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  • 1. TASTE T T E N D H A R E O U C H X P E R I E N C E I.S.I.S.S. Istituto Statale Istruzione Secondaria Superiore PIETRO GIORDANI

2. THE FLOWER OF OUR EMOTIONS 3. The Duchess particularly loved this flower, using it as a modern logo, near her signature and embroidered on her dresses Marie Louise of Habsburg Napoleons second wife, Duchess of Parma 4. Botanical Garden in ParmaMarie Louise dedicated particular attention to violets growing 5. In the Botanical Garden Marie Louise took care personally of the violets Still today, we can admire some old and very interesting herbariums 6. From this passion, finds its origins the tipycal scent of Parma: TheVIOLETTA DI PARMA 7. 8. This tradition keeps on since our days by the BORSARI enterprise, which is still producing the original perfume 9. Violet still defines the local pottery and the town itself 10. Here in Parma violets are everywere 11. The typical violet colour of Parma 12.