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  • 1. Website Analysis for
  • 2. Design Analysis: Use of Spacing Since this website has many sections and a lot of content, the spacing can be used in a better fashion so that the information displays in a more easy to read manner and the page does not look cluttered. In the slide on the right hand side we have shown by using black areas the spacing that could have been put to use.
  • 3. Design Analysis: Navigation Current Navigation Suggested Navigation
  • 4. Design Analysis: Using Breadcrumbs We suggest adding breadcrumb navigation on all pages to make it easier for the website users to go back to the previous pages.
  • 5. Footer: Detailed sitemap style Current footer Suggested footer
  • 6. Design Analysis: Important Pages Important pages such as advertise us page should have the benefits of advertising on the website more clearly explained, have sign up forms on the same page and have effective call to actions.
  • 7. Competition Analysis Website: The overall design of the website is visually appealing although not perfectly user friendly. Mentioned below are some distinct features of this website.
  • 8. Competition Analysis Website: Help text Right on of the most noticeable areas of the home page, the website provides a very clear indication of how to use the website. Considering that this website has a lot of sections, this is a very user friendly feature that will help website users not to fell lost.
  • 9. Competition Analysis Website: Article Categories and Blog Placing the articles in categories is a good way of organizing them. It lets the users to choose the articles topics/categories they want to read rather then having them look for articles belonging in different topics from one articles list. In the blog they have articles that are more informal and less in word count. Comments option makes the website more interactive.
  • 10. Competition Analysis Website: Forums Having a forum on the website makes the website more interactive and adds a new avenue for placing adverts.
  • 11. Competition Analysis Website: Jobs Postings The Jobs postings are presented in a very organized way. The box shown on the right are featured postings and below this box are the normal postings.
  • 12. Competition Analysis Job Search A search widget that allows you to search specific jobs in specific locations is a very helpful feature. This site uses a third party script from indeed
  • 13. Competition Analysis Footer Navigation The footer navigation is very well presented and organized under different headings. Having a detailed footer navigation makes it easy for the users to navigate the site as they do not every time have to scroll up to the top or side navigation bars to refer to the site index.
  • 14. Competition Analysis The overall design of the website is not very visually appealing but there are some features that the website has that are very user friendly that are mentioned below.
  • 15. Competition Analysis Adverts The advertisement banners are displayed in a very attractive way.
  • 16. Competition Analysis Jobs Categories To jobs are categorized in clear labels which makes it easier to view jobs.
  • 17. Competition Analysis FAQs section The website has a FAQ section which addresses many common questions that a web user may have regarding the legitimacy of the jobs posted on the website, the business etc.,
  • 18. Competition Analysis: www.remoteemployment. com Although the website design is simple but it contains a lot of user friendly features and elements that are mentioned in the next slides.
  • 19. Competition Analysis www.remoteemployment. com Intro and Call for actions This website has a good introduction text and video that explains the purpose of the website. It also has clear call for actions to register or post a job displayed very prominently.
  • 20. Competition Analysis www.remoteemployment. com Top menus The top menu bar lists all the sections and sub pages very clearly. We suggest both the top menu and left menu for your website.
  • 21. Competition Analysis www.remoteemployment. com Job search box A helpful job search box shows on all the pages of the website that allows the users to do a quick search.
  • 22. Google Analytics Bounce Rate The Bounce rate of the website is over 50%. Bounce rate means how many people reached the website and left it in less than 30 seconds. So for all the traffic the website is getting, more than 50% of it is bouncing out of the website. The overall design and user friendliness helps in lower bounce rates.
  • 23. Google Analytics Bounce Keywords As you can see on the right the main keywords have the maximum bounce rates. Sometimes the bounce rates are high because the visitors coming on the site are searching for something the site is not offering and thus when reaching the site they leave. But in this case the traffic that the site is getting from search engines like Google is very focussed.
  • 24. Google Analytics New Vs Repeat Visitors The repeat visitors count on the website is low and can be increased if the work from home jobs and other sections are regularly updated. The visitors will come back regularly to check the latest on the website. Important pages like home page has the maximum no. of drop offs.
  • 25. Google Analytics Main Entry Pages The home page gets the maximum new and repeat visits.
  • 26. Google Analytics Main Exit Pages Home page is the main exit page which is a concern. Please see 10 most exit pages on the website mentioned on the right hand side.
  • 27. Google Analytics Visitors Gender Though the website is targeting moms, it is surprising to note that majority of the visitors are actually men. This means that the website focus should be moved from women only and be made to be more generic (both genders centric). The imagery, the color scheme, content tone etc., has to be appropriate so that it does