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Contents What is the GREAT Britain campaign?

Promotional tool #1: Social Media

Promotional tool #2: Events and Partnerships

Promotional tool #3: Competitions

Imagery and Symbolism

Benefits of Celebrity Endorsements

Target Markets



These are the contents well be discussing in this presentation2

What is The GREAT Britain Campaign?Increasing inbound tourism, raising Britains profile worldwideAttracts Visitors to the UK Developing Britains visitor economyPromotes private/public businesses revolved around various themes:CultureHeritageSports

MusicFoodShopping Countryside



The great Britain campaign is a collaboration of many British organisations, such as Visit Britain, The British Council, The OMGB Tourism Agency to name a few, all working together to promote the UK internationally through highlighting its various assets and themes, in an attempt to attract visitors, students and businesses to come to Britain.


Promotional Tool #1: Social Media Presence Digital Platforms Social Media: Key part of the global marketing strategy

Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Weixin, Weibo

LoveWall: multiple languages, localised homepages, videos, images


In the recent years, social media has become indispensable for businesses in their marketing strategies. It is also relevant in the Britain is GREAT campaign as a form of online advertisement and promotion. Digital Platforms and Social Media are key parts of their global marketing strategy. The most important websites related to the campaign are They have strong presence on most of the Social Media platforms, including Facebook with over 3million followers, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. Also, they are very popular on the most important Chinese blogging sites, on the Weixin and Weibo. The official digital platform of the campaign, the LoveWall is live since 2013 in 12 different languages, with localised homepages. Visitors can easily build their journeys by exploring the platform. They can search for locations, accommodation, restaurants and attractions by categories or using the map on the site.

...Marketing intelligence- using general available sources Casual and ad-hoc approach through gathering everyday information- through social media- (kotler, et al 2010)


Promotional tool #2: EventsWorkshops, seminars as well as trade events forming business connections with international trade buyers.

events and missions in 2013/14 brought an extra 85m in additional visitor spend, with 63% of overseas trade stating they had introduced or sold new tourism products to Britain as a result of our international trade activity.(, n.d.)

Visit Britain delivers workshops, seminars as well as trade events targeting their key influencers, therefore, forming business connections with international trade buyers.


Promotional tool #2:EventsDestination Britain China event;

Annual 3 days trade fair since 2009

Showcases Britain to the worlds largest outbound market.

Provides British suppliers the opportunity to establish valuable business connections with the Chinese travel trade.

- A new research reveals that Chinese perception of Britain as a travel destination has increased significantly as that it is stronger than ever.Our annual Destination Britain China event provides a platform for the UK tourism industry to do business with the top travel buyers in China, targeting Geographic consumer markets

More than 70 travel trade and industry suppliers from the UK including hotels, retailers and tour operators joined us at our Destination Britain China 2015 sales mission in Beijing from 23-25 November. 100 buyers from 14 cities across China as well as Hong Kong had the chance to see the latest tourism offerings from across the UK with suppliers from Oxford, Canterbury, Harrow, Leeds, the Lake District, Northumberland and Inverness to name a few.We saw tourist numbers from China increase by 28 percent in the first six months of this year and have ambitions to double the spending from Chinese visitors to 1 billion pounds by 2020

As you can see from the examples shown, it is clear that events and partnerships are closely linked. So well now move on to talk about partnerships


Promotional Tool #2: Events &Partnerships

Partnerships in Private and Public Sector

Creative and Cultural Companies

Tourism and Non-Tourism Partners

In order to promote Britain, build a strong brand and attract more visitors, VisitBritain works in partnerships with a large number of organisations in the private and public sectors. Hundreds of creative and cultural companies are involved in the GREAT Britain campaign. They are using the GREAT brand in their promotional activities. They have excellent relationships with strategic partners from the public sector, such as the FCO (Foreign and Commonwelth Office), UKTI (UK Trade and Investment), British Council, DCMS (Department for Culture Media&Sport) and Cabinet Office. VisitBritain strengthened its relationship with British Airways and signed up new partners like Emirates or Quatar Airways in the travel industry.

Having extended collaboration with the Barclays Premier League, VisitBritain launched the Football is GREAT campaign. Statistics show that more than 800,000 visitors went to see a football match during their stay in Britain in 2014 and spent avarage 855 per visit.

The GREAT campaign opened up to non-tourism partners as well, like Jaguar, McLaren or Aston Martin. Aston Martin was promoting Great Britain in the US, Los Angeles, on the GREAT British Film Reception.

By having partnerships with successful British fashion companies, they are representing the British innovation and design. They also participated and advertised Britain on the London Fashion Week. The Fashion is GREAT campaign highlight the creative talent we have in the UK targeting the Psychographic consumer market 7

Promotional tool #3: Competitions Primary Research Instrument

Engages the audience

Gathers valued information directly from target market

Entering email address allows them to send additional news and events

(Pike, 2008, Kotler, et al, 2013, Uysal, et al, 2011)


The OMGB tourism agency have held a competition for a primary research instrument which targets the behavioural consumer market and engages their audience, rather than having them fill in tedious questionnaires, which people tend to often dislike. Whereas holding a competition allows the audience to provide their information of their own accord, and have been motivated to do so with the incentive of winning a trip to Britain.

The competition asks the participant to describe their ultimate OMGB moment, gathering information directly from their target audience and can therefore anticipate customer expectations as well as tell what is most in demand. This allows the company to evaluate if they can then fulfil and even exceed these expectations, or in some cases, work to improve something that will enable them to if plausible.

Lastly, by entering their email they give OMGB the opportunity to directly send additional information and promoting other events. Again, promoting Britain to its maximum potential.8

Imagery and Symbolism






The Britain is great campaign has made intelligent use of the word Great, by giving it a double meaning; suggesting that Great Britain IS great

The campaign has repetitively included the countrys flag and the words is great in bold, red letters on every poster, only ever changing the topic, picture and sometimes includes a brief description. The use of repetition could leave a lasting impression on their audience.

Choosing a vibrant colour such as red to fill in the word great not only grabs the readers attention and co-ordinates with the colours on the the union jack, but it can also be interpreted to symbolize love, intensity, energy, excitement, action fun and more, potentially influencing the way their audience feels towards the idea of visiting Britain when reading the poster. Semiotics for Beginners by Daniel ChandlerThe pictures shown on this slide are just four of a vast majority. Each display an example of how dynamic Britain really is, as a tourist is likely to only be familiar with iconic landmarks such as Big Ben, the London eye or Buckingham palace, mostly situated in London. The countryside poster shows them that there is more to Britain that just London alone.

The other three posters show an example of the many segment markets the campaign is targeting:The knowledge poster showcases that Britain has four of the top ten universities in the world targeting potential students to come and study in England.- a demographic marketThe love is great poster shows that Britain is unbiased and attracts those whose sexual orientation may not be accepted within their own country. targeting a psychographic marketThe Bond poster tactfully highlights a globally recognized, British film, with Daniel Craig as their celebrity endorsement. Targeting a psychographic market once more


Benefits of Celebrity EndorsementsLikely to remember an ad that is linked with a celebrity

Bollywood Britain Indian celebrity Saif Ali Khan as spokesperson

Increase brand