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Prezi on the use of video in the classroom and how to make sense of it all.

Transcript of Video Demystified

  • 1. Video Demystified
    Brian C. Dvorak
  • 2. A Must-Share Video
  • 3. Why use Video in the Classroom?
    Leverage multiple intelligences
    Stimulate the memory
    Break the routine
    21st Century learningmodality
  • 4. 24 Hours of Video per Minute
  • 5. Problems with Video
    Difficult to learn
    Takes time to get in place
    Bandwidth issueswith Internet video
  • 6. Common Video Formats
    WMV - Windows Media Video
    AVI - Audio Video Interleave *
    MOV Quicktime
    MPEG-4/MP4 - Moving Pictures Expert Group
    FLV, SWF Flash Video, Shockwave Flash
    RealVideo Streaming video
    *only playable on Windows platform
    Video Format Guide
  • 7. Embedding Video
  • 8. Video Conversion Solutions
    Any Video Converter
    Real Video Converter
  • 9. Capturing Internet Video
    Real Video Downloader
  • 10. Ripping DVDs
  • 11. Screen-Capturing Tools
    Computer screen recording software to create video lessons or capture other video.
  • 12. Copyright and Fair Use
  • 13. Video Creation Tools
  • 14. Video Hosting on the Web
  • 15. More, more, more
    Find more great online tools at
    Follow cloudtrip on Twitter here.
  • 16. Video Demystified
    Brian C. Dvorak