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  • 1. Olathe School Social Worker Professional Learning Youth and Family Resource Center &Johnson County Caseworker Resource Center September 28, 2009 Karen Leisner Community Referral Specialist &Prevention Coordinator Regional Prevention Center

2. Overview of Juvenile Intake & Assessment Center (JIAC) What is JIAC?A collaborative effort of the Johnson County Department of Corrections, Johnson County Court Services, Kansas Childrens Service League, Regional Prevention Center and Responsive Centers.Where is it located?905 W. Spruce,Olathe, KS 66061(913) 764-4051 Brochure: http://www.jocolibrary.org/upload/library/docs/pdf/JIACbrochurefinal809.pdf 3. Youth and Family Services Center

  • Construction of the Youth and Family Services Center (YFSC) will commence in September 2009, with completion anticipated by the 1 stquarter 2011. The $17.5 million project is located across from the existing Juvenile Detention Center (JDC) at 915 Spruce Street in Olathe.
  • The primary focus of the YFSC is to convey a welcoming, inviting and non-threatening image to encourage troubled youth and families to use the services offered by the Family Resource Center (FRC) that will be located in this facility. Other functions in the facility include: Child In Need of Care (CINC), House Arrest, Administrative Services, Central Support Services (Building engineering services), Staff Training Center, 33 Minimum Security Detention Beds and Central Programs areas including Crossroads Counseling, Visitation, Recreation, and Education spaces.

4. Youth and Family Services Center

  • There are a number of different services that can be offered to youth and families. Services may include case management, substance abuse services, mental health services, family counseling, and anger management.
  • Youth in Police Custody
          • Youth can be brought to JIAC by any law enforcement officer. Youth can be brought in aseither juvenile offenders or Children in Need of Care(CINC).If a child has been brought toJIAC, a police report has been written in his/her regard.
        • Fingerprints and DNA may be taken depending on why the youth has been brought to JIAC.This is done pursuant to Kansas statutes. JIAC staff will also complete state mandated andlocally required screenings in order to offer appropriate services to youth and families.
  • Notice to Appear (NTA)
  • In some cases, law enforcement officers have discretion on whether to bringyouthdirectly to JIAC or release them to parents with an NTA. In either case, JIAC is stillmandated to screen the youth.

5. Youth and Family Services Center

  • Case Management
  • JIAC can provide up to twelve weeks of strengths-based case management free ofcharge to youth and their families. Case managers work closely with youth andfamilies to set attainable goals in areas such as family relations, employment,extracurricular activities, and education. Case managers focus on strengths ofyouth and families while also empowering them to set their own goals. Casemanagement services are voluntary but participation in case management isviewed favorably by the court and the District Attorneys Office.
  • Child in Need of Care (CINC)
  • Some youth are in Police Protective Custody (PPC) and are considered Children In Need of Care (CINC). In these cases, the child will be placed in a foster home orshelter facility until a temporary custody hearing is held. If intake staff have anyreason to believe a youth is not safe to return home, alternative placements may bepursued.

6. Youth and Family Services Center Community Referral Services The Community Referral Specialist (CRS), housed in the Regional PreventionCenter, will provide information and referral assistance to Juvenile Intake andAssessment Center.The CRS will research and organize information regardingcommunity services and programs in order to develop a database that will beeasily accessible to juvenile workers.The CRS will provide ongoing training toservice providers which will outline policies and procedures of information andreferral programs.In addition, the CRS will provide outreach to communitybased organizations and linkage with providers, schools and communityagencies and promote interagency collaboration. Caseworker Resource Center Johnson County has created a Caseworker Resource Center (CRC), which is a database that provides access to over 100,000 records from nine different information systems.Johnson County AIMS (Automated Information Mapping System) Department created and maintains the CRC. 7. Caseworker Resource Center The CRC is a web-based resource developed with the goal of increasing the likelihood of client success. The primary purpose of this tool is to equip Human Services professionals with information that increases the understanding of a client and their needs and to foster collaboration between departments serving the same individual or family. While the application has many features, Human Services professionals will largely benefit from four main features of the application that allow users to gather the following information: Client Information- Mutual clients they share with other human services departments andagenciesHousehold Information Information about clients living at the same addressReferral Services Information Referral and location information for services in Johnson,Wyandotte, and Jackson County. This includes identifying transportation and drivingdirections for clients and Human Services professionals making home visits.Collaboration Contacts Contact information for other service providers so you can beginworking together to meet the needs of your clientsWebsite Address: https://ims.jocogov.org/ccp/ Complete access to CRC will require a password that can be obtained by contacting AIMS. Information relating to service providers and mapping is public information. For more information and training, please contact Karen Leisner (913) 715-7883 or[email_address] 8. What is the Caseworker Resource Center?

  • 1. A web-based software program developed for Caseworkers
    • Purpose 1:How can we increase the amount of information caseworkers have
    • about services available to clients?
    • Purpose 2 :How can we increase the amount of information about mutual
    • clients?
  • 2. Changing the way we use referral information
  • 1. Replaces the 3 ring binder syndrome
  • 2. Refreshed with new, up-to-date information
  • 3. Allows Caseworkers to see services from a geographic perspective

9. How do I access the Services Tab

  • Type in the URL (web address):https://ims.jocogov.org/ccp/
    • Enter your username and password
    • First time users will be asked to change your password
  • Over 2,500 records from Johnson, Wyandotte, and Jackson Counties
    • Sources for directory (United Way 211, Court Approved Provider List, other agency directories and referral lists, etc.)
    • Address
    • Contact Information
    • Weblink (if available)
    • Services & Information
  • Goal: To become the comprehensive guide to area referral services
    • Become a Resource Specialist
    • Provide information directly to the system
    • It is a simple as an Excel Spreadsheet
    • Personalize the Services Search for you and your co-workers

10. Caseworker Resource Center

  • Timing out and Search Capabilities
    • --You will have 120 minutes within the CRC before the system will time you out. You may hit the refresh button on your browser and this will restart the allotted 120 minutes but will clear any searches you have made.
    • --Within the client tab, the CRC will only display the first 100 records for security reasons. Within the services tab, the CRC will only display the first 1000 records for functionality reasons.

11. Demonstration Caseworker Resource Center 12.

  • Option #1 Search by thenameof a service provider
    • Example: Olathe, %Olathe%, Catholic Charities, %Catholic%
    • The % sign functions as a open-ended search
  • Option #2 Search byservice
    • Category drop down box = Broad groups of service type OR Specific referral guides
    • Description drop down box = Specific types of service within the Category
  • Sample Searches
    • Sample #1: Category = Pregnancy Resources / Description = Adoption, Prenatal Care, Pregnancy Counseling
    • Sample #2: Category = Food / Description = Food Pantries, Formula/Baby Food, Congregate Meals/Nutrition Sites
    • Sample #3: Category = Material Goods / Description = Baby Clothing, Coats/Winter Clothing, Personal/Grooming Supplies

How do I search the Services Tab 13. How do I search the Services Tab

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