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2. What is VALUE ADDED ? Value-added describes what happens whenyou take a basic product and increase thevalue of that product (and usually also theprice) by adding extras in the manufacturingprocess, or by tacking on extra productsand/or services. An activity is considered value-added whensome customer is willing to pay more for theadditional output. 3. WHY Value Added ? For better income For improved processing utilization To keep in-phase with consumers needs To provide variety of products 4. VALUE ADDED PRODUCTThe Food Processing SectorFood processing adds value to the agricultural produce starting at thepost harvest level. It includes even primary processing like grading,sorting, cutting, seeding, shelling packaging etc. 5. The sector comprises of the following major areas: Fruit & Vegetable The major products processed out of fruits and vegetables include beverages,juices, concentrates, pulps, slices, frozen and dehydrated products, wine potatowafers or chips etc. Apple Apple without skin, cooked, canned apples, dehydrated apples, frozen apples,canned apple juice, apple juice, apple sauce. Banana Banana Powder, Banana Flour, Banana Puree, Banana Chips, Banana Jam andBanana Jelly, Banana vinegar, Sweet coat banana. Grape Jam, Juice, Syrup, Squash, Wine and Raisins. Guava Pectin, Jam, Jelly, Pickle, Powder, Puree, Peru khand, Beverages, EthanolProduction, Wine and Animal Feed preparation.Pineapple Papaya Mango 6. Fruits and Vegetables Consumer Products Fruit Toffees Fruit Jams and Jellies Fruit Bars Murabba Making Tutty Fruity Fisheries Under this category, frozen and cannedproducts mainly in fresh form is presented 7. Milk and Dairy Whole milk powder, Skimmed milk powder,Condensed milk, Ice cream, Butter and Gheeare some of the processed products underdairy. 8. Skimmed milkSkimmed milk is prepared by removing the fat, vitamin A and other fat-soluble vitamins from whole milk. The fat is removed by using a creamseparator. After the removal of fat the milk is suitable for manytherapeutic conditions like, diabetic, obesity, high cholesterol, heartdiseases, hypertension etc. Skimmed milk has only 2.5gms of protein,29kcal of energy, 120mgs of calcium, 90mgs of phosphorous and mostimportantly fat be only 0.1gms per 100ml. Toned milk Toning can be defined as the addition of the constituted skim milk towhole buffalo milk so to reduce the fat to 3%. The nutritive value of tonedmilk is almost similar to that of the fresh cows milk. Toned milk is usefulsource of protein for certain conditions such as malnourishment,pregnancy etc. Doubled toned milk Double toned milk is prepared by mixing cows milk or buffalo milk withfresh skim milk or skim milk reconstituted from skim milk powder so thatthe fat content is not less than 1.5%. Except for lower fat and vitamin Acontents the nutritive value of double toned milk is similar to that oftoned milk. 9. VARIETY Basic Fish Value-added Prepared Foods