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Welcome McKnight Officials!. Agenda. McKnight Referee Philosophy Start-up Information Required Game Assignment Guidelines Availability Assignment Acceptance Turnbacks Performance-Based Scheduling McKnight Referee Web Page Goalline Scheduling Tool - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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1AgendaMcKnight Referee PhilosophyStart-up Information RequiredGame Assignment GuidelinesAvailabilityAssignment AcceptanceTurnbacksPerformance-Based SchedulingMcKnight Referee Web PageGoalline Scheduling ToolReferee Development & ResponsibilitiesSocial Media2McKnight Referee PhilosophyRespect/FairplayBench/Player Communication is a REQUIREMENTYou are NEVER too important to talk to a coach just manage the interaction brief!NEVER CARRY A GRUDGE TO YOUR GAME Clean Slate!!Professional & Hard-workingThis is a JOB and you are representing McKnight Be Proud We ARE an ELITE team!ConsistencyCall the 3rd Period the same way as the first!Do the right call(thing) even if unpopularBeing consistent will help here!Making a mistake is ok (if you learn from it)Being a referee is a continual exercise of learning and developmentStart-up Information RequiredClinicsRegistration ReceiptGraduation Document - Ref #s, MarksProof of InsuranceExisting player (Rec, Girls, Minor Hockey Hockey Canada)Officiating only Clinic receipt should show insurance paymentOutside Officiating ArrangementsCZRCOther AssociationsImpact on Game Assignment in McKnight

Game AssignmentAvailabilityIt is critical that availability be updated regularly.Scheduling will occur in 1 month intervals.Availability for all officials will be required to be up to date as of the 20th day of the month for the next month. NOTE: CZRC requires availability for the next month by the 10th of the current month!The objective will be to have the schedule for the first two weeks of the next month out for confirmation in order to have accepted ice times prior to the start of the next month. Scheduling of the remainder of the month is to be completed as soon as possible thereafter.

Assignment AcceptanceAssignments must be checked at least once daily.Assignments, which have been made available for 24hrs without acceptance, will be subject to reassignment.Assignments are made based on availability, as set by each official. By setting availability, each official accepts the responsibility for fulfilling the obligation of assignments made to that availability. If failure to acknowledge assignments is identified as an issue, it will affect the number of games offered to the affected officials.

Game Assignment - ContinuedTurnbacksAccepted games unable to be worked must be turned back to the referee coordinator A.S.A.P.The official is responsible to ensure that confirmation is received from the coordinator when games are turned back or disciplinary action may follow.Leaving a voice message does not constitute reporting a turnback to the coordinator.

Turnback Penalty Schedule:

24Hrs ($0)3Days ($2)After Day 4 ($5)Within 48Hrs ($7 + Discipline)Assignments turned back within the first 24hrs - no turnback fee assessed.Up to 3 days after assignments are distributed - $2.00 fee per turnbackAfter the 4-day grace period - $5.00 fee per turnback.Within 48 hours of game time - fee of $7.00 along with the potential of further disciplinary action (a fine equal to the game fee!).

Trading games is not permitted. Once accepted, each official is expected to fulfill the assignment accepted.If the official having the game assigned to him originally does not obtain confirmation of turnback from the coordinator, that official is still responsible to work the game. GameGame Assignment - ContinuedArrival at Games

30 Mins (on time!)20 Mins LATE! (-$5)No Show (-$10)Call Coordinator for replacement!!

Arrive at the arena 30 minutes prior to game time. (the time you walk in the dressing room!)Less than 20 minutes prior to game time - $5 fine.No-shows - $10 fine (not paid for game)Disciplinary action will be taken for a pattern of being late or not showing up.

Officials on-site must call Coordinator at 20 minute mark if ANY official not presentFailure to call coordinator for late and no-show officials will result in penalties to officials in attendance.Performance-based Game AssignmentGameGame Assignment - ContinuedPerformance-based SchedulingGame assignor tracks all game assignment issues:Declines (games assigned based on availability but rejected)Pullbacks (games not accepted in a timely manner)Lates (will have teams checking officials present!)Absences (no-shows)Counters are used to prioritize the officials availability for following ice slots.To get the maximum possible games, avoid lates, absences, declines, and pullbacks!

The assessing of penalties of any form are a last resort.Want to encourage the performance and attendance normally associated with job duties.

Tournaments, Exhibitions, Esso Minor Hockey Week, and Playoff GamesAssignment to games other than Seeding Round and Regular Season games will be done with consideration given to officials who have been reliable, consistent, and professional in their duties.Seeding Round and Regular Season games will be scheduled in as even and fair a manner as game and official availabilities facilitate.Program OperationSite LoginAssignor Screens (Availability, Assignment)Referee Control ScreensAccount SettingsSetting AvailabilitySetting Rink PreferencesAssignment Review and ConfirmationPayroll ReportsNotification - emailNotification - email vs textSpecify the method of notification preferred.If you would like to have this as your preferred notification method, please identify both your 10 digit cell number and your phone company.notification windows - response expectationsWant refs to check emails at least twice daily if possible. Accept/reject asap please.9Program OperationGoalline Tool Demo

http://mhar.goalline.caNotification - email vs textSpecify the method of notification preferred.If you would like to have this as your preferred notification method, please identify both your 10 digit cell number and your phone company.notification windows - response expectationsWant refs to check emails at least twice daily if possible. Accept/reject asap please.10

Referee Development & ResponsibilitiesReferee Conduct and PresentationCondition of clothing NO RAGGED OR HOLY CLOTHES ITEMS!ON TIME Dress immediately and spend time preparing or reviewing rulesBench and Player Management RESPECTFUL OPEN COMMUNICATION- Stress/Conflict ManagementNO TOE UP or Leaning on the boards!! Professionalism is REQUIREDMentorsRoles, Responsibilities, ExpectationsReferee EvaluationsQuestions / ClarificationsGame AttendanceResponsibilitiesIncident Reporting REPORT ALL Incidents of Abuse to R.I.C (Stuart and/or Ian)Report Writing (W5 + H) know who gets what!(KEEP GAME SHEET FOR MATCH ON OFFICIAL!)

23CHOMP ProgramResponsibilities of the MentoreeA Mentoree is someone who has the desire, commitment and initiative to expand and develop his/her expertise and career goals by listening to, learning from and working with a trusted adviser and counselor.

The Mentoree's responsibilities may include: Dedication toward improving current knowledge and competency level. Assessing his/her individual needs and current abilities. Constructing a personal Officiating Development Plan. Taking initiative in his or her development. Actively participating in the mentoring relationship. Taking full advantage of the training and assistance offered. Willingness to accept and follow through on the Mentor's advice. Respecting the rules of confidentiality. Developing and utilizing the skills of ethical and professional conduct.

The mediocre teacher tellsThe good teacher explainsThe superior teacher demonstratesThe great teacher inspires. William Ward

Personal OfficiatingDevelopment PlanName: _________________________________ Season: ______________________# of years you have previously officiated: ____________________ Current level: ____Highest level officiated as Referee: _______________ Linesmen: ________________What do you consider your officiating strengths? ______________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________What areas of officiating do you know you need to work on? _____________________ _____________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________OFFICIATING ASPIRATIONS (Whats Next?)Short Term Goal(s): _____________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________Long Term Goal(s): _____________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________If you have any questions or concerns, please call or email me.Sincerely,Stuart HillReferee in Chief, McKnight Hockey Associatione-mail: referee@mcknighthockey.comphone: 403.680.6878

Social MediaON CALL LISTFacebookreferee@mcknighthockey.comGroup: McKnight RefereesMentor Squad ModeratorsEvents, Notices, Topic Discussions, Experiences, DocumentsQuestions / ClarificationsTwitter@McknightRefereesQuick-Hit Status UpdatesNotices/Events26On-Ice Session

27On-ice SessionReview of the BasicsPositioning (Lines and Head Ref) Ian / StuartReview 3-man vs 2-manNew refs will start with lines-only in 3-manWorking with new refs feedback and encouragementBump and Pivot review - Kevin"Working the Blue" - big issue has been distance from the blue - KevinPenalty Procedure - IanCrisp Signals - Projection (drill for signals - Ian)Signal knowledgeSee yourself in the glassicing procedure - KevinFaceoff procedures Line Change (5+5+5) - StuartPosition + Situation responsibilities