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A WorldCast Anglers destination travel offering: Patagonia has long been one of the most sought after trout fishing destinations of the world. The stunning Andes Mountains, gin clear rivers, action packed fishing, comfortable accommodations and delicious cuisine of Argentina have attracted avid anglers from across the globe for decades. Over the last few years, Patagonia River Guides has separated themselves as the premier outfitter for trout fishing in central and northern Patagonia.

Transcript of WCA - Patagonia River Guides - Argentina

  • Patagonia River GuidesTrip Information Packet

    800.654.0676 Book Now!

    Patagonia River GuidesPatagonia River Guides

    800.654.0676 Book Now!800.654.0676 Book Now!

  • CONTENTSPRG 2015 Price ListCancellation Policty / Tip InsuranceTravel ChecklistTravel InformationPRGs In-house Travel Experts PRGS Recommended Travel Agents Detailed Travel InformationTravel Flow ChartAditional InformationLodge Specific InformationRecommended Gear, Tackle, and FliesPRGs - FAQSTRAVEL TIPSContact InfoWhat to do in Buenos Aires
















    Our friendly and professional staff is ready and available to help you with every step in planning your travel to Argentina. This pre-trip information packet has all the necessary information to assist you in preparing for your flyfishing adventure with PRG. If you have a travel package from a previous year, please discard it and refer to this new edition with updated information.

    Step 1: Confirm your ARRIVAL and DEPARTURE dates with PRG.

    Step 2: Contact one of PRGs travel agents to book your travel (info inside this packet).

    Step 3: Confirm travel with PRG. We will send you an invoice to confirm your fishing dates with a 50% deposit.

    Step 4: Read this packet in full prior to your departure and use the travel checklist to make sure you are ready!


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    You never know when you might have a family emergency, business emergency, natural disaster, worldwide problems, or other issues, which most times trump flyfishing trips. We completely understand, but because we are a very small company, we cannot absorb last-minute cancelations like a big corporation. We hope you understand our cancellation policy and why it is so strict (you can read it on the previous page).

    Our programs are non-refundable unless we can replace you and your group. Given more than 90 days advance notice, we can normally rebook the space and will happily refund your payment less a minimum handling fee of $500 per person as per our cancellation policy. Sometimes we have to discount the spots to get them filled and that discount comes out of your pocket. If we cant fill your spot or you dont want to pay the possible handling fees there are other cancelation options such as: sending a family member, giving your tip to an employee, or rewarding an important client during your original dates - otherwise known as replacement anglers. Finally, the last option is that you and your group can decide to change dates for the minimum handling fee of $500 per person for the same fishing season. Nope, you cant roll them over or move them to another season and we hope you appreciate our position on this.

    What if none of those options will work? This is where trip insurance would have saved the day - and if you buy it now, might get you out of a cancellation mess. Trip insurance can and should be purchased within fifteen days of paying your deposit and booking your flights. You should contact your travel agent (our suggested agents information is included within this packet) and ask them for details and if you can purchase after the fifteen days has lapsed if you have already paid. Trip insurance can cover the full payment of your fishing trip for almost any reason, and we have never had a claim go unpaid or disputed in over a decade! The cost is small when looking at walking away from a $5000+ fishing trip.

  • [email protected] www.patagoniariverguides.com

    PaTaGONIa fLIGhTS 2015/16

    eSQUeL / BUeNOS AIReSRoute: Buenos Aires Esquel Buenos AiresFlight 2662 Leaves 12:50 Arrives 15:23 Flight 2663 Leaves 16:05 Arrives 18:19Daily flights except Wednesdays

    SAN MARtIN / BUeNOS AIReSRoute: Buenos Aires San Martin Buenos AiresFlight 2664 Leaves 10:05 Arrives 12:25 Flight 2665 Leaves 13:05 Arrives 15:05Daily flights

    BARILOCHe / BUeNOS AIReSUp to nine (9) daily flights to and from Bariloche and Buenos Aires (AEP) from early morning to late evening.

    MeNDOZA / BARILOCHeRoute: Mendoza Bariloche MendozaFlight 1698 Leaves 10:00 Arrives 12:15 Flight 1699 Leaves 15:10 Arrives 17:00Flights Thursday and Sunday

    CALAFAte / BARILOCHeRoute: Calafate Bariloche CalafateFlight 1692 Leaves 11:25 Arrives 13:10 Flight 1695 Leaves 13:55 Arrives 15:40Flights: Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday

    UPON BOOKING Confirm your fishing dates and schedule with PRG. Book all flights to and from Patagonia preferably with one of PRGs trusted travel agents to ensure you will make all connections. Book a meet and greet and airport shuttles in Buenos Aires with LOL Argentina (information within).

    Pay 50% deposit to PRG to secure your dates (read terms and cancelation policy in this document).

    Buy travel insurance in case you have to cancel. It will cover about any cancelation and youll get a 100% refund and you have to purchase this within fifteen days of paying for the trip.

    Make sure you have a valid passport.

    90 DayS PRIOR Pay final payment.

    Send your travel schedule to PRGs travel and logistics professionals. PRG Trevelin and Rio Pico: Julian Ferman ([email protected]). PRG North: Nerina Flego ([email protected]).

    Work with PRGs logistic specialists to book shuttles to and from fishing lodges if you are not flying to Esquel or San Martin Airport.

    Send back requested personal information, preferences, and a list of any equipment you will need. to fill the pre-trip information form!

    Make sure you have paid the required reciprocity fee if you dont have a copy in your passport and have not traveled to Argentina recently. CLICk HeRe for that info

    Confirm that you have booked meet and greet and airport shuttles with LOL Argentina or another agency within Argentina. If you have any problems, they will be there to help you along the way!

    Ask your travel agent for a detailed itinerary if you dont have one.

    10 DayS PRIOR Reconfirm your flights or ask your agent to do so.

    Double check that you have crossed off everything above.

    Pack carefully and place an extra copy of your itinerary in your checked luggage in case it is lost.

    Send PRG contact information to your family and office.

    Pack a change of clothes in your carry on in case your luggage is lost.

    Get enough cash to pay extra fees, gratuities, and to change for pesos for personal spending.

    Consider buying a unique whiskey, scotch, tequila, etc. for your enjoyment and to join the whiskey club at PRGs Lodge at Trevelin.

    Non-stop service to Buenos Aires (EZE airport code) from the USA is available from Atlanta, Dallas, Miami, Houston, and New York. Most other major cities around the world also offer direct flights to Buenos Aires if you are not traveling from the USA. Flight time varies from nine to eleven hours depending on departure city. The good news is that all flights depart the USA in the evening allowing guests to rest and sleep. Almost all flights arrive in Buenos Aires between 7:30 and 10:30 am.

    If this is your first time traveling to Argentina, please read the entire package carefully! Buenos Aires has two airports. You arrive Ezezia (EZE) and depart to Patagonia from Aeroparque AKA Jorge Newberry (AEP). You will need a transfer to get from one airport to the other. It is HIGHLY recommended to use LOL Argentina (info in this package) to meet and greet you and to transfer you across the city. Guests should allow for at least three hours from arrival to departure to Patagonia. Many decide to spend one night in Buenos Aires to rest and enjoy the city before starting their fishing trip. If you would rather just get to Patagonia, there are options and working with our travel professionals make it possible. Detailed travel information on airports, transfers, and travel is located within this pre-trip packet. Please read thoroughly and ask us if you have any questions.

    There are six flights per week from Buenos Aires to Esquel Airport (EQS) for those destined to PRG Lodge at Trevelin or PRG at Tres Valles Lodge in Rio Pico. San Martin de los Andes Chapelco Airport (CPC) has daily flights for those fishing with PRG North. These non-stop flights are about two hours in duration and most lodges are within an hour from the airport. Ground transfers from Esquel and San Martin Airports are included in

    the price of the trip and a representative from PRG will be waiting for your arrival. It is also possible to connect via Bariloche Airport offering as many as ten daily flights, but it is important to know that there is two to four hour transfer to the fishing areas depending on your destination. Transportation to and from Bariloche is easily arranged, but there is an extra charge for the transfer. Current estimates for the transfer are $125 USD per person by ground or $250 per person by private plane when available.


    CLICk HeRe

  • [email protected] www.patagoniariverguides.com


    pRG has two travel and logistic experts to help you coordinate all of your travel!

    they work hand and hand with Rance, travis, and Alex as well as with Holdy tours

    and LOL Argentina to ensure that travel is seamless and effortless. Combined, Julian,

    Nerina, and our agents will save you time searching, thinking about travel, and also

    guarantee that you get the best prices and service. If you want to do things on your

    own or with your own agent - no problem - just make sure that Julian and Nerina