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Transcript of Welcome to the Olathe South magazine Olathe, Kansas Francestown, New Hampshire Peshawar, Pakistan

  • Welcome to the Olathe South magazineOlathe, KansasFrancestown, New Hampshire

    Peshawar, Pakistan

  • Table of ContentsEditorialCurrent EventsArtsSportsLifestyleCommunity Service

  • EditorialDear Readers,In the United States life is anything but boring! As American teens our lives revolve around school, family, friends, and work. Amongst all of this, fashion, food, hanging out, and fun are key elements in our daily lives. In our magazine major components of American culture will be highlighted, including details on our lifestyles, popular sports, arts, community service projects, and upcoming events. We are enjoying working with other classes. We are learning so much about other cultures and enjoy looking at the similarities and differences between Americans and other teens from different countries. Enjoy the magazine and we hope that you are learning about different cultures as much as we are! Later lovelies!
  • Current Events

  • SPRING BREAK AT O.S.!After Christmas break students start counting down the days till spring break. One student went to California to visit family, also she crossed the border and went to Mexico to visit museums. She also went to a crazy beach which looked like a circus was going on. Another student went to Chicago to check out and tour some colleges. She also went there for fun and to enjoy the city life. Our teacher and her family went down south Georgia. She ate some boiled peanuts which is what the south is famous for. She also saw some antebellum houses which are really pretty and popular in the south. Spring break is a great and well deserved break.

  • PromAn upcoming event at our school is the prom. Which is a very special dance. It is open to seniors and juniors. Seniors get one free ticket, and juniors pay $30 per ticket. This is a very elaborate dance; students rent limos, and spend a lot of money on dresses and tuxedos. Before the dance many students go out to eat at a variety of restaurants. After there is an after prom party at the school, which includes games and food for the students late into the night.

  • Journey to FranceFrom March 11-19, 2006 the French class went to France.They embarked on a journey to the Louvre (museum).They went to the glorious Eiffel Tower.They also saw some amazing castles like the Chanceau.Shopping was a free time activity.The cafes were great dining facilities.

    Written by Brandon

  • Arts

  • Olathe South Plays and MusicalsOlathe South High School puts on a few musicals every school year. This year at Olathe South the play included Peter Pan and the musical, Little Shop of Horrors.

    Olathe South also has a thespian group and drama club which put on smaller plays throughout the year. Some of these plays included The Foreigner, Alice in Wonderland, and Oedipus Rex.

  • Olathe South and MusicOlathe South offers several choir classes, band classes, orchestra classes, and other music related classes.Throughout the school year, several choir, band, and orchestra competitions occur. The Olathe South High School band, The Falcon Regiment, plays at football, basketball, and other sports event during the season.Olathe South students partake in their own individual musical tastes by creating local bands. Many students are members of these bands. The bands are usually students playing instruments such as the guitar, bass guitar, drums, and vocals.

  • Olathe South Visual ArtsOlathe South has numerous visual art classes such as Drawing, Painting, Ceramics, Photography, Jewelry Making, Portfolio, and Photojournalism. The Portfolio class helps students prepare an art portfolio for college applications. This class also embarks on two annual trips. The first trip is a one day outing in the beginning of October to The Plaza in Kansas City to paint the scenery or skyline. Later in the spring, this class joins other local high school Portfolio classes to visit Chicago for a day. Here, they tour the Chicago Art Museum and several other artistic hot spots.If painting or sculpting isnt your forte, Olathe Souths photography classes are some of the best. The Olathe South photojournalism class goes to all of the high school sporting events, musical events, theatre productions, and other student activities to photograph them for the schools yearbook and newspapers.

  • Plays in Kansas CityThese two productions are a few of the plays that you can watch at a local theatre in Kansas City. A few of the theatres found in Kansas City are:Lyric TheaterUptown TheatreStarlight TheatreUnicorn Theatre

  • The Music of Kansas CityKansas City is well known for its ballet, symphony, and lyric opera. There is always an opportunity to attend performances, and these musical groups also try to incorporate the community in their productions.

  • Visual Arts in the Kansas City AreaWe have a very unique blend of visual art galleries. One of Kansas Citys trademarks is its jazz. There is also a wide variety of art found in Kansas City such as:Nelson-Atkins museum of artToy and miniature museumBruce R. Watkins Cultural Heritage museum

    American Jazz MuseumKemper Museum of Contemporary Art

  • LifestylesBy Jordin, Kristen, and Cory

  • FASHIONEmpire DressesTunicsBlue Jeans (Pipe Leg)Bermuda Shorts Accessories and shirts with sequins and glitter effects.These are some of the newest fashions today in Olathe, Kansas.

  • FASHIONEspadrillesBig PursesBlazersChunky GlassesLayered Clothing

  • FASHIONFlip FlopsFitted Tees/ Screen PrintsBelt BucklesSkater ShoesStraight long brunette Hair

  • Every Day LifeWhat we do on weekdays and weekends

  • School Day A regular week would consist of 5 days Monday Friday. We have 7 hours in a school day. Monday Wednesday we start school at 8:00 a.m. and end at 3:00 and have 7 different classes for 1 hour. On Thursdays and Fridays our classes are 1 hours long and we go to our odd classes on Friday and Even classes on Thursday and we have a 1 hour study hall on Thursdays. At the end of the school day people have sports that they usually go to depending on what season it is and usually have that until 5:30.

  • WeekendsOn the weekends a lot of people work at their jobs.For entertainment we like to go to the movies, to the mall, go eat at the Plaza, and go to school dances.

  • Social groupsAt Olathe South there are many different types of lifestyles and groups that can be found. Its not good to label someone but unfortunately that happens everywhere. Outside of school for example the group Goths are seen stereotypical as going home listening to dark music and writing poetry about death or suicide. The jocks after school continue to practice their chosen sport(s) and party. The nerds go home, read, do homework, watch the news, read some more, and finally go to bed. Emos as they are called are what everyone likes to call the sad children they like to listen to people singing about a lost girlfriend or how life doesnt accept them or whatever, it is hard to tell what is going on with them. The most unfortunate would be the druggies because they spend their after school hours doing illicit activities that do nothing but lower brain cells and fries their brain. These are just a few of the social groups.Cory

  • Community ServiceBy: Isabel, Kristin, and Jessica

  • DefinitionDevotion of giving up your time to do things for othersIt can be that they have to do free labor out of the goodness of their hearts and others may have to do it whether they want to or notMakes a great impression on college applications

  • Who Performs Community Service?Boy Scouts and Girl ScoutsChurches-Mission TripsVarious School Organizations- Student Volunteers, SASH, NHSHabitat for Humanity In New Hampshire, Nancy Gagnons class have an organization at their school called Interact

  • National Honors SocietyYou have to be invited to be in NHS and it is based on your grade point averageIn order to be inducted, students have to complete at least 10 hours of service for their school and 10 hours of service out of schoolBeing a member looks good on college applications

  • SASHStudents Achieving Social Harmony Participate in and introduce activities that celebrate diversityAt the beginning of May, they will be having a Holocaust Remembrance Day by showing a movie Last Days and inviting students from our school to watch.SASH is also in charge of things like the school wide blood drive and will also be participating in an AIDS walk.

  • Student VolunteersThis is a course at our school where students leave for the last two hours of the school day to volunteer at different placesMany students volunteer at nearby elementary schools or junior highs

  • Habitat for HumanityAn organization that builds homes for those in need. The homes are built by volunteers.They address the issues of poverty housingThey have built more than 200, 000 homes and helped more than 1 million people in 3,000 communities.

  • Hurricane KatrinaSeveral churches and universities organized trips to the Gulf Coast during spring break to help rebuild homes in the community.Hurricane Katrina was a category 5 storm that hit the Gulf Coast on August 29, 2005. Whole towns were destroyed by this extremely destructive storm.

  • Where is Community Service Performed?ChurchesMohammad Munirs class performs community service at funerals and mosques during prayer in PakistanSchoolsLibrariesParksAnywhere that needs an extra hand

  • Putting it all together.

  • Thank you for reading our magazine!