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  • 1. Vietnam Mining Corporation
  • 2. Vietnam Mining Corporation
    About VMC Mining
    Vietnam Mining Corporation (ticker stock symbol: VNMC.PK) is the first Vietnam-based mining corporation that be listed in the US. The Companys strategy is to build enduring growth through acquisition and exploitation of various proven mines of excellent value including calcium.
    carbonate, quartz, and stone at several locations in QuangBinh Province.
  • 3. Vietnam Mining Corporation
    The Company is investing in a calcium carbonate processing plant of 1 million-ton-per-year
    capacity, built on a 17-ha area. The plant is only 0.8 km from the Companys calcium carbonate mine with 100 million m3 of estimated reserve spreading on an area of 75.23 ha.
    Provided the right of exploitation for 70 years, and the calcium carbonate reserve of 100 million tons, equivalent to USD 1.7 billion value, this is an incredibly increasing potential of the company when the plant is put into operation.
  • 4. Vietnam Mining Corporation
    The open-air mine is 0.9 km from a river port, 2,7 km from a national highway, 36 km from a sea port. Such features which offers convenience to exploitation, input transport, and output delivery.
    Revenues from sales of raw materials as well as processed products are expected to generate stable cash flows even right in 2012, in which year dividend can be paid out to shareholders as well.
  • 5. Vietnam Mining Corporation
    Our Products
    Quicklime products or Burnt lime Material uses metallurgy Industries, steel flux, sewage and water treatment, environment treatment, land, onsolidation, PH adjustment,caustic agent, acid gas absorption...
    Hydrated Lime
    Hydrated lime Material uses sewage and water treatment, steel flux in Metallurgy industries, PH adjustment, Soil stabilization and biosolids; Acid neutralization in leather tanning; Acid gas absorption, desulphurization, flue gas treatment; Construction, agriculture,
  • 6. Vietnam Mining Corporation
    Ultrafine Nano PCC
    Ultrafine Nano PCC uses paper industries and especially use for improving the mechanic performance of polycomposite, in PVC
    electric cable and wire, PVC building Materials, PVC plastic granule and glue making etc.
    Ultrafine Coated Nano PCC
    Ultrafine Coated Nano PCC uses widely use in high technology, such as electronic, cosmetic and food, etc especially as high efficient filler in PVC plastic production and sealants.
  • 7. Vietnam Mining Corporation
    • Mining projects produce nano powders of high quality calcium carbonate was LTG project construction on June 2010, in TuyenHoa district, QuangBinh Province, Vietnam.