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Variety of Leather JacketsBombers jackets have a tradition of their own. During the World Wars the Flight Marshalls started wearing the bomber jackets that gradually became a trend.

Pilots used to wear the bombers to get comfort from the harsh winds. At that time the cockpits were not that well made or airproof.Exploring the Bombers

Today both men and women are found wearing these vintage jackets and some of the boast to wear the jackets of their ancestors which they have inherited.

Leather Jackets made of Ostrich SkinCroc skin is very hard and wont you dare to compare it with a deer buck jacket. This would have been an offense. But dont forget each of them has a specialty of their own. Croc skin is rare and accessories made from these hide are super expensive and unique.If you are a passionate fashioner and has a unique passion to collect wearable made of the skins of exotic animals specially reptiles, you have to invest that much to bag the pieces.

You can also get leather jackets made of rare snakes as well. Rock stars are often found in these awesome drapes.