This great great britain

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1. Welcome to the English Tournament !!! 2. Contest I Greeting and Presentation of Teams 3. Contest 2 Warming up Pronounce these tongue-twisters quickly and correctly Three grey rabbits in the grass grow roses for us. Seven seals in the sea sing the songs to you and me. Giggling geese are playing games, they are going to race. Lazy lion is lying smiling. Pats black cat is in Pats black hat. William always wears a warm woolen west in winter. Victor, however, will never wear a woolen underwear, even in the Wild West. 4. Contest 3 Brainstorming Write as much words as you can on the topic: 5. Relaxation pause Mr. Bean 6. Contest 4 Proverbs and Sayings Match the parts of the proverbs 7. Contest 5 Running Come up to the desk, read a sentence, learn it, go back to your team and write it down. Next member is welcome! 8. Contest 6 Captain's Contest 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 11 12 14 15 13 10 9. What are the colours of the British flag? 10. What is the capital of Scotland? 11. What holiday do the British celebrate on October 31st? 12. What building can you see n the picture? 13. What Holiday do the British celebrate on December, 25? 14. Where is the UK situated? 15. What is the capital of Wales? 16. Who is the Prime Minister of the UK now? 17. Where is the Nelsons Column situated? 18. Once it was a prison, a palace, a fortress. Now it is a museum. What is it? 19. What does the UK consist of? 20. What do the English like to put in their tea? 21. What is the capital of Northern Ireland? 22. What sight can you see in this picture? 23. How do American call British football? 24. Relaxation pause London Eye 25. Contest 7 Speak up! Choose a topic and speak on it! 26. Contest 8 Video Contest Watch the video and write down the ingredients of the dish! 27. Contest 9 Musical Contest Sing a song to karaoke! My Bonnie 28. Relaxation pause A cartoon 29. Contest 10 AE - BE A grade or a form? 30. Contest 11 Guess a Picture 31. A banana 32. Queen Elizabeth II 33. London Eye 34. Charles Chaplin 35. A bus 36. Swimming - pool 37. Theatre 38. Hamburger 39. Michael Jackson 40. Relaxation pause Mr. Bean 41. Congratulations and awarding