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A WorldCast Anglers destination travel offering: Often referred to as “the most beautiful island in all the Seychelles”, the crescent shaped Alphonse Island is tropical paradise that also happens to be one the most thrilling and diverse saltwater sport fisheries in the world. The pristine white sand beaches and endless flats of the Saint Francois Atoll have attracted travelers and fisherman alike for years. The experience is complimented by a charming, service oriented lodge to call home base for a week of world class fly fishing.

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  • Alphonse Island - Seychelles

    Trip Information Packet

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    Pre Travel Information for Alphonse Island, Seychelles

    Please read the following carefully to help plan your trip to Alphonse Island and the Seychelles. Please read it in conjunction with your itinerary. It is designed as a guide and reference point. If you have further questions please contact WorldCast Anglers at [email protected] Your Guides The Alphonse team of fly fishing guides is led by Fishing Manager, Devan Van Der Merwe. The guides are all professionals and have a very comprehensive knowledge of the areas in which they operate. All guides are English speaking and some of the guides are also fluent in French and Creole.

    Safety on St. Francois is of primary concern. All the guides carry waterproof VHF radios. They are in constant communication with each other as well as the base on Alphonse. All of the guides are qualified coxswains and their boat handling skills are impeccable. The Alphonse Island guide team has worked very hard to help ensure that the fishery at St. Francois is protected from over fishing and all the guides are not only professional but some also hold qualifications in the field of ecology.

    One thing you will notice is that distances to the fish are sometimes given in meters instead of feet. If you are having difficulty with the estimates and prefer distances in feet then just have a word with your guide. They will do their best to accommodate

    you. Often guides will also reference distances in rod lengths

    The guides pride themselves in being reputed as one of the best guide teams in the industry and take great care to ensure that the fly fishery on Alphonse is kept pristine for the benefit of their future.

    The Arrival Day On arrival you will be met by the manager or a representative of the Alphonse Island management team and transported to the hotel by golf cart. There will be time for checking in and unpacking. Your fishing equipment will be collected from your room and there will be a comprehensive briefing and tackle setup by the team at the fishing office. The guide team will assess your flies and give advice on what can be expected in the coming week. The first afternoon is free, an unguided afternoon, so enquire with the fishing manager as to the tides and your best option should you wish to wet a line on Alphonse.

    Alternatively, you can relax on the deck of the beach bar with an Indian Ocean cocktail. Dinner is served from 7.30pm in a relaxed atmosphere at the bar.

    The Resort Guests on Alphonse generally stay in the suite A-frame chalets or the larger villas if that option has been booked. Both are near the fishing center and the beach bar and restaurant. Bicycles are provided for all guests and tracks around the island make for an interesting ride during time away from fishing or other activities. A driver and golf cart are always available

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    for those unable to use a bicycle.

    There is a floodlit tennis court. Guests can play at any time with rackets and balls available at reception.

    Standards of accommodation are good, comfortable and air-conditioned. Service is attentive and sincere led by island managers.

    The bar is fun and perfectly positioned alongside the freshwater pool and beach. The dining facility offers a variety of traditional, fresh cuisine, with a heavy focus on seafood. The atmosphere on the island is relaxed and informal.

    Bluewater Fishing There will be two bluewater boats available for chartering. One will primarily be used for fly fishing and the other for conventional angling. There will be NO conventional angling next to the reef as the aim of the conventional boat will be purely for targeting pelagic species.

    Scuba Diving The Alphonse dive center will open for the 2015/16 season. This will be great news for those who have enjoyed the exceptional diving on offer around the Alphonse group of atolls. All diving equipment will be on site and there is the option for guests to be picked up on St Francois, taken out for a dive and returned to the flats for further fishing. Please enquire for pricing and terms.

    The Fishing Day Breakfast is available from 6am. Most

    guests opt for an early morning wake-up call around 5.30am-5.45am and start breakfast around 6am. Guests are provided with bicycles to ride to the fishing office and around the rest of the island. All fishermen meet at the fishing office at 7am. By then, the guides and staff will have organized your equipment to be transferred to the mothership which takes fishers to the flats. Please remember that if you are late, the rest of the group will have to wait for you.

    Your rods will stay on the mothership for the remainder of your week. Fresh water buckets will be provided to rinse your reels at the end of each fishing day. Once everyone has assembled you will be ferried to the mothership to commence the 30-40 minute trip to St. Francois.

    On entering the St. Francois lagoon and mooring area, you will be transferred to your skiff. Guiding takes place on a rotational basis allowing anglers to experience all facets of the fishery. Anglers will fish in pairs sharing a skiff and guide each day. Virtually all fishing is done by wading, with both anglers fishing simultaneously, so do not expect to be standing on the bow of a skiff all day.

    The guides are skilled boatmen and casting from the boats for trevally is productive in certain situations and skiffs often need to be used for following hooked milkfish or big trevally. The guides have strict safety protocols and boat rules should be adhered to at all times.

    Lunch is either on the mothership or on the

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    individual skiffs, depending on the clients preference. All the small boats are equipped with flares, flotation devices, rod holders, storage compartments, and coolers. Soft drinks and desalinated drinking water are provided.

    Fishing days are approximately 8 hours, starting on your arrival at the flats. The option of returning to Alphonse earlier in the day is only available should the entire group wish to do so. For safety reasons, all boats from the resort must be back in the mooring area at Alphonse no later than 5pm.

    Please honor your guides request to stop fishing at 4pm and be prompt in your return to the mothership.

    Fishing at Alphonse and St Francois St. Francois is uninhabited and the lagoon is approximately 7 miles long and 4 miles wide, consisting of firm white sand bottoms interlaced with channels and cuts. The number of people allowed to fish there is limited to 12 per week.

    The uniqueness that sets St. Francois apart from many other bonefish destinations is the ability to wade over 10,000 acres of hard white sand flats in search of these ghosts. Even novices can spot and cast at fish with relative ease. Very few of the flats are heavily grassed although these areas can prove to be productive for larger bonefish.

    The lagoon envelopes coral finger flats and coral heads allowing anglers to catch a number of the now 60 species available on

    fly. The atoll is laced with a coral reef and has numerous bonefish that have had to stand up to the hardships of living over coral rather than sand and they fight especially hard to prove it. The surf that pounds this coral reef has numerous species of trevally. Sight fishing for trevally is one of the most exhilarating forms of fly fishing one will ever experience.

    Bonefishing is best done when the tide is on the move and is least productive on the low tide. A typical session will involve wading from the skiff for a few hours either fishing to cruising or tailing fish. This will last for as long as the fish remain on the flats. On the dropping tide, huge shoals of bonefish can be targeted leaving the flats in what has been described as a continuous river of bones. The bonefishing at St. Francois is as diverse as the fishery itself and will cater to all levels of anglers. Whether you are after tailing singles or mudding shoals, the guides have the ability to make it happen. St. Francois is rumored to have the densest population of bonefish recorded worldwide.

    Each flat varies during the tide and daylight hours. Some flats support very large bonefish and others smaller to average size, but a fair lagoon average would be about 4lbs. The largest bonefish caught, weighed and measured so far was 9.5lbs. The changes in the behavior of the fish and the opportunity for targeting the really big specimens make the fishing that much more challenging and entertaining. Average catch returns over the last 3 years are 10 to 12 bonefish per day and

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    depending on the fishermans skill often many more!

    The factors controlling numbers of bonefish caught are weather, timing of the tides and, perhaps most importantly, the fishermans skill and the decision as to whether to go for size or quantity.

    Fishing inside the St. Francois and Alphonse Atolls (and near the reefs) is fly fishing and catch and release ONLY. Barbless Hooks Please note that all fly fishing on Alphonse and St Francois is done with barbless hooks. Take a quality pair of saltwater pliers on a lanyard for pinching down barbs and aiding in hook removal. Barbless hooks are easier to remove once embedded in either the guides or your own skin.

    Fishing Shop on Alphonse A selection of flies, suitable to the local conditions, is available for purchase (approx. $4.50-$5.50) from the Alphonse fishing office on the island. The shop als