Violino Cigano

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Landmarks Please leave Show intact Music : Serenade – Isaac Stern

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  • 1. Landmarks Please leaveShow intact Music : Serenade Isaac Stern

2. Buckingham Palace, London, England 3. Hallowed Halls, The Capitol Building 4. Plaza De Espana, Seville, Spain 5. Sacre Coeur, Paris, France 6. Shopping at Harrods, London, England 7. Town Hall, Wroclaw, Poland 8. Limmat River, Switzerland 9. San Francisco, California 10. Emerging Onto the Great Wall of China 11. Fort La Latte, Brittany, France 12. Penon De Ifach, Calpe, Spain 13. Plougrescant, Brittany, France 14. Climatron, Botanical Gardens, St. Louis, Missouri 15. Grand Ballroom, St. Louis Union Station, Missouri11 16. Ocean Dome, Miyazaki, Japan 17. Countryside Pagoda, Bagan, Myanmar 18. Gellert Baths, Budapest, Hungary 19. Coliseum, Rome, Italy 20. Eiffel Tower at Night, Paris, France 21. Acropolis, Athens, Greece 22. Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Arch, Taipei, Taiwan 23. City Hall, Vienna, Austria 24. Parliament Building, Budapest, Hungary 25. Parliament Building, Vienna, Austria Oscar