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Portfolio of my designes

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  • Violetta Breda

  • Architectural design

  • The site of the residential buildingggg iiiis sss ananaan irregular spot, set in Via Rovello, nearby of Milanos historical citititity yyy cecc ntre.Via Rovello is a littttle road, located in in the city centrtrtrtre,eee tttthahhh t crosses the main road Via Dante and leads to the famous CaCCaC -stello Sforzesco, a castle that in the past centuries has enor-mously infl uenced the development of the entire area.

    The castle was built during 1400, committed by Francesco Sforza... ItItItIt wwwwasasasas made up to cover the structure of an alreadyexexexe isisisistitititinnngng cccaasasstltltltle.e It underwent several changes. The green zone arara ououndndd ttheehe CCCCCaaasa tltltlttt e was assigned as park and the surrounding ararareaea wasasas intteenenenendedeeddedd for housing, as it happened for Via Rovello.

    ThThee ororrigiginaaalaa ccccurrurrvilinnnenn an structure has been unchanged during ththtt e e cecec ntn uriieiiess.s... AAAAll theeee buildings in this little road have a pa-titiooo sstrtructuuuurreeee,,,, wwiw th thhehhhh typical curtain facade, as most of bu-ilildiddinngn s in MMMMMillanananano. Sinceeeee the shape of the lot allows to mantainthththisis typoloooogoo yy,y,y,, hhhhhasa beennnn decided to carry out a building, whose plplana respeeeeeectttt tttthihhhis axle, ououuutlining it even clearer. In this way the shshs ort buildid nngggg in tht e fronntt tt was born, trying to underline this roroad benttt.t

    The neiggghbbh ororrrriinngg bubuildings arrrre from different styles and times, moreoveeree ttheehe dddimimenensions of eeeeach fl oor and the total height of every buuuuuilddinggngg vvvaraaa y.y TThe volummmmes follow the setting of the ur-ban dessiign;; thtthhtheieieie r r rr lalaayoyoutu lleae ds tttto ooo a court spaze, open towardsVia Roveeeeeelloo.The roaadada is s papartrtrticcicicululululararara lyly nnnararrow annnnd defi ne a curve that opensin the ccccciircuss. Theheheh pppproororojejejej ctctc ppror viv deddd the design of building put into hhhououuusssssisinng aand sssshohohohopspspss oooor rr r otototo heheheh rs defifififi ciencies, located in the city centtrereere..Thheeeee ddededevevelolopmpmenent t starteeeddd frfrfromomomom aa histoooorical research. The the-memmmememe hhhhasasasas ffffocococo usususeddee aaroor unundd ththee iddidi eaeaeaea of a cocococourt building, whichintet gratatteses wwitiitithhhh ththththeeee neneneneigigigighbhbhbhbhbororoorhohoodododd..

    Architectural design studio I2009/2010

  • Ground Floor Planon top: elevation views

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    planimetry, massing plan , sketches

  • First Floor Plan

    Second Floor Plan

    Fifth Floor Plan

    Sixth Floor Plan

  • Thee arareaa iinvnvolo vevedd inin tthihis s prprprprprprprprojojojojojojojojeceecececececectttttt is part of a largegegeeeeee llllotooo now ababanandodonenedd anandd susuuuubjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjececececececece tttttt t to degradation in the block placed in frfronontt ofof tttthehehehehehehehe sssssssseeeeae t of the II Faculty of Architecture of the Politec-ninininininininicococococcococo ddddddddiii Milano in Via Durando, Milan.There are many factors that characterize this sppececifi c llotot ttthahat,, in addition to its proximity to the Polytechnic,c mmusuu t t tatakekeke iiintntnto o account, as the future passagegegeg oof f a tram linee enenenvivivv sasaaagegeg ddd bybybyy urban plplplplanaa s that crossssss tthehehe lllotot.. ThThThisisi crossing willlll mmmeaeaeaeannnn cococonsnsn e-e-equently aaaalsoso aaaa nnnnewewewew ppededesesesestrtrtrtriaiaiaiannnn pppath that will aallllowoww ffororo eeasassieer r and convvvenenieientntt ccccononononnenenenectctctctiiion to the Milano Bovisasa ttraraaininin statatitit onono ,,,,lighteninnggg tttthehehehe lllloadd during peak hours of unsuiitatatt blbblee susuuurrrrrrrrououououndndnn -inngggg ststrer ets sidewalks.AxAAxiaialiliitytytyty givivivene by the possibility of future connection to theururururbabbabann fabrrricicicc of fi nding a better comparison with ttthe facadeofofo tthehehe uuuuninnn vev rsity is so important for Bovisa. The pprrroject wasininininspspsppiiri ed by this to create a new large square as aaaa ffocal point ofofoff ttttheh entire project that is volumetrically defi nedddd by the du-ality between the seat of the Polytechnic and the new com-munity building consisting of a multifunctional hall and exhi-bition spaces. The square is then divided into smaller aaaarer as encompassing the entire new building is impossible to be ableto build on certain portions of the boundary of the lot for the presence of windowed walls. These spaces give you the oppor-tunity then to the adjacent lots to be able to reconfi gure in the future and complete the urban front.

    Architectural design studio III2011/2012

  • left: planimetry, 1:500top right: public building technological sectionbottom right: student residence structural section

  • As required by the delivery of the workshop the residential offer has been diversifi ed. Build-ing to the south of the lot,at the end adjacent to other buildings in the block is allocated a student residence while the remaining subsidized housing with two or three rooms. The building to the north instead, which conforms as a classic court house has a good variety of sizes and shapes of housing as studio fl at, fl ats from 2 up to 5 rooms and duplex from 50 to 115 square meters, for a total of 58 units. All units in the project have the possibility of car boxes in the basement.

    top: urban sections, scale 1:1000under: southern building fi rst fl oor, scale 1:500

  • top: urban sections, scale 1:1000under: public building and north court fi rst fl oor, scale 1:500

    At the extreme west edge is loaded with a canteen and new classroom teaching with study spaces outbuildings belonging to the Poly-technic. On the other sides of the square, that is, those north and south, is designed to complete the block through new urban residen-tial buildings. Given the high building index provided, the choice has been to use the maximum height allowed for residence posing as 5 fl oors above ground. Thinking about the possibility of pedestrian crowds, the ground fl oor overlooking the square and the street that bor-ders the south lot is intended for commercial spaces. For this reason and because of the extremely elongated shape of the block located to the south of the lot, the building is separated to give another point of access to the square mediated by the shopping plaza that is gen-erated inside the building.

  • Interior Design


    The project One Man Living provides for the study and design hht sisMe T pof small living spaces in an internal competition organizationeepamf mstyle. Design constraints were the maximum dimensions and uumsyle materials. The structure was to provide the use of L-shapedrerrsteel angle profi les from shelving, the skeleton carrier coupledeeaawith materials as much as possible to reuse or ecological for ssuathe cladding.d

    The module designed consisted of an area proposed for ob-aaedservation, study and care for animals. The whole project haseeherv annbeen based in Parco del Ticino, and it is specifi cally designed pppspsppsspsbeen b rsfor the big otter colony that lives in the park.aaaaappaappfor th oThe themes were we focused are integration between functiontttttttttttttmand nature. Moreover we thought about the necessity to per-hhta ousonalise the spaces.sonalise eeIt is a fl exible structure: light and versitile, to be positionedeeeeeeeeeeeeIt is a fl e ueinside the parks and wilderness. Thanks to a system of slidingoottttttttttttttttinside twebbings it is possibile to create cribs, that allows animal wa-aahhaahhaahhbbin sstching.hiThe modular composition was also chosen for the convenience he mo pdof assembly guaranteed. ass amThe materials chosen were wooden panels for fl oor plans and sse ma st sen were wooden panel ans and seatings, while for rear-end collisions for shading has beensseatings rs sions foprovided a fabric of natural hemp.provide od

    Interior design studio 2009/2010

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    Profili metallici a L Viti e bulloni Moschettone


    DimensioniTipo C





    Rete metallica




    Pannelli OSB


    Fettucce di stoffa




    DimensioniTipo B

    DimensioniTipo A

    3D model

  • top left: perspectivebottom left: sketches and viewsright: mass plan

  • TTTThhThheee innssppiirrrringggg thhht ememmmeeeee e waas s thththtthe sis lence. The oonlnlnllyyyy bobobobonndndnd wee hadddduuuud rriingg ttttthhheeee pproroooccceeeessssssss oooooof f dedesisssss gnggnninininingggg wawawawaass s s ththththeee mamateteteriririalll:: thhththt eee whole pppaaaavvviiillioionn hhahaddd totoo bbeeee mmmamadedee oooff f wowowoodododdenenen ssstrtrtrtripipiips.sTTThhThThT eenn wwwweee ttrtt ieeedddddd tttoooo rrrrececece reatateeeee aa paapap viviillllllllioioiooionnnn ththththatat recalallls tthehee tthehehemememee thhhhaatatttt areee mmmossssttt t rrrereerelalaaateteteted to sssssssiliii eneneneene cece and itss research.h QQuiuietet,, inintrtro-o-sppppeeeeccctioonn aaaandddd neeeaeaeatntneeess.SSSiSimmmmmpmm lee mmmmmmmasa sseesssss annddd well-n-n-nnnn-nnnnotoooticicedee typologo ies were used.TTThhhhisssss ppaaavvvavilllli lionnnnn iiiissss s loocacaaated innnnnnn PPPParco Seme pip o