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Transcript of Walpole · PDF file Walpole Weekly Temperatures and rainfall recorded in North Walpole Sunday...

  • Commemorating the ANZAC spirit

    2 May, 2018 www.walpole.org.au

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    Walpole Weekly

    Dawn Service at Peaceful Bay (Pictures courtesy Helen Webster)

    After several days of much needed rain, threatening clouds on the morning of ANZAC Day did not pose a problem to the organisers. What an event it was in Walpole. We were again privileged to receive a salute from the RAAF prior to our commemoration and the sight of the four PC9s approaching from the south-east and then flying overhead was thoroughly enjoyed by

    the many people who had gathered at the Memorial. This year’s march was possibly the best attended so far in Walpole, with Ex-Service personnel, representatives of volunteer organisations and members of the public, including quite a few youngsters. How fantastic this year for our march participants to walk in time to the

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  • 2 - 2 May, 2018

    Walpole Weekly

    Temperatures and rainfall recorded in North Walpole Sunday 22 April to Saturday 28 April, 2018

    Temperatures Rainfall

    Min Max mm

    Sunday 16.5 21.1 1.8

    Monday 13.8 19.8 .4

    Tuesday 12.2 19.1 .2

    Wednesday 10.9 20.3 0

    Thursday 11.7 NR 0

    Friday NR NR NR

    Saturday NR 22.6 NR

    N/A as fault Total rainfall for the week

    Walpole forecast for the next five days:

    Sources: www.bom.gov.au; www.willyweather.com.au

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    Walpole Weekly

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    Times to Remember


  • 2 May, 2018 - 5

    Walpole Weekly

    beat of drums by Doug Simpson and his youngest daughter, Anabelle. New to proceedings too was our local Senior Constable, Aaron Mathews as a flagbearer, alongside Walpole Sub Branch RSL member, Alan Barrington.

    President of the Walpole Sub Branch RSL, Kevin Pierce, welcomed the large crowd gathered and spoke of the significance of the ANZAC and Gallipoli campaign, the profound impact it had and the powerful legacy it left us. Master of Ceremony, Harold Luxton, delivered the Prayer of Remembrance which highlighted the sacrifices of generations of service men and women and the qualities of mateship, courage and compassion of war service and all those who provide support in the quest for liberty and peace.

    Wreaths and floral tributes were laid by Melva Lumb (Walpole Sub Branch RSL and on behalf of family members), Dave Tapley (Shire of Manjimup), Cheree Kirkwood and Denise Hunter (Walpole P and C),

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  • 6 - 2 May, 2018

    Walpole Weekly

    ‘Trees’ Book worth waiting for They say good things always come to those who wait. Well that old saying is so true when it comes to the recent publication and launch of the book ‘The Trees You Could Drive Your Car Into’.

    The book was the brain child of Mike Murphy when he was a member of the Walpole Nornalup and District Historical Society some ten years ago. The committee of the day embarked on this ambitious project by placing advertisements in newspapers calling for copies

    of photos taken over the years at the Valley of the Giants and, in particular, with cars in the Giant Tingle Tree that was most famous for decades as a tourism drawcard to the district.

    Quite a f