Vaastu Remedies While Decorating Your House

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Transcript of Vaastu Remedies While Decorating Your House

Vaastu Remedies while Decorating Your House

Vaastu Remedies while Decorating Your House

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Decorating your home is one of the first and most important things that you will do. Decor does not only serve an ornamental purpose but is also crucial for the positivity it can bring to the occupants of your house.

Decor for Positivity


So, the next time you are planning to make changes to your dcor, remember to increase as much positive energy as you can for your house. This ensures a better well-being for you and your loved ones.

Attracting Positivity


For this, the practice of Vaastu Shastra can prove to be highly beneficial. With Vaastu, its also possible to make minor arrangements or changes in your dcor, ensuring maximum benefit with just a few effective remedies.

Vaastu Shastra



While choosing colours for your walls, it is important to note that these colours can significantly affect your mood. So, to feel calm and relaxed, avoid using dark colours and opt for blue, yellow, dark green and white.

Ideal Colours for Walls


It is crucial to remember that cactuses or other thorny plants shouldnt be a part of your dcor. Also, bonsai trees or plants bearing red flowers are not considered advisable.

The Effect of Thorny Plants


When youre looking for a peaceful ambience in your house, its a great idea to incorporate paintings of soothing scenes and nature. Paintings with Swastika and Om are also helpful in warding off the evil eye.

Paintings for Peace


If your space is free from clutter, it enables free movement of positive energy around your house. This will get rid of negative energies and keep you healthy and calm. So look after your home and it will look after you!

Clutter-Free Energy



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