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  • From mine to customerMagnesia tailored to your needs

    From mine to customerMagnesia tailored to your needs

  • Van Mannekus & Co B.V. Schiedam (Rotterdam)

    Expert trading company for Magnesium and Emery grades

    Storage capacity of 15.000 Mt

    3 mills with total capacity of ca. 50.000 tpa

    New fully automatic packing line (2008)

    New PLM crane (2009)

    Crane unloading possibilities for vessels up to 200 meter

    Sales of 70.000 tpa magnesia

    Onsite laboratory for chemical and physical analyses

    Specific Surface area measurements (SSA)

    Measurement of Particle Size Distribution (PSD)

    Van Mannekus Universal - Oudenbosch

    JV with St. Gobain Abrasives for production of Emery

    Capacity of 10.000 tpa

    Company profileCompany profile

  • Schiedam plantSchiedam plant

  • TIMAB Roullier subsidiary

    Turnover 2011 : 250 million Euros

    120 employees

    Sales team of 30 people covering over 65 countries

    CCM production & distribution capacity of 300 ,000 tons

    1 mine in Spain and 1 mine in Brazil

    7 Production sites in Europe, North Africa and South America

    11 Sales Offices

    25 storage sites (19 warehouses abroad)


    Founded in 1959

    Independent Family Business

    3.2 billion turnover in 2011

    Operates in 40 countries

    60 industrial units worldwide

    6000 employees

    Research center

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  • Grecian Magnesite

    Independent Family business

    2 mines in Greece, 1 in Turkey

    Co-owner with Timab in the mine in Spain

    Plant for refractory masses

    Production capacity of 200,000 tons of CCM and DBM

    100 years of knowledge of magnesium applications

    R&D center in Thessaloniki

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    Russian Mining Chemical Co.

    Russian Mining Chemical Company was founded in 2002

    The Brucite deposit is located in Kuldur

    Company controls full chain of production, from mining to packaging

    End-product with excellent and constant characteristics

    Micronising and coating facilities in Vyazma for the production of Ecopiren

    flame retardant


  • Magnesium Products Caustic calcined Magnesium Oxides

    Stonemag, Floormag, M93, M95, AK grades, SG95, ManMag HP,

    Activemag grades,

    Magnesium Hydroxides

    Ecopiren grades, MDH grades, ManMag grades

    Magnesium Carbonate

    Kerma grades

    Magnesium Chloride

    Emery based on natural aluminium oxide (corundum).

    as an additive combines with almost all bonding materials such as

    cement or resins.

    used in the manufacture of wear-resistant and antiskid surfaces and


    Calcium Chloride


  • Active market & applicationsActive market & applications

    Construction Industrial Agriculture Environmental

    Industrial Floor Magnesium Compounds

    Animal Feed Soil Decontamination

    Abrasives Leather Tanning Fertilizer Wastewater Treatment

    Ceramic Tiles Rubber and Plastics


    Pulp and Paper

    Food Additives

    Nickel and Uranium Proccesing

    PH Adjustor

    Ink Applications

  • Offices and active presenceOffices and active presence



  • Business offerBusiness offer


    A product for each magnesium application

    Own production and secured trading : traceability, quality, consistency


    Hub in Schiedam (Rotterdam)

    Logistics solution all around the world : trucking, rail, barges, seafreight, bulk

    and bags storages, bagging facilities, etc.


    Onsite laboratory

    Grecian Magnesite R&D Centre Thessaloniki

    Logistics and financial solutions from the Roullier group

  • Contact usContact us

    Van Mannekus & Co. B.V. (Headquarter)

    Mail address: Physical address:

    P.O. Box 230 Haven No. 540

    3100 AE Schiedam Nieuwe Waterwegstraat 45

    The Netherlands 3115 HE Schiedam

    The Netherlands

    Tel +31 10 409 1500

    Fax +31 10 473 0880

    E-mail info@mannekus.com

    Web www.mannekus.com