographers Failto Create Remarkable ImagesBy Scott Robert Lim

    Camera technology is get-

    ting better and better, while

    DSLR prices are dropping

    lower and lower, photogra-

    phy interest is growing at

    incredible rates BUT WHY




    How do photographers take it to

    the next level and produce images

    with impact that inspire and capture

    our imagination?

    A presentation by Scott Robert Lim

    Scott Robert

    will be giving a

    free lecture on

    10 Reasons

    why Photogra-

    phers Fail

    May 24, Thurs

    LA SmugMug

    Users Group

    Global Cafe

    11002 Ventura

    Blvd. at


    Studio City, CA

    All Welcome!


    ay 2




  • The #1 reason why photographers fail to produce remarkable images....

    a presentation by Scott Robert Lim

  • Let's start this discussion with a question....

    If you owned a $1,000 guitar, would you be a better guitar player if you bought a $2,000 guitar?

  • Which is a better when learning the guitar?

    $1,000 guitar + $1,000 in guitar lessons


    Buying a $2,000 guitar

  • The tragic error when striving to be a great photographer is investing more into equipment than into quality education.

  • The more you know the less you need

    What creates great Images?

    Type of Camera

    Knowledge of light, composition, portraiture, creating vision


    The type of camera is insignificant when creating a remarkable image which is primarily due to the skill and vision of the photographer.

  • This photo was taken with modified available light from a window and a flashlight. No special equipment required, just the ability to create beautiful light and pose a subject.

  • flashlight

    This international award winning photo was taken with a simple $90 lens and a flashlight. No special equipment needed, just a knowledge of light and vision.

  • The #1 Reason why most photographers produce Ho-Hum imagery....

    It is far better to invest in learning how to take better pictures than to invest in buying better equipment. ANY digital DSLR purchased today, is probably far superior in image quality than any DSLR camera 5 years ago. Some photographers may feel they need to buy something that they can "grow into". However technology moves so fast, the camera you buy today will be outdated in a couple years. Most photographers don't know how to take advantage of all the wonderful features on an entry level DSLR!

    I teach photographers all around the world and the ones who do well, are the ones who learn the most and practice the most. Almost all great images NEVER HAVE TO DO WITH THE EQUIPMENT THEY BUY!

  • Don't fall in love with your camera, its just a tool to complete your artistic expression and vision. Fall in love with learning how to take great pictures and practice, practice, practice. If you are interested in how to master the art of photography. I have created a 7 Step Method on how to do this. It is much like learning martial arts. The most efficient way to achieve a high level of success in anything is to be coached/mentored by someone who is extremely successful. Sadly many photographers never make the sacrifices to learn about light, portraiture, composition, etc. from a seasoned professional. If you don't think this is true, browse the photography websites online, very few showcase unique images with impact. There is so much information not found in books or online that a mentor can pass down- many secrets to success. I am a huge believer in this method because I see the results and the rapid growth of photographers being coached.

    Take the Ho-Hum out of your photos!

  • Conclusions1) Feed your soul & mind good information and expect exponential growth with practice 2) Get the equipment that completes your vision, nothing more or nothing less. If you lack vision, see 1)

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    About Scott Robert....My official website www.scottrobertphotography.comMy blog www.scottrobertjournal.comMy story www.scottrobertstory.com